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  1. The train wreck being the Colbert show or the presidency.?
  2. Maybe amazing for Sheldon and possibly Shamy - noone else.
  3. as annoying as Sheldon is now, can you imagine how superior and condescending a child Sheldon would be?
  5. Looks more like a sauna to me.
  6. Not 'is turning' but 'has turned' - years ago.
  7. Friends had quite a long arc about adoption.
  8. Just as you were stating your opinion when you disparaged Penny's emotional reactions.
  9. I miss sleazy creepy Howard. They emasculated him and now he is just making up the numbers.
  10. If it has anything to do with screen time, Johnny and Kaley should come under the banner "also starring".
  11. why wouldn't they be happy? Learn 5 or 6 lines, watch Shamy for the rest of the ep, then bank a million bucks.
  12. I wrote some time ago that the Lenny ship is sunk. I still feel that way. For God's sake they are bringing in characters like Bert, Stuart(more than before). and Ramona rather than create new Lenny plot lines. Surely that's telling us something.
  13. In one episode (not sure which), Raj tells Howard that he (Raj) has selective mutism. You'd think Raj would know.
  14. You mean like engagement and wedding rings.
  15. Pretty sure that selling menus will hardly improve on selling pharmaceuticals. She needs a complete change. Not sure what.
  16. I was thinking about a cute episode, not a few cute moments in an otherwise meh episode. Tensor has posted an analysis of how much time was spent on the wedding before the interruptions. It's an eye opener.
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