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  1. I too am reasonably certain that it wasn't the 25th of Dec, but I am not sure where the bible says this. A reference would be nice.
  2. I'm surprised tat you used Table Polarisation as an example. To me it shows how easily Penny caved to Sheldon's petulant behaviour and left Leonard with no option but to cave as well.
  3. She was approaching 30 when she 'settled'. Their less than stellar marriage as depicted on the show, lends weight to the argument that she might have settled for L.
  4. yes, first date with Stuart and she asked him in for coffee. Went off with the scientist almost instantly. When Leonard asked to go to her apartment to avoid the camera howard set up, she refused. Strange isn't it. Maybe she did settle for Leonard.. She was approaching 30 (I think) and she'd pretty much given up on acting.
  5. Yep, not a cloud in the sky and 31 deg. (a bit too warm)
  6. Unfortunately our Lenny expectations have taken a massive hit over the last 4 years. Any small sign of affection is now greeted with euphoria. C'est la vie.
  7. Yeah, but his speculation makes a lot more sense than yours does.
  8. Or because he is a ratbag.
  9. On death row? who did he murder and when?
  10. So he wasn't nasty when he threw his friends under the bus to the HR lady, and the ItCHY BRAIN ep, and when he got Penny to diss Leonard's work when he taught her Physics and when he deliberately spoiled Harry Potter for Leonard. There are plenty more examples of his nastiness but I will stop here.
  11. A predictable attempt to excuse more crappy behaviour from Sheldon.
  12. Yeah, just like thy had Sheldon as the asthmatic early on and then switched that to Leonard
  13. He knocked normally for a fair bit of season 1.
  14. I don't think L and K are fully invested in the Sheldon Cooper show. But who can turn down 23 million a year?
  15. Just wondering if Kaley might have told TPTB that she is trying for a baby and the writers are laying the groundwork in case it happens. Just a random thought.
  16. Decided to give BBT another go after not watching since the middle of last season. No improvement whatsoever. No laughs. No relationship progression. But they did manage to dump on Leonard. Even Sheldon (who I never liked), comes across as a hopeless ex-brainiac.
  17. You're not getting it. My objection was to your sweeping statement about how the majority of women felt. I found creepy Howard funny. If you didn't, that's fine.
  18. WOW' way to make sweeping unsupportable statements.
  19. Creepy Howard was one of the things that made the early seasons of TBBT funny. THe new emasculated Howard is not funny at all, just sad.
  20. I'm with you on S5 and 6, 7-10 were woeful.
  21. same in Melbourne. Not missed at all.
  22. Has anyone lost any wallpaper?
  23. One thing that won't happen at a Shamy wedding, There will be no annoying interruptions from a self absorbed whack job.
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