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  1. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Unfortunately, this is what Lennys have been hoping for since season 7. Hasn't happened.
  2. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I don't think L and K are fully invested in the Sheldon Cooper show. But who can turn down 23 million a year?
  3. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Just wondering if Kaley might have told TPTB that she is trying for a baby and the writers are laying the groundwork in case it happens. Just a random thought.
  4. Decided to give BBT another go after not watching since the middle of last season. No improvement whatsoever. No laughs. No relationship progression. But they did manage to dump on Leonard. Even Sheldon (who I never liked), comes across as a hopeless ex-brainiac.
  5. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    You're not getting it. My objection was to your sweeping statement about how the majority of women felt. I found creepy Howard funny. If you didn't, that's fine.
  6. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    WOW' way to make sweeping unsupportable statements.
  7. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Creepy Howard was one of the things that made the early seasons of TBBT funny. THe new emasculated Howard is not funny at all, just sad.
  8. [Actor] Kaley Cuoco

    Has anyone lost any wallpaper?
  9. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    She's his aunt.
  10. Chit Chat: Season 11

    The train wreck being the Colbert show or the presidency.?
  11. Young Sheldon Discussion Thread

    as annoying as Sheldon is now, can you imagine how superior and condescending a child Sheldon would be?
  12. [Actor] Kaley Cuoco

    Looks more like a sauna to me.
  13. Why do people hate Sheldon?

    Me too.
  14. In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga.

    Not 'is turning' but 'has turned' - years ago.