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  1. When reading the TR one of the most interesting things that stood out to me was Sheldon indicating that he has synesthesia. I'm having a bit of fun wondering about how such sense would play into his work, given that a lot of his working hours are spent staring at numbers. I have a slight case of synesthesia myself, but it doesn't manifest through any of the traditional five senses. With mine the numbers 1-10 all have distinct genders and personalities and it plays a role with how I do math in my head. It's kind of hard for me to add, subtract, multiply, and divide without picturing a quick scene of the different personalities interacting. It's pretty easy for me to imagine him using such a thing to his advantage given the way he described his synesthesia. It'd be like having a permanent cheat sheet of certain numbers relationships to each other. 'Oh, these two numbers are the same color, let me figure out why. They're both prime, that's why, now I know a prime number as soon as I see it.'
  2. I'm so exited for the next episode after seeing all the promos. Last night my mom was looking for tbbt on tv and her and my dad were all disappointed that there wasn't a new one this week. I was just sitting there trying to hold in my excitement and trying not to choke on my dinner. The entire time I was all like, "y'all have no earthly idea what's coming and it's so friggen precious." My mom is so sweet on Shamy and she has said multiple times that she can't wait till they finally do IT. I accidentally let it slip to her that they're getting back together soon, but she told me out right after that, no more spoilers. Though she was pretty happy that the writers aren't dragging their reunion out for the rest of the season. I'm almost just as exited to see 9.10 and 9.11 as I am to see my moms reaction to 9.11.
  3. This so friggen hard. With all the feels and drama that's been going on with Shamy this season give us a few episodes focusing on the other ships, and/or a group episode, then give them this little scene right before the commercial break, before the stinger, and I'm a happy camper.
  4. I'm a long time lurker, but resently I've been chomping at the bit to post. I'm 26, female, and from the Houston Texas metro area. I'm yet another person in it for the Shamy, but I just adore all the other cannon ships as well. I'm exited at the prospect of fangirling with all of y'all after so long of being hesitant to say anything.
  5. I remember that being a plot of a couple of NerdForestGirls short tumbler stories. They where well written and I enjoyed those fics, but I agree that Howard and Amy being half siblings is a little too out there and over dramatic.
  6. Hi... Long time lurker, first time poster. I don't think that the Shamy wedding should be in Texas. It would be too inconvenient for many reasons that several people have stated before. Plus I don't really think that that would be something that either of them would go for. Characterization marches on, and all that jazz. In my minds eye I see them doing it court house style, with Amy, Raj, and the girls planning a little party afterwards. Or maybe Howard and Raj could marry them at the top of the party. I think that's fitting, sense Howard and Raj brought that them together they should seal the deal. The venue is tricky though. Not the roof, that's Howerdettes spot, and 4A would be too small. Maybe the dance hall where they went to waltz with the Korean business men.
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