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  1. So have any of you seen the new Ultimate Ruffles Chips commercial? Well towards the end one of the girls says "Bazing". She leaves out the a or "uh" but the way she said it and how she had just won a game...I thought they were copying Sheldon. Perhaps shortened it because they didnt want to "steal" it? I dont know but if any of you watch it let me know what you think.
  2. Thankfully my local news didn't continue their "storm mode" coverage to the point of interrupting the show tonight! Loved the episode! Best part....IMO... Knock, knock, knock, Penny? Knock, knock, knock, Penny? Knock, knock, knock, Penny? Oh YES...that's better.
  3. I have to agree. I was just watching the pilot last night and it is amazing to me how different the sheldon character is. It is very sad to me. I really agree with the "pairing up of everyone" as well. I understand that shows need new material to continue to make episodes...but I think that in one way or another each of the main "original" characters have changed for the worst..IMO. However I will continue to watch the show to the end because I am such a huge fan..it's just really hard to sometimes watch the older seasons and not get upset with some aspects in the newer seasons.
  4. I have definetly seen this one. Believe me I have a whole collection of Shenny videos that people have made on youtube There are quite a lot of people commenting on those videos in support of the Shenny relationship....ahhhhh what a relief to see...hehe. Heres another great one that someone put together that with the right editing in it shows possible ummmm sexual tension between them
  5. This is JUST for my fellow Shenny shippers out there...thought you guys might enjoy this one http://youtu.be/VIrDBYnp_c0
  6. Thanks guys for the thumbs up and the easy talk about all the shippers and their ummmmm "passion" towards a certain ship lol. I have wrote on other tv show forums before, so I definitely know the rivalries that come with them . Thank you Ar Diem for the link to the Shenny forum...believe me, I appreciate the safe haven and thank you everyone else for the welcomes as well. Just happy to be a part of a forum who shares the love that I do for the show. No matter how it all turns out...I still love it all the same.
  7. Ok so I know that I am still really new to this forum so I say all this tentivately, but I have recently become addicted to this show and have become a HUGE Shenny Shipper. I say this because when you look at so many instances Penny has always helped, gone to or, comforted Sheldon when everyone else would't. As well as Sheldon would make, say, and do things in exception that he would do with Penny that he wouldn't do for anyone else......UNTIL here recently in Season 6. Anyway I have always seen Sheldon and Amy as more as brother and sister. I would just like to hear from any other Shenny Shippers out there like me to know that I am not the only one here who feels the same
  8. My dad actually sat me down and made me watch a few episodes. Now I am COMPLETELY addicted to it and I am almost done watching season 4. Cant wait to catch up ......ohhhhhh and of course I am totally hoping for Sheldon and Penny to get together! BAZINGA!!
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