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  1. Ummm.....Think I'll pass based on the criteria that the attractions need to be on the West coast.
  2. Interesting..... Thanks. How far is Carlsbad? There is a Lego hotel there apparently.
  3. Any idea when taping for season seven will begin? July? August?
  4. The Intrepid Air Space Museum in NYC now has a retired Space Shuttle on display.
  5. Ha - does Cheesecake Factory do a Factory tour? THAT would be awesome!
  6. Thanks for the recommendations! Thinking about prioritizing specifically mentioned attractions / locations from the show. I guess this makes it a trivia question as well. Anyway, what we've heard mentioned so far are: Carnies in studio city Travel town Hollywood carnies Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel Long beach murder mystery (on the QM2 I think) NAIA valley wine train Hometown buffet Let me know what you think. Thanks again and hope to get out there this year.
  7. Howdy all, My name is Jim Nash and sometime last year my girlfriend turned me on to some reruns of TBBT. This was no easy task as I do not watch TV with any sort of regularity or allegiance. The time slot worked out well since we have a Channel 5 feed at 7:30pm, around the time we are done with dinner. As a Network / Technology Administrator and Sci-Fi fan I found the show smart, engaging and a bit racy - similar to the only other show I catch on re runs "Two and ½ Men." (which airs at 7:00pm - dinner time - out by us.) However, with the reruns not being in any particular order, I found the character interaction disorienting (Leslie her and there, Penny / Leonard and Howard / Bernadette status) and decided to review all the seasons, in order, to see which episodes I missed. Anyway, with the help of my DVR, the local library and the past 2 months, I am up to the current episode and have filled in all the blanks. It's been a lot of fun watching the evolution and maturing of the characters - especially Shelly. Anyway, looking forward to a great season and and what this forum has to offer. Thanks for creating it. I know it's not an easy task.
  8. Howdy, We're planning a trip to the West coast later this year and thought it would be fun to make it a theme vacation that includes real attractions, venues or places visited or mentioned by the cast during the show. So far we have the La Brea tarpits, Disneyland, looking into the Napa Valley wine train (I realize Napa is way north) and a few other places. We've already done the WB Studio tour. Not really interested in Las Vegas. What other places can you remember mentioned in the show to add to our week of BBT themed fun! Looking forward to all your suggestions...
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