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  1. Hi all! I've been on a spoiler hiatus, but was spoiled for 7x09 and then read the taping report for 7x08 ... So, while I dip my toe back into spoilerland, I have to say that I feel like the writers are going to deliver. That's not just wishful thinking. I mean, if they don't, at this point, it's not good writing. It's all build up with no pay off. Given that Sheldon can't help but swat her bottom and say how great she is when he's drinking, added to her one-liners about the lack of sex, they are due to have some physical contact, hopefully by January. That's my slightly educated guess on plot/pacing. Of course, I could be 100 percent wrong ... and frustrated. Anyway, I'm not going to sweat it -- yet. ~ Lis
  2. Okay, so I chickened out. Next fanfic challenge, I'm going to man, er, woman up! Great work, guys!
  3. hahaha! I tend to agree with that! Miso is amazing! I may give this a try...we'll see. Dialogue only? I'm intrigued, but not sure I can pull it off!
  4. RT @simonhelberg: Guy at 7-11 buying Magnums angry they didn't have a bag - Why hide those in a bag? If I were that lucky I'd wear them out.

  5. Thanks again. Your review was so nice! I read your fanfic. It was HOT and sweet all rolled into one! I left a review!
  6. That's a wrap! Chapter 7 is up! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9082729/7/Shamy-Date-Night-Surprise Thanks to all those who read and enjoyed my first fic!
  7. Thank you for your review, Silver. It was really lovely!! Made my day! I'm so glad you liked it. You may enjoy my next post...
  8. Chapter 6 is up! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9082729/6/Shamy-Date-Night-Surprise
  9. Chapter 5 is up! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9082729/5/Shamy-Date-Night-Surprise
  10. I'm glad you liked it, Silver! Chapter 5 is in the works!
  11. Chapter 4 is up. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9082729/4/Shamy-Date-Night-Surprise
  12. I've seen the original, unaired pilot and the 2nd, aired pilot. I've never seen the aired one with the sperm bank in the beginning or that line. That's so interesting that they cut the intro scene and that line. Re: 6.23...I think everyone has already provided great analysis. I don't have much more to add. Just that I loved it!!! I have now watched it again and again and again. It just gets better with each viewing! Here's to S7 and where the shamy goes from here!!! ETA: OT If I'm in chat and suddenly leave, it's my internet/computer acting wonky. oy
  13. RT @BigBang_CBS: Did u enjoy the sweet moment btw Sheldon & Amy last night? Watch the ep again: http://t.co/rlm5a1EYEl #BigBangTheory http:…

  14. RT @simonhelberg: 2nd to last Big Bang of the season tonight! Major events - Sheldon & Amy as you've never seen them and Howard as you…

  15. I had a dream last night that the episode aired but it only showed the D&D game. They'd extended those scenes and cut the Shamy bedroom scene. The HORROR! Thank goodness it was just a dream!
  16. While her blog does not explicitly say that she'll be doing a photoshoot with Jim, it would make sense considering he's there now...How great would a Shamy spread of pics from Paris be?!! ETA: http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik/that-time-i-tried-to-go-to-paris/
  17. RT @MelissaRauch: All new @BigBang_CBS tonight with the comedy master, Mr. Bob Newhart! Such a dream... http://t.co/XcFXmfmcR3

  18. Lovely video, Monique! Seeing Sheldon take Amy's hand for the first time still makes me gasp.
  19. I like that in the last episode Shamy had lots of interaction that was kind of science-based. I also enjoyed that Penny was so open with Leonard and came to realize how much she has to be excited about right now even as she goes after her dreams. Good stuff!
  20. You know one of the things I loved about Mayim's interview? That she said that 6.23 was the penultimate episode and what she considers hers and Jim's season finale. Of course, she wasn't poo pooing the actual finale. It was sweet to hear her say that about what we all know will be one heck of an episode! ** I seem to be posting back to back to back....'scuse me, I'd been away from the thread for a bit and had to chime in with my two cents night
  21. Jim and Mayim are both wearing clothes they might wear in real life...when not playing Sheldon and Amy. Are we being punked?
  22. Wow! This video gave me a perma-smile! Very hot, too!
  23. RT @missmayim: Big news ! First professional NBA player comes out. http://t.co/q1B3705kw9

  24. RT @missmayim: here's your giggle for the day. it involves a sloth. and "i believe i can fly." worth 30 seconds. i promise. http://t.co/vkK…

  25. I loved so much of the last episode. Most of it has probably already been said...My fave shamy moments: * Amy's lean in after mentioning physical contact. * the "op---"..."TION! OKAY!" moment * Sheldon panting on the floor looking very post-coital Really, the whole episode was great! Mayim and Jim just kill their scenes. So looking forward to 6.23!
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