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  1. I am happy for Jim/Mayim but really really surprised about the no nod for Simon. He had a great season 6.
  3. Great episode! Loved Bob Newhart and his interactions with L/S/P. I hope he makes an appearance in season 7.
  4. Thanks to whoever posted shamy pics from the Love Spell episode! Excited about new episode tonight!
  5. @koops. Lol. Love your Apple analogy! @Lost. I miss thief Howard as well! "The trick is to walk out like you own it". One of my favorite Howard lines. It's interesting about Amy and you make a good point. Not wanting to go back, but definitely want to see more s4 quirky Amy interaction with Sheldon.
  6. @Lost. I agree with you. Lenny is in a good place. Hopefully both couples can move forward, that is if the writers don't pretend 6.23 didn't happen. The back and forth of Sheldon this season makes it hard for me to imagine what stage they are in for Amy and Sheldon's relationship.
  7. @ Lost Yes, Friends ended where everyone was leaving off from the apartment. A lot of series do "end" where they began. Buffy ended at the school, and like you mentioned HP on the platform. However, the problem with tbbt ending is that its been done before almost exact. I hope the writers can create something else for the ending. BTW you meant Shamy instead of "Shenny" right? Lol
  8. When the show returns for season 7, and the writers are not ready for Sheldon to move forward in his growth, where he is less dependent on his friends, I don't see L/P moving forward in their relationship. It will be S/A working on their relationship, L/P living apart and doing what? Being bored?
  9. I don't like the idea of Sheldon giving up his apartment. Leonard can move in with Penny or they find another apt/house. The group no longer spends as much time at 4a as before. They could still gather there or L/P's new place like when they came together for Bernie's dinner or L/P party. I would love to see Amy living ar Sheldon's, sleeping in Leonards' s room so the two of them can get use to each other. It would be nice to change up the " central" gathering place so that the end of the series scene doesn't have to tie into apt 4a. That is to similar to the ending of friends.
  10. I do hope that the tenure issue is adddressed. Seems to big of a deal to not follow up.
  11. I agree Koops about the L/P development being hindered by the pace of Shamy. I have felt this way since the Spoiler Alert ep. The writers have backed themselves in a corner IMO. I don't see how Sheldon will be ready next season to live with Amy..as opposed to the Lenny. There has been so much development between Lenny this half of the season and now with the sea job, I can see Penny ready to live with Leonard when he returns.
  12. Great discussion of the Lenny! I've enjoyed reading all of your insights. It has shed new light and perspective on this coupling...to me anyway. I'm just as excited to learn what decision's L/P will make in this next taping report!
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