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  1. I wanted to add something that I meant to post earlier ....Even though it is rare, sometimes, in the past there has been schedule changes or tapings get cancelled (like Aug 5) or your are like me and like to plan most details more than a month in advance before you have your tickets. I always try to book my plane with Southwest Airlines because it has a great policy on changing airfare dates. If you book through southwest there is no fee to change your flight to a later date. They are the only airline I know that doesn't charge (maybe others know). So when I went to the finale I booked my plane tickets before I have my BBT tickets and knew if I didn't get a tickets I could move my flight to the Fall at no cost to me
  2. Yes, I got one guaranteed tickets and my husband called and they gave him a ticket too! Also, there was also a guy from India who had tickets to the cancelled November taping last year and they offered him tickets to a future taping (and he was at my Feb taping) The people from AU are very nice and helpful! I would try given them a call Good luck!
  3. if they don't show the reaction of when they first see each other I will be flipping tables. LOL. Whoever is going to the taping is required to jump over the railing and slap the writers. ETA: If that happens at the second taping there better be 12 people jumping over that railing
  4. Yes I think i may just duck out the forum after the first taping report comes out. I have seen too many times spoilers on non spoiler pages. Even this season already there was one on the Kaley thread and one on the cast and crew thread Maybe I just stick to the games area LOL Then once the premier night I will be going crazy full on spoilers
  5. So the taping is on Tuesday next week and I was wondering who is still in the challenge!! This is going to be a rough time for us spoiler addicts so I am hoping we can band back together to get through this challenge!! ;-D
  6. Good information Michy! Just to add, during the finale some people with standy had their friends hold their spot and it was about the time they were splitting up the lines. The people came back and tried to get in their old spot and they were made to stand in the back of the standby line. They told the Audience Unlimited staff that their friends were holding their spot and they still wouldn't let them back in line. So just make sure when you go to the restroom, it is at an appropriate time. I would also add that if you have friends that have guaranteed tickets, they can line up later and maybe bring some snacks for you
  7. Yes I expect most of season 8 to be Lenny preparing to live together and wedding plans. I hope the wedding is in season 9 myself. I think there will be a lot of comedy on seeing them plan a wedding. I also hope we get to see an episode where the families meet for the first time!! Although we don't know much about Penny's mom, can you imagine her with Leonard's mom. Ah! Also I think its interesting to have all 4 relationships in different stages...Married (Howardette), Engaged (Lenny), Longterm dating (Shamy) and short term dating Raj/Emily?).
  8. Same here!! A big smooch when he visits her FIRST. thats what I want most for the return, Sheldon to visit Amy first.
  9. Yes, my dog HYE been bored at work
  10. yes HYE sent a text to the wrong person
  11. car galaxy or iphone
  12. false, but i should... I hate the dentist lol (don't know why, just do) TNP has a wedding this summer to attend
  13. Yes I tried that chapstick that looks like a ball (Eos lip balm, i think) I can't remember what celebrity used but but I fell for it nd bought it LOL HYE won an online contest?
  14. Raamaa and I are ready for the red carpet
  15. Interesting AU Also, in the story Wicked, the "wicked witch" (or Elphaba), which you say should be Amy, ends up with the tin man (in your scenario, Sheldon) LOL No real point to my comment just wanted to add
  16. You posted this also in the Kaley thread, which I liked there when you first posted it. I liked this one today of you, as well.
  17. Technically, you are seeing the show spoiler free, because the first time you see it will be at the taping and you will not have read a taping report before You could also not read the taping report for 8.01 because you will see it at the taping before 8.02 and then you would have watched the first two spoiler free
  18. I haven't been on the forum much so I might have missed him, but is File around? I know he mentioned wanting to go go to a taping in late august when he was visiting LA?
  19. The second hotel I stayed in was the Hampton Inn Los Angeles Int'l Airport/Hawthorne located at 11430 South Acacia Ave., Hawthorne, California, 90250, USA (http://hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/california/hampton-inn-los-angeles-intl-airport-hawthorne-LAXHTHX/index.html) I chose this hotel because I had a 6am flight after the taping and I wanted to stay near LAX so I didn't have a long morning drive. Also, I am a Hilton HHonors Member and could use my hotel points for free nights. The hotel was newly built and it was very nice. Like every Hampton Inn, it includes free breakfast and wifi which is nice. Parking is also free. The rooms are very spacious and had high ceilings. Very comfortable! The hotel itself was very updated and the decor was nice and comfortable. CONS: The location wasn't idea. I wanted to stay by the airport but in hindsight, I liked staying near burbank. After the taping I was so tired and it was a drag to drive 45 minutes back to my hotel. Especially when I wanted to come to the board and give my report! The location was also in a "sketchy" area and you could tell by the bars on the parking garage, the pin numbers keypads to enter and exit everywhere in the hotel and that you need your key to work the elevator etc. It was fine, I would stay again if I had to stay by LAX but if had a choice I would prefer the burbank area for a hotel.
  20. The first hotel I stayed at was the Hilton Los Angeles North/Glendale & Executive meeting Center located at 100 West Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA, 91202, USA (http://www.hiltonlosangelesglendale.com) I chose this hotel because of its proximity to the WB Studios (about 5 miles/10 min drive) and I am a Hilton HHonors Member and could use my hotel points for free nights. They also offered the lowest number of points for a free room (around 25,000 points, which for a LA hotel not near the airport is low!) The hotel is a business hotel and has many of the amenities you would expect from a full service business hotel. The hotel is very clean, quiet, professional and has very nice view from the high floors we stayed on. The area is in a corporate area, I felt very safe and that I could walk around. The rooms were spacious and very comfortable. The hotel also offers complimentary shuttles to the burbank airport (Although I flew to LAX) CONS: Parking is an additional fee around $19/night I would definitely stay again at this hotel
  21. Yes! I have met maybe 7-8 people from the forum when I went to the finale taping in May HYE met one of the cast members or seen them live in person?
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