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  1. Happy Birthday, Friend!

  2. In Leonard's, defense he's probably promised to never let Penny drink "that much wine on an empty stomach again." too. He's not their mommy. Witholding information that might help them get back together, isn't cool, but it isn't his job to throw his body on every land mine.
  3. Because they've plotted his arc out thoughtfully? That's hilarious.
  4. There only needs to be one episode of build up and poof... Lenny is right where Shamy is. There was no build up to either the Shamy break up or Sheldon having a ring, but poof, suddenly your ship is sunk to the gleefully chuckling of Molaro "it really opens our story possibilities... We don't know exactly where we are going with this yet, but what a ride!" I am not saying it will happen, but don't act like Chiany is crazy.
  5. The writer's don't have to have a reason to ruin everything. It is their show if they wanted to implode it, "just to explore the characters and their motivations..." They will. They've enjoyed this pointless messing with Shamy this year, it's not unthinkable they'll muck up Lenny next year for LOLs.
  6. Or they don't care because they are CBS's cash cow and people are sheep to them. Also they don't have a plan, just like they didn't have a resolution for the train ride. They are going to write the story till they are bored with it, drop it like hot rock into an emotionally unsatisfying and trite resolution. After which everything returns to how it was, including Sheldon continuing as Lenny's pet dog with no further commentary. It's not Sheldon who hates change, it's Molaro. And that is actually one of the best case scenarios. My parents are old and hate the show this season but watch out of habit... Just like 2 1/2 men.
  7. If we judge the finale by past finales it's going to be random and probably horrifying to the character's fan base. Except for season 5. That finale was driven by Howard's season long story arc, made perfect sense, advanced the plot and was a lot of fun. How the hell did that happen?
  8. I agree totally, but what if the writers think this is going really well? or what if they have nothing else planned? Molaro loves to brag about not planning ahead. If he likes how this is playing out we are screwed.
  9. That's because Amy's desire to be valued and desired in a more conventional way is viewed by disappointed shippers as a betrayal of the ship for which she must be punished. I actually think what Sheldon did is worse, but I view him as the main problem in the reconciliation, not Amy. I think 1 and 2 can both happen. The third option is highly unlikely.
  10. Unless the dude was talking about Sheldon's his thin beckoning lips, his koala face or his love of tea, I don't see how some big bird looking dude waxing enthusiastic about Sheldon's genius while not paying attention to her is going to do anything but remind her of all the times Sheldon would wax enthusiastic about his own genius while not paying attention to her. Or it might just remind her that having someone talk non-stop about Sheldon's genius for a whole date can be annoying when she's clearly not in the mood for it.
  11. Pretty much. This is bad storytelling. The break up happening when it did, made no sense because things were okay then. If it had happened after the Mars thing. Fine. Episode 8.1? awesome. But after cute sleepover... It doesn't make as much sense. I don't think Amy is humiliated as much as she felt she was sad that he had already decided to add more staff. If she felt that was all she was to him, now she had proof. So she was emotionally free to date others as her position was being filled.
  12. Yeah, that's a separate discussion about what's wrong with Penny. And it was emotional blackmail and it worked.
  13. Hmmm and yet he's clinging to Lenny willingly comparing himself to a dog in a thunderstorm? They can't start their married life alone because he can't be alone. And he won't ask Amy "what's wrong?" The one question that would unravel the whole thing.
  14. It's not just about that. He hasn't shown us that he cares for her either. As far as she knows, she is just right and needs to be moving on with her business being right. Why should she try to win him back when everything that made her think he didn't care about her was 100% true? I haven't seen once thing that makes me think he really cares for HER or her feelings. He just cares for himself and wants her back because she was good for him. He's sad that's what counts.
  15. Have you noticed any growth? He's been regressing if anything.
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