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  1. Leonard by a country mile followed by Penny. Least favourite - Sheldon and Raj.
  2. ajond

    Chuck Lorre

    Hating on a woman (or even a man ) because of his/her looks is what is obviously wrong and should be condemned. Well done SRAm.
  3. Wow, those 2 would get in my top ten WORST episodes.
  4. because it's rubbish.
  5. Not worth saving, I'm afraid.
  6. Their first kiss was in S1 ep 6 or 7 when Penny threw a Halloween party.
  7. much hotter.I've thought this for quite a while.
  8. All we can hope for the last season, is that they go back to being an ensemble comedy. Can't see it happening though so RIP TBBT.
  9. Just wait until Kavanaugh gets into SCOTUS. It will be just great. Who knows even Roe v Wade might get overturned.
  10. I read somewhere that grand juries will indict a ham sandwich.
  11. Ptobably got held up by all those morons and weirdos protesting in the streets.
  12. You mean the great 1 with his 2 minions.
  13. Because it was judges clearly being liberal activists and ignoring the constitution. Did the word Muslim get mentioned in the exec order. Muslims in the countries mentioned in the exec order constitute less than 10 % of all Muslims. so banning Muslims could not have been the motivation. It is OK to disagree with you isn't it?
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