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  1. i didnt find this episode very amusing not a good start for season 7 in my opinion i mean, the fun and sense of humour was on an okay level i think previous seasons had better opening episodes
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC8qPpnD0uE
  3. post the song / youtube video of what you are currently listening to (or state what else you are listening to right now, for example, the tv) LINKIN PARK - LIVING THINGS ALBUM <3
  4. SD.

    This or That?

    snail linkin park or greenday SAY LINKIN PARK ♥
  5. why isn't this topic called ''lets go Judge somebody on their looks even though looks don't really matter but we got nothing better to do so fek it - lol''
  6. forums are epic facebook ,twitter are useless in my opinion at least forums give you the possbility to make a good looking webpage , add a lot of things you like and discuss things in a very easy way i love forums
  7. pwetty pwetty people up there
  9. SD.


    i think all the movies were pretty cool, not a fan though
  10. yes, it is season 6 was really not that ''good'' and trust me, its not logical for tv shows to be less good all of sudden because ''they had already 5 seasons'' because there are a lot of tv shows that have had more seasons and were as epic as in any other previous season (cough, friends for example <3) so i guess its just the writers that are losing their touch or something.......how sad
  11. im getting the idea you mean with topic the actuall board as its named chit chat, you are suggesting to name it jibber jabber?
  12. @ topic title no thank you
  13. may i say my opinion on this; that would be ridiculous
  14. the last part with Amy and sheldon in the room doing that thing was kinda lame, especially when she was screaming at the end or something like that i did find penny quite amusing in this episode
  15. the show wouldnt be the same if it wasnt for the word bazinga
  16. sounds interesting the Amy and sheldon thing i wonder if its good news or bad news would be epic if sheldon gets more close with her would be bad if they will take a break from each other
  17. voted sheldon because even though he plays an insane and impossible guy sorta thats kinda what turns me on and find him cute cause of it and ew at Kripkie
  18. SD.

    Leslie Winkle

    if this person was for real.... wow LAMENESS ALL OVER IT
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