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  1. Candy might of been the first ship but we now have koolio :)

    Loops is indeed fabulous, and their legal prowess knows no equal - but I can confidently say, with no small amount of bias, that CAndy rules supreme! We are superior beans! ;)

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  2. I don't know whether this is a compliment or an insult, given how Sheldon's currently regarded by many fans around here... So I'll just take it as a insultment :p

    Thank you guys!

    (Unless this means you all want to slap me and whack me on the head, in which case I'm going to go into hiding like... now...)

    How about a celebratory hug? ;)

  3. Thank u everyone for voting for me as best Penny. I guess I am the only person who has been drunk in the chat room at least 3 times. And I like shoes.

    Banana banana banana banana.

    Congratulations Chloe-banana. <3

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  4. This is my first time being in the Season 8 category of the forum, and really the first time I've been on the forum in a looooooong time. 


    Just letting those who remember me know that I'm still alive. :p 

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  5. Thanks again you guys for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. <3 It has made my day, which is a big deal since I'm currently fighting a nasty cold. 


    I'm also surprised that I haven't run out of likes yet. 


    Happy Birthday Soul Mate! I would make you a fancy GIF or something but I don't have access to a computer at the moment, so....

    I've made you my emergency contact at work! Isn't that great?!

    But really, you crack me up and I hope you have a wonderful day full of carbs, fun, and all the things that make you happy...including our beloved Shamy. :-D




    Aw, I miss you and your face, and your soul. Big virtual hugs for you, m'dear. <3 :)

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  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, I'm so touched. :icon_cry: And I feel so loved. <3



    :girldance::dancing: everyone go spam her inbox


    Pearrly! <3 I love you! This made me smile so much. 


    Wio, Chloe, Koops and I would like to interrupt our regular Shamy broadcast to celebrate the Sharmy Queen Cait's birthday today!






    ... :icon_cry: :icon_cry: :icon_cry: 


    My little heart just got an extreme feels attack. Andy. <3 You guys. <3 Everyone. <3 

    *regal blubbering* 





    Hard to perfect perfection, but My Queen deserves the best so here it is!




    You're so sweet Star, seriously. Thank you. <3 Both for this and your Tumblr reblogging and comment. 




    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Mr. Bean, wearing a crown. <3 My heart. Thanks Chiany. 

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  7. "Damn you and your noise cancelling breasts." 


    Howard and Sheldon in the plane were wonderful, primarily during turbulence. I'm glad the writers finally decided to move forward with their friendship.


    I also got a little emotional during the scene where Leonard gives Penny a car. It was incredibly sweet. 

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  8. I look at the "good" things as much as I look at the "bad" things, although I really don't like putting such narrow and limiting judgements on them. Basically, I watch the show, and I absorb the big picture. I think, frankly, that this is what most people are doing, or trying to do, while watching the show.


    If you want to know WHY - I guess it's because I want to UNDERSTAND what is happening in the story that I'm following, and to the characters I love. I'd like to see the truth, the whole truth, and not cherry pick what I do and do not like because I have no particular interest in being played for a fool. In my personal opinion, you can miss the forest for the trees if you decide to concentrate or filter in one direction of another.


    For instance, there are people who hate Sheldon and Amy's relationship who have utterly focused in on ONE LINE from Amy about kicking the vacuum cleaner as proof of their assertion that Amy has submitted to a horrifically abusive relationship.


    I think that's nuts.


    On the other hand, some people would like to focus solely on the "positive" aspects of Sheldon and Amy's relationship, like the kiss, as proof that it's the greatest fucking relationship in the history of all love affairs, and that it's just pure rainbows, glitter and bliss all around.


    I'm sorry, but that isn't the story that's currently unfolding either.


    If someone would like to see the show in shades of black, so be it. If you'd like to see the show in shades of white, you can do that tool. If it would be possible to allow those of us who see the show in a lot of complex shades of a spectrum of grey without trying to fight us tooth and nail, that would be appreciated as well. I'm perfectly capable of watching the show and enjoying it immensely, laughing often, and appreciating the humor and good aspects while also being aware of some of the inconsistencies or finding some of the aspects of Sheldon and Amy's relationship a concern. I realize that might be complicated to some, but trust me, I'm a big girl and capable of handling "complicated" without breaking a sweat.


    I already liked your post, but I wanted to say outright that I agree with it. I consider myself to be viewing the show with a very similar mindset, even though I am rarely vocal about it. 


    Let's be grey babies together. :) 

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  9. Dang, I miss a lot being in the states and having to get up and go to work in the morning.


    4 pages of this thread just since midnight, my time.  LOL!!


    Poor Rachel!  Sorry to see everyone pairing you up with skull, but it was kind of funny.  And it happened to me with someone--who was it?  Koops was always teasing me with that one. :p



    Ohhh, I remember this but I'm blanking on who it is too. lol




    Another classic OTP. <3 


    PS - We're still waiting on that PIK. When we gonna get dat Phanta initiated kiss!? 

  10. Wait!!! Did Cait changed icon as well??? OMG what is happening?????? I feel outdated. Wait until I get home :p

    All I know is TBBT can bring us closer. :p I love it how we completely forgot the thread to tease Rachel and Skull :)


    I did! Sorry for the trauma, but I wanted something different! :p If it's any consolation, I'm going through separation anxiety from my crown. 

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