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  1. RT @simonhelberg: Guy at 7-11 buying Magnums angry they didn't have a bag - Why hide those in a bag? If I were that lucky I'd wear them out.

  2. RT @BigBang_CBS: Did u enjoy the sweet moment btw Sheldon & Amy last night? Watch the ep again: http://t.co/rlm5a1EYEl #BigBangTheory http:…

  3. RT @simonhelberg: 2nd to last Big Bang of the season tonight! Major events - Sheldon & Amy as you've never seen them and Howard as you…

  4. RT @MelissaRauch: All new @BigBang_CBS tonight with the comedy master, Mr. Bob Newhart! Such a dream... http://t.co/XcFXmfmcR3

  5. RT @missmayim: Big news ! First professional NBA player comes out. http://t.co/q1B3705kw9

  6. RT @missmayim: here's your giggle for the day. it involves a sloth. and "i believe i can fly." worth 30 seconds. i promise. http://t.co/vkK…

  7. RT @MuradCares: One of the easiest ways to reduce your stress-caused isolation is to join a group that shares similar hobbies, philosophies…

  8. RT @ShalomLife: “Who is wise? He who learns from all men.” -Ben Zoma, Jewish proverb

  9. RT @missmayim: did you know 2 big bang theory recurring characters have a TV show they are doing? hint, it's stuart and kripke. http://t.co…

  10. RT @ginnygoodwin: I think we can all agree that Boston's finest are clearly just that.

  11. RT @jewinthecity: When we're attacked we instinctually feel the need 2 increase unity in the world, that unity is an antidote to evil http:…

  12. RT @missmayim: reposting: this 12 year old girl is battling lupus and blindness but has started an amazing project to bring "mind... htt ...

  13. RT @KaleyCuoco: Shooting season 6 finale tonight :) THANK YOU for all the support over the last 6 yrs. To be… http://t.co/B00S0D6CZF

  14. RT @whitewatercrew: #PrayforBoston @HopeForBoston: R.I.P. to the 8 year-old boy who died in Boston's explosions http://t.co/qOJBNdlZpZ

  15. RT @billprady: Boston area #bigbangtheory fans — contact local Red Cross for blood donation sites.

  16. RT @ConanOBrien: 20 years ago today I auditioned for my "Late Night" job. Here's what it looks like when an 11 year old hosts a show: ht ...

  17. RT @missmayim: ever take your kids to dinner by yourself and have a rough time? it happened to me last night. read on. worth a... http:/ ...

  18. RT @ShalomLife: "Teach your tongue to say “I don’t know” instead of to make up something." -Jewish Wisdom

  19. RT @billprady: Me: why do you hide the small bottled water in the back? @AMCTheatres person: we're supposed to sell the big bottles. (Pl ...

  20. "@tonyrobbins: “I have no special gift. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein" :)

  21. congrats, Anne Hathaway! So deserved #oscars2013

  22. "@AlexisAllos: @_lexiainsworth I was an extra in Ths Bully Chronicles! Can't wait to see it!" Me, too! Excited for its release

  23. "@ActuallyNPH: I wanna be Adam Levine’s clothes." Haha...don't we all?!

  24. "@tonyrobbins: "When you're finished changing, you're finished." Ben Franklin" right on

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