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  1. There is some discussion about his profession in the drive to the restaurant. Mary makes comments about the bible and the great flood and Alfred laughs, Sheldon says she is not joking and Alfred talks about some studies of ancient cultures that believe in a flood. The are kind of starting to flirt here
  2. Yes they did toasts and all. I don't remember much, just Penny saying she was glad she finally said yes after all of Leonard's proposals and then Bevs toast was what made Alfred get mad and leave early
  3. The dinner was not a welcome for the parents it was definitely for Penny and Leonard. Howard was basing his paranoia off of movies he watched like ET and Jurrasic World. Bernie said you know they are not documentaries but Howard said that's all he knows. Raj starts laughing and Howard says do you think it's funny, raj replies no but Jurrassic World was so terrible it was funny. Raj later looks up the department that sent the email which was the Dept of Acquisitions and said they probably just want to give you money and then Howard thinks maybe it's another country pretending to be the USA Very good! When they were walking up the stairs Alfred asked Leonard he is happy he found someone so nice and loving and then stopped and said "how did you do that" When Penny saw Alfred she ran over and gave a hug and said it was nice to see him again
  4. Also to add/follow up on the summary, I don't know if there was an "off camera redo wedding" or just dinner celebrating the wedding, they talked about a ceremony in the beginning but if you follow the timeline in the rest of the episode, it seems like they went right to the dinner reservations from the apartment. Also the government/Air Force is just inquiring about the project, and raj thinks it's to give them money, but Howard is paranoid they want to take over the project and they will "get him" if he doesn't allow them
  5. You can see Michy and me when the camera pans back, behind the kid in the red white and blue sweater,,
  6. Don't worry, worse case scenario I'll give something who else is going?
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to add about the sets, that I really looked for any signs of anything shamy. I was trying to look for any signs of moves but the apartment looked the same and Leonard bedroom was the same minus it has covers over the furniture to protect the props. I really didn't see anything obvious different. The restaurant/ banquet didn't have a dance floor, it was all tables, pretty full, no open room to move and there was no "head table" that I saw. Not saying that it's not a wedding but it wasn't a traditional wedding set up. I also didn't see a podium or anything like that for a award banquet. The tables were all set with plates and glasses and the was a folded napkin on every seat, so it looked fancier than a typical restaurant, more of an event. Also nothing big but I forgot to mention the fake "car" was set up so prob a car scene. Also Penny's apartment was taken down I believe completely.
  8. Just did the WB tour. The sets are the Engineering lab, Leonard's bedroom, Wolowitz hallway and kitchen, s and l apartment, banquet hall/restaurant set up for a reception with orange napkins folded on the table(not sure if that is the wedding colors) and apartment lobby
  9. Thanks! I went spoiler free and I haven't been on the forum much but I might go back to spoilers right before the taping to "catch up" and then to talk about the finale
  10. I also have tickets to the WB Studio tour for Sunday, so if there is any new sets I can let you guys know. I would write this in the spoiler page but I am spoiler free for now and I dont want to see any spoilers
  11. I was able to get tickets as well! It was a pain in the but today, lots of crashing and error messages ETA: Thank you to Maddie, dana1010 and kazzie for your help
  12. This is hard for me too, mainly because Amy had such a strained relationship with her own family and growing up she didn't have a warm loving accepting environment. I would have loved for Amy to find that loving family with Meemaw. I am hoping with the parallels between "Meemaw and PopPop" and "Sheldon and Amy", that they will have that relationship and it will bloom into that, maybe even at the wedding or a future episode. Or maybe Amy and Mary will bond over it ...maybe Mary and her mom don't have a good relationship and Mary likes that Amy stood up against Meemaw. Either way I am soooo excited to see the episode and more excited for whats to come. Also, thank you to everyone who went to the taping for sharing your experience!
  13. That would awful I think it will be a Sheldon episode but I am thinking not a Shamy episode. The writers have kept the family members away from Amy for some reason, Sheldons mom, Leonards mom etc.
  14. I cant believe they beat Game of Thrones! Congrats BBT!
  15. I think Leonard said it best "If they didn't want to be yelled at by crazy nerds, they shouldn't have started a sci-fi channel." In this case a tv show. I think Bill and other producers can handle the crazy fans and generally don't take it personally. There are some evil people out there. That said, as always Michy, Kaz, Maria, Maddie and everyone who provided the report and insights thank you! I am so sad I missed this taping.
  16. About the "moms" episode I would really like to see Sheldon and his mom "vs." Leonard and his mom, in some sorts. We always see the commonality of Sheldon/Beverly and Leonard/Mary but it would be a nice twist to have a episode where Sheldon and his mom and Leonard and his mom work together or bond with their own mother. Now that being said I would also like to see a scene with Amy and either of the moms. Amy has yet to meet Beverly, both being Neuroscientist would be a good pair and we haven't seen Mary with Amy since Shamy started dating. I have a feeling though it will be a sheldnard/howard.raj/girls ep. Either way, so excited!!
  17. Hasn't ALL the relationships been like this. I think the "will it or wont it work" is put there to be "amusing" or for the comedy. Lenny broke up multiple times throughout the show, constantly taking one step forward 2 steps back and even as of season 6 she was still questioning if she wanted to be with Leonard, calling it boring. Howardette struggled with Howard's fears of cutting the cord and I guess you could argue even until this very episode they are struggling with the mother and child dynamic, the back and forth. You can even argue its this was for the Sheldnard relationship and the Howard/Raj relationship and even the relationship between all three girls.
  18. Can someone please edit out Lenny in that one picture and move Shamy closer together? I am not good with photo shopping. PLEASE!!
  19. Any guesses to what's that on the table ETA: the photo of kaley and johnny on set, for some reason the photo didn't show up in the quote
  20. I don't know if the Howardette dynamic will change. They basically replace Ms. Wolowitz's role with Bernies. They like keeping the howard as a child persona, IMO. BBT also like to be over the top with real life situations, and money issues are common for couples so the are just over dramatizing that common issue for laughs. When these characters pick on each other or put each other down...it's not meant to be personal but rather for comedy
  21. DENA, YOU'RE AMAZING...AND I LOVE YOU I am going to cry now ..brb
  22. I am sure they are aware of the taping reports and they probably don't care
  23. After reading the taping report a million times, I am starting to wonder if Sheldon had planned to have coitus with Amy after the prom at some point but panicked at the last minute. It sounds as if, after penny tells Sheldon that coitus is common after prom, he considers and talks about his urges saying the egg line. Knowing Sheldon, he probably researched what is social protocols are, because then Leonard and him are talking and he tells Leonard that he is "taking ALL the social conventions and planning on doing them" Leonard then tells him not to be pressured and he says penny said the same thing, almost as he is now realizing the actual pressure because the word pressure was said twice to him. Then when he sees Amy, he full out panics. But, to me, it seems there is a moment where Sheldon is considering and maybe if thinking it's going to happen. But panicks last minute.....oh goodness, our Shelly is growing up I may need a minute
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