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  1. You know what I think could be cute if we don't get the SIK?...If Sheldon were to lean in to kiss Amy, but chicken out and hug her or even hold her hand. Just that we know he wants to take the leap forward would be good.
  2. I'm really enjoying your story!!
  3. Hmm...I've never considered the "hotsy-totsy" line that way, but you could be right. He did call her hot in a round-about way.
  4. Hi Lio! :D I agree we need something more concrete to end the season on. Let's hope they deliver! Also, I probably shouldn't read the thread just before going to bed. I had the weirdest dream last night with Jim interviewing Mayim on the Paley Center stage. Then he had on another guest (apparently he had a regular talk show) from another TV show, but all he would ask them about was Shamy. lol So, Sheldon has sex on the brain, and I have Shamy on the brain...
  5. Aww, super sweet. And I love that this is, in a way, like a gift she'd be giving Sheldon - sort of a grand gesture (saying she'll go at his pace) that speaks to the gesture she made on Valentine's Day. Of course this would be above and beyond that. Now, I want this for the finale...do you have any tbbt contacts? (j/k, sorta) because, I say "make it so!" lol
  6. Have you guys seen this interview from Paleyfest? Mayim responding to 6x14. "Do I have to be naked, under a sheet..." lol http://youtu.be/_z5nEmQBrsQ
  7. I'm looking forward to the upcoming episodes, especially the most recently taped episode and the rest of sweeps. I've had my bummed moments here and there and probably been pretty vocal about it. Right now, though, I'm optimistic and want to enjoy what is coming. Since I'm now so unsure of what is coming, it makes me appreciate any movement forward we get. For a spoilerholic and a bit of a control freak, being okay not knowing what's coming is rather cathartic. Maybe I'm just in a good mood because I got out any Shamy angst when I wrote a fanfic chapter last night of what I'd like to believe lies beneath his recent physical distancing. Anyway, Cheers to some Shamy goodness coming our way soon!
  8. Chapter 3 is up! https://www.fanfiction.net/story/story_preview.php?storyid=9082729&chapter=3/
  9. Are we still doing shamy chats on Fridays? If so, what time. I dropped in the chat, but it's not a shamy chat
  10. haha, no worries! I think it is a new cardigan...pretty in purple!
  11. Boops or boobs?? CaitAmber, I was just checking out autocorrect funnies on Ellen Degeneres' site and I haven't laughed so hard in I don't know how long. Here's the link. http://photos.ellen.warnerbros.com/galleries/clumsy_thumbsy_autocorrect Hope it brings a smile to your face
  12. Sorry for your bad day I updated my siggy if you want something to look at Hope things start looking up!
  13. That's so cute that they were laughing at their own show! lol, thanks!
  14. omg, that's funny! I wonder if they ever watch scenes they aren't actually in.
  15. It seems unclear Retroluv. It was said that the line "wasn't uttered" which made me think no one ever said it. But she did respond re: a second take, etc. So...no idea. I'm just happy that line (probably?) isn't out there and won't be used (again, probably).
  16. Welcome Keie! I love your analysis! I'm so, so glad that line was mis-remembered. I think the emphasis will be on the "and"...that she is a good girlfriend (which he does believe) and that he thinks he put one over on her (she's a sucker), that she has no idea that he is going to knock down the dominos, etc when she leaves. Looking forward to seeing that scene play out. When will it air, btw?
  17. I'd like a sorta mix of the two, where she kisses him and he responds annoyed but then kisses her back because he just can't fight it or protest too much anymore
  18. I highly doubt they'll have the Shamy breakup, but, like you said, I'm going to trust the writers and have faith too.
  19. WOW what's going on? Just like to say a few things * I'm a Shamy shipper who also thinks Kaley has an amazing, yoga-toned physique. No hating here * That said, I personally prefer more modest dress. Show cleavage or legs, not both, etc. * She's dressed that way to suit the scene, so it makes sense * Am I the only one who thought Amy looked nice in black -even if it wasn't stylish? * If someone thinks an actress is cheaply dressed it does not mean she is personally attacking your wife (or any other family member). *Why are we fixating on clothes? The characters and story is far more interesting. IMO *What is going on with the negativity popping up all over the forum? Is it that we are frustrated viewers just venting? Idk *If a Shamy breakup happens, I think it could only lead to a stronger relationship in the end -even if it tortures me a bit as a viewer.
  20. I'm so confused. Will wait for it to air to say more.
  21. I have two older brothers who loved Star Trek, so I got hooked as a kid.
  22. looks like it. What alternative means will Amy use to help him with his closure issues???
  23. omg, sounds good! She said they had some very good stuff and is writing up the report tomorrow. So, for a teaser, I'm more than satisfied. I don't think this necessarily means there's no touching. I would be surprised if there wasn't any after what Mayim said. hmm....
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