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  1. when did this thread become a political/ Wuhan virus forum?
  2. Tensor, for someone who lives in Florida, you seem to know a lot about the Los Angeles area. Is it research or are you familiar with the area?
  3. it's only 5.9 million, but add in the cost of ripping out all the wallpaper etc
  4. Having been disappointed in seasons 8 - 12, the final ep was just a continuation of the disappointment.
  5. Complete redecoration I think.
  6. We've had Sheldon and Shamy shoved down our throats for 5 years. So what if they have to share the final episodes with the others.
  7. TMZ is reporting that Kaley has put her house in Tarzana up for sale. Not necessarily true, but if it is will she be moving into her ranch or going with hubby north to SF or somewhere else. With TBBT done she does not have to live in LA.
  8. Leonard by a country mile followed by Penny. Least favourite - Sheldon and Raj.
  9. ajond

    Chuck Lorre

    Hating on a woman (or even a man ) because of his/her looks is what is obviously wrong and should be condemned. Well done SRAm.
  10. Wow, those 2 would get in my top ten WORST episodes.
  11. Not worth saving, I'm afraid.
  12. Their first kiss was in S1 ep 6 or 7 when Penny threw a Halloween party.
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