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  1. This website needs a "freakin' loves this post" option.
  2. Oh man this is a tough one - but I agree with a lot of posters about it most likely being Amy or Leonards. I absolutely loved that scene though (minus Sheldon's Goonies-inspired possibility, of course), and how it was all set up. When I read the taping report I really had no idea it was going to be that wonderful, and so beautifully acted. That's probably the second time the show has actually moved me to tears, especially when Bernie said her story. However, I think that if they did decide to introduce his father to the show, then Penny's idea would have the most amusing possibilities script-wise.
  3. I'm definitely feeling better about this whole thing, now that I've been able to voice my opinions. Side note: I love that you can voice your opinion on this thread in particular, without getting into arguments or having crabby people make jabs at what you think. It's such a glorious safe haven... Filled with adorable/delicious photos of the Shamy. Back on track. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm just gonna sit back and hope that the writers have things under control and things will level out soon.
  4. I know it was mentioned a few pages back (can't remember by who, sowwy), that maybe this (Sheldon being back and forth, belittling, etc) was leading up to something big. I'm starting to wonder that as well, especially after this latest moment (see bolded text), and how intense and sharp Jim came across when he said it. It makes me wonder because we've seen Jim say dozens of lines that could be taken as incredibly mean, but he delivers them so well that you know he's just being Sheldon, and it becomes humorous and you can clearly see the comedic intentions the writers had by putting it in the script. What he said to Amy in the laundry room just didn't fit with how Jim normally delivers those lines, and since other people have mentioned similar thoughts to mine about that moment I know I'm not imagining things. But, to get to the thought I've been meaning to bring up... I wonder if Jim delivered that line, in that way, on purpose? Maybe he was directed to do it that way? Just something that I've had going through my mind while reading through everyone's comments. Anyone want to chime in with what they think?
  5. And as far as Thursdays episode is concerned, I seem to be in the middle in regards to the two reactions expressed. On the one hand, I wasn't overly bothered by Sheldon becoming super focused on organizing closets and leaving Amy alone (probably mostly because she didn't show to be really bothered by it, so my mind just naturally went past those parts and went back to focusing on the Howard story line.) This seems to be pretty normal for me, I tend to be in tune to peoples emotions and have a habit of studying facial expressions, body language, and the tone of voice - which is why, generally, when Sheldon says off-handed things to Amy, I usually am content with viewing it as just being comedic relief or teasing, or them just being like an old married couple. However, having said that, when I watched the episode and Sheldon said the line about Amy 'pawing at him like a bear trying to get into a trash can filled with sweets', I was pretty surprised with how it struck me. It came as a shock and strangely mean, etc. I'm not even entirely sure why, but I'm still kind of baffled as to how out of left field it seemed - how out of place it was. How... unnecessarily sharp it came across? Even after reading everyones comments, I'm still just as baffled! I genuinely hope that this back and forth, hot and cold, weirdness going on in these past several episodes levels out... Either we're on the verge of something big happening, or maybe the writers are just struggling to figure out which path to take? (And it's definitely starting to come across that way) The other two couples seem to steadily be moving forward with understandable challenges, whereas trying to follow where Shamy is going and how they are each episode lately, I'm starting to feel like I'm watching a game of Pong... ) And just so people don't get all up in my business , I ain't directly comparing Shamy's growth with L/P or H/B. I'm just mentioning that the way their relationships seem to be growing and going through transitions is smoother, its clear - when you watch them on screen throughout this season their progress doesn't jump around as much as Sheldon and Amy's, which I'm sure has a lot to do with the fact that Sheldon is Sheldon, and he's learning and growing far differently than anyone else. Still though, I'm just starting to get the feeling that the writers aren't sure where Shamy is headed next, aside from long term goals, which might be why things are so out of sync each episode in comparison to the last. Why it's getting hard to follow. I hope that sort of made sense, it's 2:30am here so my brain is starting to shut down. G'night you lovely Sharmites!
  6. And all the effort is so, SO appreciated! Reading the spoilers for the next episode(s) is such a great way to end the day/start your morning - and it's so neat to watch everyone comment on the script in the spoilers thread, and then come over to this thread and read all the Shamy spazzing or critiques. I honestly really didn't get into their relationship until I stumbled across this forum, started reading the threads and really took time to consider all these little details all the Shamy-lovers were posting about and the possible scenarios they were discussing. Definitely made me start falling in love with both the actors and the couple they portray, and also as an extension of that, squeal and clap anytime a cute moment was part of a taping report. So thanks Monique for all the effort you put in (Kelle too)! The reports have become a highlight of my week. : )
  7. AHHH. That whole video is priceless, I laughed way too loudly in a house full of sleeping people... And I love how Jim and Mayim look and act around each other! They're so cute together! Sqeeee. <3
  8. Hahhaa, I get that! I've gotten to the point where I purposely avoid fads and pop culture, because the fact they're super popular and thousands of pre-teens love them is enough to turn me off completely. For the longest time I had no idea who One Direction was... Just to clarify, I'm meaning fads like Twilight, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, 50 Shades of Grey, romance shows, things of that nature. And my God that would be the greatest channel of all time. Endless TBBT.
  9. Totally with you there, Koops! Reality television generally seems to drive me crazy - I think it's mainly because of how dramatic/cheesy it is. One show I loathe with a passion would be the Biggest Loser... Are UK reality shows super dramatic like the ones from the US? The ones produced in North America (or the US really, I can't think of a Canadian reality show off the top of my head...) seem to be filled with product placement (Biggest Loser is terrible for that), sappy music, and drama drama drama.
  10. I'm going to sound incredibly Canadian with my answer to that TV-wise, but that's okay! Another series I love to watch would be Corner Gas, which is Canadian-made. Over the seas my favourite show would be the UK's 'Miranda'. I am way too in love with that show also, probably because the main character is so awkward that it's like I'm looking at myself on screen, only with a better accent than mine. Other than that I love to watch documentaries. Seriously, I'll watch a documentary about anything - I watched one on junk mail once... I just love documentaries because I love to learn about anything really. Aside from those three and TV/the internet in general, I don't really seem to do much...
  11. How could I have missed this, he has freckles?! Just when I thought I couldn't love him more...
  12. Maaaaayim! <3 <3 Anyone who can't see how beautiful she is, even as Amy, must be blind.
  13. It's the best kind of distracting! And totally fuelling my love for a man none of us will never have...
  14. On a random sidenote, Silverangel, everytime I see your signiture I have to stop scrolling... Stare for a ridiculous amount of time, and then I completely forget what I was even doing in the first place.......
  15. Holy crap on a crustacean. That whole scenario just made me squeal a little - I can totally see them using something whacky, yet meaningful like that for Shamy's first kiss. Well played!
  16. Peek-a-boo! I'm just another lurker that was finally persuaded to actually post a reply, rather than watch all the Shamy gushing unfold on screen and giggle to myself on how lovely some of your imaginations are. (All you guys seem awesome BTW, like a close-knit community of quirky people I'd totally get along with). Aside from that, I loooved tonights episode! Which was a nice surprise considering how hit and miss the past few have been for me. Howards horse imitations were golden! I definitely didn't expect that scene to be quite so hilarious when I skimmed over it in the taping report. Another moment that I loved was when Lucy was moving in to kiss Raj, and then abruptly bailed with "panic attack! maybe next time!" Mayim is an absolute stunner, and I'm so excited that they let that shine through - I completely agree that she was the most gorgeous of the princesses, and definitely the most dramatic makeover (Bernie was adorable too). And even though nothing would've made me happier than seeing Sheldon kiss Amy during the tag, I'm glad he didn't. I completely agree with the discussion several pages back about how kissing her would send the message that completely changing how she looks = affection. Though if he doesn't touch her soon, I'll probably burst! I'm expecting sweeps and/or the season finale to be amaaazing. (Also loved how mature Sheldon seemed in this episode, from understanding the sexual references, coming up with those good ideas for the science talk, and especially for genuinely complimenting Bernadette and Amy).
  17. I'm definitely beginning to like Lucy more now that she's been in a few episodes. The "panic attack, maybe next time!" bail made me grin - it was fantastic.
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