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  1. The site is very slow in loading. I blame Pacific coast windstorms (got nothin' else).
  2. I can see the Skype conversation now: "Mom, I'm in misery." "Hah! You think YOU are!"
  3. Simon is cast in an upcoming Meryl Streep movie. I wonder if they'll start filming that this summer.
  4. Wow. Even our local ABC affiliate posted a "Nooooo! My heart is broken!" article after last night's episode. Good for Amy for finally pushing back. Sheldon needed this wake-up call; he has a lot of personal work to do before he's Amy-worthy. No more verbal slaps upside the head from Mary or Penny; this has to come from within. Faisel needs to make an appearance. I nominate this actor:
  5. The season finale will be taped on my birthday, and all I want for my birthday is a tag scene with Lenny walking into Apt. 4A and finding a trail of Amy's cardigans leading to Sheldon's bedroom. They look at each other, and quietly tip-toe out. End of scene.
  6. 1) Howard has a half-brother? 2) Shamy sleepover - squeeeee!!!!
  7. I'm guessing Mrs. Wolowitz had a gas (and not electric) range to cook the food?
  8. Thanks for posting tidbits here for us while we're waiting for the chat room to open up a bit.
  9. Maybe they're flying home after Mrs. Wolowitz's funeral. Or flying back with her body.
  10. I just wanna say that as a veteran of FOUR sinus surgeries, I am laughing my ass off at "The Septum Deviation".
  11. "The name's Bon. Simon Le Bon." And with that, the thread's been hijacked.
  12. Every time I see your name, I get Steely Dan's "FM (No Static at All)" stuck in my head, so we're even.
  13. I would say "That's the movie from which Duran Duran got its name", except the whippersnappers would ask "What's a Duran Duran?"
  14. Ooh, maybe we'll see Vernee Watson-Johnson again!
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