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  1. Who am I? Who are you! When did you turn purple!? What happened to the green? Are you secretly Barney with a beard?
  2. This is my first time being in the Season 8 category of the forum, and really the first time I've been on the forum in a looooooong time. Just letting those who remember me know that I'm still alive.
  3. Thanks again you guys for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. <3 It has made my day, which is a big deal since I'm currently fighting a nasty cold. I'm also surprised that I haven't run out of likes yet. Wetwowuv! Aw, I miss you and your face, and your soul. Big virtual hugs for you, m'dear. <3
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, I'm so touched. And I feel so loved. <3 Pearrly! <3 I love you! This made me smile so much. ... :icon_cry: My little heart just got an extreme feels attack. Andy. <3 You guys. <3 Everyone. <3 *regal blubbering* You're so sweet Star, seriously. Thank you. <3 Both for this and your Tumblr reblogging and comment. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Mr. Bean, wearing a crown. <3 My heart. Thanks Chiany.
  5. "Damn you and your noise cancelling breasts." Howard and Sheldon in the plane were wonderful, primarily during turbulence. I'm glad the writers finally decided to move forward with their friendship. I also got a little emotional during the scene where Leonard gives Penny a car. It was incredibly sweet.
  6. I already liked your post, but I wanted to say outright that I agree with it. I consider myself to be viewing the show with a very similar mindset, even though I am rarely vocal about it. Let's be grey babies together.
  7. KIRUUU BREEEEEZY. Another classic OTP. <3 PS - We're still waiting on that PIK. When we gonna get dat Phanta initiated kiss!?
  8. I am sure you will find a reason eventually, and thank you; that's so sweet. <3
  9. I did! Sorry for the trauma, but I wanted something different! If it's any consolation, I'm going through separation anxiety from my crown.
  10. Me thinks they doth protest too much.
  11. Yes, it is indeed a picture of half my face. I still don't know where I would put a crown, the top of murr head is cut off.
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