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  1. 29 minutes ago, djsurrey said:

    How is Mary going to react to his profession?

    Then the song pops into my head...


    There is some discussion about his profession in the drive to the restaurant. Mary makes comments about the bible and the great flood and Alfred laughs, Sheldon says she is not joking and Alfred talks about some studies of ancient cultures that believe in a flood. The are kind of starting to flirt here

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  2. 1 minute ago, stardustmelody said:

    Thanks for the clarifications!  So it definitely sounds like the dinner was not a welcome dinner for the parents, but a celebration for Leonard and Penny, yes?   

    Love Howard and Raj gaining their paranoia from the movies. :laugh: 

    Yes they did toasts and all. I don't remember much, just Penny saying she was glad she finally said yes after all of Leonard's proposals and then Bevs toast was what made Alfred get mad and leave early

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  3. Also to add/follow up on the summary, I don't know if there was an "off camera redo wedding" or just dinner celebrating the wedding, they talked about a ceremony in the beginning but if you follow the timeline in the rest of the episode, it seems like they went right to the dinner reservations from the apartment. 

    Also the government/Air Force is just inquiring about the project, and raj thinks it's to give them money, but Howard is paranoid they want to take over the project and they will "get him" if he doesn't allow them

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  4. 36 minutes ago, Tensor said:

    delsino, send it to me via PM and I'll post it in the Discussion thread for you.

    BTW, good to see you around.  

    Thanks! :icon_cheesygrin: I went spoiler free and I haven't been on the forum much but I might go back to spoilers right before the taping to "catch up" and then to talk about the finale :) 


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  5. 1 hour ago, jlove said:


    That it was Meemaw who said these things.  Amy has had to fight for any scrap of acceptance from everyone her WHOLE life.  Sheldon immediately liked her for who she is, but as soon as he started having feelings for her she started having to fight for affection from him as well (we've all read/posted long diatribes about how even their early camaraderie felt damaged by his withdrawl as their relationship progressed).  She never had ANY friends and even had to worm her way in with the Penny and Bernadette before she became accepted. (Remember The Hook-Up Reverberation?  "What if you just hang around and pretend to be her friend until you wear her down?  I mean the next thing you know you're in her home eating her food, drinking her wine...")  I would have loved for there to be ONE person, ONE place where she was immediately loved and welcomed with open arms without having to earn/justify/prove herself worthy.  Meemaw could have been the perfect opportunity for that...now I'm not sure there is anywhere for it to be found on the show, and that makes me a little sad for Amy.

    Amy's statement to Meemaw that she "is his best shot."  As if that's all that matters - like Sheldon was looking for a woman and he is so difficult and so out there that he should just take her because she's his best shot.  What the literal hell?  The right answer has something to do with the fact that they LOVE each other and they GET each other like no one else every could they WANT to be together.  Not because he can't get someone better or because he's getting old and just needs to have someone so he's gotta take what he can get or whatver.  I really, really hated the wording here.

    Amy complaining about how much "she puts up with" with Sheldon.  Sweetie, this was the moment to confess your love for Sheldon, to tell Meemaw why you two are so good together, to show her that you're the best thing in the world for her beloved Moonpie, not for you to gripe about how difficult he is.

    That Amy didn't say anything after Meemaw said that she really hurt him with the breakup "and I don't want that to happen again."  It would have been awesome to hear "It won't" or "I don't want that either" or "We both made mistakes in the past but we've gotten beyond that and the important thing now is the future" or "I'm sorry, it hurts me to know I hurt him, too" or anything, really.  How great would a little speech about how she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life proving it to him and to Meemaw and everyone else in the world (since the ring had already come up they were already down the rabbit hole, she totally could have said something like that.)  I would have just loved for her to say something that showed Meemaw that this really was the real thing, that Amy really wasn't out to hurt him and be able to giver her REAL blessing going forward.


    So yeah, LOTS of good.  My one gripe really is that, though Meemaw was acting kind of like a b*tch I think Amy blew a chance here...though she was backed into a corner and attacked repeatedly, so she wasn't in her right mind I'm quite sure.  But overall, yes, lots of good, too.  I'll be interested to see how/when/if this whole debacle is ever mentioned again...


    This is hard for me too, mainly because Amy had such a strained relationship with her own family and growing up she didn't have a warm loving accepting environment. I would have loved for Amy to find that loving family with Meemaw. 

    I am hoping with the parallels between "Meemaw and PopPop" and "Sheldon and Amy", that they will have that relationship and it will bloom into that, maybe even at the wedding or a future episode. Or maybe Amy and Mary will bond over it ...maybe Mary and her mom don't have a good relationship and Mary likes that Amy stood up against Meemaw. 

    Either way I am soooo excited to see the episode and more excited for whats to come.  Also, thank you to everyone who went to the taping for sharing your experience!

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  6. 1 hour ago, joyceraye said:

    2.45 am in Derbyshire. Desperately hoping Meemaw's  'materialization'  won't be  like Professor Proton's.

    That would awful :( 

    I think it will be a Sheldon episode but I am thinking not a Shamy episode. The writers have kept the family members away from Amy for some reason, Sheldons mom, Leonards mom etc.

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  7. I think Leonard said it best "If they didn't want to be yelled at by crazy nerds, they shouldn't have started a sci-fi channel." In this case a tv show. I think Bill and other producers can handle the crazy fans and generally don't take it personally. There are some evil people out there.


    That said, as always Michy, Kaz, Maria, Maddie and everyone who provided the report and insights thank you! I am so sad I missed this taping. 

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  8. About the "moms" episode I would really like to see Sheldon and his mom "vs." Leonard and his mom, in some sorts. We always see the commonality of Sheldon/Beverly and Leonard/Mary but it would be a nice twist to have a episode where Sheldon and his mom and Leonard and his mom work together or bond with their own mother.


    Now that being said I would also like to see a scene with Amy and either of the moms. Amy has yet to meet Beverly, both being Neuroscientist would be a good pair and we haven't seen Mary with Amy since Shamy started dating. I have a feeling though it will be a sheldnard/howard.raj/girls ep.


    Either way, so excited!!

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  9. Actually its broadcast after. Nt so amusing if you at their relationship since s4 Sheldon has always been Three step forward Three Steps back. But well see how it goes now Sheldon loves a women.


    Hasn't ALL the relationships been like this. I think the "will it or wont it work" is put there to be "amusing" or for the comedy. 


    Lenny broke up multiple times throughout the show, constantly taking one step forward 2 steps back and even as of season 6 she was still questioning if she wanted to be with Leonard, calling it boring. Howardette struggled with Howard's fears of cutting the cord and I guess you could argue even until this very episode they are struggling with the mother and child dynamic, the back and forth. You can even argue its this was for the Sheldnard relationship and the Howard/Raj relationship and even the relationship between all three girls. 

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  10. Here you go phantaHere you go phanta

    Any guesses to what's that on the table :wink:

    ETA: the photo of kaley and johnny on set, for some reason the photo didn't show up in the quote

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  11. I was thinking, Howard has been really taken a beating from Bernadette lately about money, not doing stuff and being just like a kid. She is really sort of taking him for granted really bad. I think it would be funny if some astronaut groupie grad student (very pretty) started sniffing around Howard and toned Bernadette down a little. I would love to see Bernadette all mousy again whining to the girls that she is loosing Howard and she regrets how mean she has been to him. Howard would be funny when he realized some hot girl wants him, of course he would never cheat on Bernadette. I think a scene where the girl comes to Howard's lab and opens her coat to him, nothing underneath, would shock Howard and it would be funny to see him try and get out of there. So in short I think we need an episode that sort of gives Howard his balls back.

    I don't know if the Howardette dynamic will change. They basically replace Ms. Wolowitz's role with Bernies. They like keeping the howard as a child persona, IMO. BBT also like to be over the top with real life situations, and money issues are common for couples so the are just over dramatizing that common issue for laughs. When these characters pick on each other or put each other down...it's not meant to be personal but rather for comedy

  12. Who's running to Bill asking questions that we're not supposed to know??  


    The truth will come eventually.  Patience is a virtue.


    I am sure they are aware of the taping reports and they probably don't care 

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