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  1. In retrospect, I can see how they were not ready for each other at this point. As social awkward as Raj can be, he still has friends and is semi- social. Yes he pushed her, but she was also not ready for the kind of commitment he needed. How long would she have avoided his friends? Leaving your friends constantly to spend any time with someone doesn't seem healthy for anybody. The silver lining to this is that without that massive heartbreak, he may not have been able to get over his mutism like he did. I hope we see Kate Micucci again because the character was so great, but I would understand if they introduced someone new as a main love interest......
  2. I have to say this is a nice surprise, since I thought they were going on March Madness break after last wk. Howard's dad should be a nice teaser for the next few weeks its gone...
  3. "I don't know how your chances stack up against the world as a whole, but as far as the population of this car you're a veritable Mack Daddy" What were the 3 reasons Penny put her car key in the house lock in The Barbarian Sublimation?
  4. Apart from Sheldon not being condescending and hyper-chondrial, spot on. I also see Alex being the unlucky one to phone it in
  5. Another thing that is extremely overdue, Leonard's dad and Penny's mother. They probably won't be the subject of a season finale, they could still be a step forward in the relationship and a GREAT episode set. Amy's parents are another matter........
  6. One of the 2 awkward bed situations will happen: 1. Raj wakes up next to Alex. She finally snapped at Sheldon and had a confrontation with Penny. Raj breaks it off with Lucy for reason I can't guess, Both get drunk, cue morning after scene. 2. Sheldon and Amy get drunk ON THE SAME NIGHT, Sheldon says "fascinating" immeadiately afterwards. Bernadette either announces she's pregnant or Howard's father gets introduced Penny proposes to Leonard in a super sweet and nerdgasmic way. Maybe her last name gets revealed....... I still really want a Priya- Penny rematch at some point.
  7. Considering how high the bar had been placed from the past few weeks, I think an episode that wasn't as great as the rest was overdue. Still a really good episode, but maybe not at the top of my list. Main storyline was superb. Raj had probably one of his lowest moments and one of his highest in the same week. I can't imagine how he must've felt over the past few years and Lucy jumping out the window was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. The guys fascination with the Amazon ordering saved his seclusion from being sad to watch. His pick-up of Lucy was possibly my fav part. Only Raj could get a date by being "the most pathetic guy you've ever met". Lucy hasn't had much of a chance to shine, but the girls usually don't in their first couple of appearances. I'm really enjoying the concept they're attempting with her. With the other guys, they were always lucky to have their women because they were WAY out of their league. Now, it seems the girl's lucky to have Raj. Maybe that's just what he needs. Good to see that they weren't going to paint Penny as a bad actress. Since the only evidence we had to go on was a bad s1 singing performance and a lack of work, I thought it was going to be the case. I'm surprised she didn't get onto Sheldon for the "had coitus many times" portion of the evening. My only problem with the episode was it seemed a little choppy, like the secondary storyline didn't fit with the whole. Not sure if that has to do with the original tag being left out or something else, just my observation (Though I thought the tag they used was great. Kinda illustrated how detached emotionally Sheldon can get). Stray observation of the night- Is it just me, or did Amy seem more normal than she usually does? No Sheldon-esque quirkiness or awkward moments. Perhaps Penny has normalized another scientist? Time will tell.
  8. Because she's never called anyone Sweetie before......
  9. The new Hellboy. A preblown mind can't be reblown unfortunately.... How exactly is Missy sort of Penny's family?
  10. Judging from the other couples storylines, there is a good chance Lucy isnt permanent, but it's a virtual certainty it's going to be a rough journey with whoever he ends up with. Ratings wise there's no sign of a decline, so I don't see them trying to hurry things along. Raj having a long term serious relationship would probably mean he figured out a way to talk to women while sober. Having a relationship of some kind instead of going clubbing would be an interesting shift. My fave as a GF for Raj is still Alex at the moment, just because Lucy hasn't had as much screentime. But yes i agree , it's definitely NOT going to be as simple as "Raj meets girl in comic book store, and they lived happily ever after"
  11. The last single nerd guy finally getting a GF, could be why they promoted Stuart to a regular, so they would still have a nerd to make fun of.....
  12. I think when all your friends are in happy relationships, it can make being single less fun. Although I think the fact that he seems to be down after a bad first date is understandable. Considering the fact that the past couple of women he dated weren't actually attracted him that much, I can see him being really upset that he thinks he made a bad first impression on her. Kinda interested to see what the note segment shown in the promo pics going to be about....
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