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  1. True-ish I guess I own 50% of my husband's possessions right? TNP has a Xbox
  2. I wouldn't mind writing a review of my hotels I have stayed in (granted it only been 2 LOL) and answer travel questions from an East Coaster - I fly in from NY for the tapings Let me know what I need to write/do Just to add, for the Proton Episode I had to be there by 4:30 and I got there at 4:10pm and I still got in with guaranteed tickets
  3. I think I am more upset that Allison Janney was nominated in the supporting actress category. I mean the show is named Mom and she is the Mom, so how is she supporting? LOL
  4. good news for us who are doing the challenge!! The first two episodes are on the same night!! We won't have to wait past the first night for the challenge :-D
  5. no lol TPBM takes their showers in the evening
  6. I prefer a pool but i still love going to the beach... I wish i was there now PBM has a busy weekend planned
  7. True TNP has a wedding to go to this summer
  8. Tensor or Tripper can this thread also be moved to Season 8 ETA: THANK YOU!
  9. Wouldn't Kaley be a "main" actress and Mayim be "supporting"? I guess i thought Jim, Johnny and Kaley would be the main actors and the others were supporting? Who decides this for the categories?
  10. you can do it! Just think after you watch the second new episode you will have 2 taping reports to read in one night! It will be like Christmas!
  11. AMAZING!! Here are some ideas for E - Erotically Caress nose F - Ferdinand T. Flag (from (Beta Test Episode), Finger Moustache (Pulled Groin Ep), Four year plan to marry sheldon, Fourteen! (Love Spell Ep) K - Kisses R - Research?
  12. They all look flawless, what an amazing photo!!!! i wish Raj and Amy switched spots tho Also it looks like they are at an observatory leaning at a wall, and why is Amy in a giant green chair LMAO, its an odd edit
  13. Wine Strawberry or Raspberry
  14. Bernie, is my favorite character!! They have been kind of boring slow this season, but the the way Simon and Melissa deliver their lines is just amazing. I would love for more "Howardettes" to appear on the forum :-D SHamy is my favorite couple but I would love to talk about Bernie as well
  15. Hahahhahahah omg everytime I see one of the Australian promos I LOVE it sooooo much!!
  16. Does anyone have a gif of the line in Gorilla Dissolution when Howard says, "well it must be nice to be queen?" or a gif set Thank you
  17. No worries! You didnt "break" any protocol or procedure. I just thought it was funny you picked a thread listed as going spoiler free about going to a taping (since its sort of an opposite). Just thought it was funny, not a bad thing I hope you get to go to a taping, its an amazing experience!!
  18. This is an odd thread to ask LOL but generally its not too bad. I have been to two tapings this year. Here is a blog about how to get tickets: http://www.thebigbangbuzz.com/2012/03/how-to-score-taping-tickets-to-big-bang.html The taping dates for next season have not been announced yet
  19. The show Jim is on (Michelangelo Signorile) is about LGBT issue/politics so that is why it is being brought up
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