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  1. There should be more pictures of her sister who is way hotter than Kaley.
  2. Rocket scientist, how humiliating
  3. No he definitely asked her to move away.
  4. The cure (Shamy wedding) is worse than the disease (boring ep).
  5. No he didn't, he wasn't invited. Amy was.
  6. Not that episode perhaps, just the whole series.
  7. Of course he's not going to come straight out and say it. However it would come in very useful to have her beholden to him when he wanted his chest rubbed or be driven to a train store or to exchange his bed sheets or his first date. There are 101 things he would expect his 'friends' to do for him, so he was probably building up some credit.
  8. Perhaps another way he could get someone to be subservient to him.
  9. Didn't Kurt return Penny's money the next day? I'd call that MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
  10. Kaley's and Johnny's roles were hardly guest roles. See Tensor's post approx 5 hrs ago.
  11. I think that might be that Johnny was the best known actor at the time. I understand (i think Johnny might have said this) that he was originally considered for the Sheldon role but thought Leonard was better for him.
  12. Thanks, I have done that too. I get much more enjoyment from this site than I do from TBBT.
  13. I constantly thank all who put up taping reports because I base my viewing decisions on them. I'll give this ep a miss as I have done for 12 or 13 eps this season.
  14. Happy to see the cast paying some sort of tribute to Hawking. Just don't want the heavy concentration on Sheldon as it was with Professor Proton.
  15. Didn't we have enough of this with Professor Proton? No more please.
  16. Sounds awful. I hope my invitation gets lost in the mail.
  17. Didn't he take off at the end of S7?
  18. After many weeks of 'abstinence' I decided to give TBBT another go. Surely there had to be some improvement didn't there?. Unfortunately , even deciding to watch the whole ep (including Sheldon/Shamy), I could not find anything to laugh at or enjoy. Really bad ep, probably give it a miss now especially with a Shamy wedding coming up.
  19. Penny's mother certainly seems to have a handle on things. Maybe she will finally get Penny to see that she really needs to commit fully.
  20. I was wrong to use the words immaculate conception (which refers to Mary), I was intending to refer to virgin birth.
  21. Also, Joseph played no part in Jesus' conception. Hence immaculate.
  22. Thanks - maybe she had a 11-12 month pregnancy like Bernadette. Also if she had an immaculate conception, anything is possible.
  23. An episode where Sheldon was being unreasonable - nice one - are you talking about approximately half the episodes to date?
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