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  1. My problem with all the Lenny "teasing" (and I am bringing my own experience into this so it may be clouded) is that teasing can border on riducle. I'm not sure we're there yet, but they seem on the trajectory. YMMV
  2. Sorry, I did not know this. Is Shipping Wars new? I do like Lenny, I'm just tired of their writing now. I'll see if I can delete my post. Thanks.
  3. The train guy & Sheldon were great! Does Jim Parsons have chemistry with everyone? Shamy kiss was really well done and many Mississippis long. Yevette the vet....hope there's something for Raj there. Lenny is tiring.
  4. Off topic....wasn't there a taping last night?
  5. She looks sweet there. And then right after, her "WTH Sheldon!" line was great. Mayim nails even the most seemingly mundane lines with her delivery and nonverbal communication.
  6. "And I totally agree with Ibid about wanting to see the two have a blast together again like they used to. Grown-up, mature relationships and fun playmates and best friends are not mutually exclusive things." Thanks koops! And being playmates only add to the excitement ;-)
  7. "That's what I think Ibid means when she talks about Amy getting excited. We hardly see Shamy bond over their common interests like we did before and out of all the couples, they do have the most in common so I don't think it's an unreasonable observation." "It is rare now and I do see where ibid is coming from. Her relationship with Sheldon has become more exhausting because it is a constant give and or "correct" kind of relationship. I would love to see them just do something fun for them again..." Thank you both for clarifying what I was trying to say. Tickle her? Might be inter
  8. I loved them conspiring and creating mischief together. More please!
  9. I agree. I guess better words for joyous would be abandoment... unrestrained... Does she ever feel this way with Sheldon? btw I am a Shamy so I'm not causing an argument. Just a discussion.
  10. I didn't say she wasn't happy. She has friends, a job she loves & the man she wants. I was talking about her joyous expression. I know you know all episodes. Remember the two I mentioned? I don't think I've seen that expression before, except for the tiara episode. I hope this US clearer. It was not an attack on Amy or Sheldon or Shaky. Shamy not Shaky! Damnyouautocorrect!
  11. How rude. I made an obsevation, gave examples, encouraged discussion, and you come back with a smart ass reply?? I remember why I left this forum a year ago. I agree that they are happy with each other. I was just amazed this year to see her face light up when interacting with others. YMMV
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