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  1. Happy Taping Day to all the Big Bangers!!!!!!!
  2. Besides Penny having his first kid, my BIG wish is to see the guys 10 years later in brief vignettes to see where they went long after the show ended. Lenny with their small kids, Sheldon with his Nobel Prize, Amy with her and Sheldon's kids, the older Wolowitz kids and Raj's family. THAT IS MY WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Often the father escorts his daughter up the aisle, kisses her, shakes the groom's hand and joins his wife in the congregation. Later the minister might ask "Who gives this woman to be wed?" and the father will stand up and say "Her mother and I." At most weddings.
  4. In the one B&W wedding rehearsal, Mark Hamill is in the minister's position. Maybe Sheldon gets a Star Wars wedding w/o the costumes.
  5. E V E R Y O N E V I S I T I N G S T A G E 2 5 H A V E G R E A T N I G H T ! ! ! ! ! ! HAVE A HAPPY TAPING NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What a birthday surprise!!!!! Congratulations Kaley on your engagement to Karl!! Best of luck to you both. Karl and Kaley. Kaley and Karl. Start your life out together with a Big Bang!!!!!!!!!!!! Ye-ha!!!!!
  7. Just one question that everyone wants to know. Where the Coopers married in this episode?????????????
  8. Happy Birthday to a great tbbt fan!!!!! AND HAPPY TAPING DAY!!!!
  9. After ten years the ratings are down as expected; however, the show is still very popular and is CBS' biggest hit.
  10. Other regulars were brought in for an episode or several before they became regulars or semi-regulars. Priya, Emily, Bernadette (for several episodes). Even Amy whose character never left the show was only on every so often in the beginning. So this girl could show up later and become Raj['s girl.
  11. The disappointing thing is that we didn't see Amy say yes and her excitement or body language, Still a great episode.
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