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  1. Don't forget about the guys at the bar that sent drinks to Amy at the conference or Bert from the geology dept!! I don't know if Sheldon had ever found out about those instance but there was some interest in Amy
  2. Ugh I just listened to this show for an hour and a half and he just said that the interview with Jim was taped today and they will play it tomorrow
  3. I will try to record it, but no promises I am at work
  4. OMG I have never seen this either!! AHAHAHAAHHA I can't stop laughing. I would love for Jaime to take the audio from this and mix it with some Mayim/Amy audio/video like she does with tbbt clips. (*hint, hint* Jaime )
  5. I am intrigued by her change in words from its awesome and funny, to "confused" and its "not where the characters will end up" comment. Seeing that it sounds like the script was "finished late" jokingly at coachella, do you think there was an alternate ending or scene that was changed or edited?
  6. yes I will need moral support as well!! When the time comes around when the taping report will come out, we can set up maybe a few spoiler free chats, past episode discussions dates, a thread to support each other LOL I think the hardest part about going spoiler free for me ( I did for the Nov sweeps in Season 7) was losing all the conversations and analyzing on the spoiler threads, so if there is a group of us doing it together it will help out! I know there are a couple ppl from the spoiler free threat that is nervous of viewing this challenge thread because it says season 8 in the title and they don't want to read spoilers but i am sure when the season is over they will join us!
  7. Actually after the taping I said to my husband that there was so many scenes, I bet that one gets cut (it was really awkward). Then the promo photos came out and there was a photo of that scene so I thought it woudl be in it, but alas it was cut. Actually the first scene was cut down too because they gave her more hints trying to get her to guess May the 4th than what was shown. Thanks, no worries. I think its important to remember that reports are just summaries and when the episode airs it can change how you feel about an episode
  8. There are a few reports out for this episode and I think we all did our best to convey, not just the Shamy parts, but all the characters and the humor in the episode. If people choose to only focus on the shamy parts of the report, that is their choice but writing a report is very difficult and we do our best
  9. unfortunately true TNP wishes for a job where you they have nap pods so you can nap at work (like google has)
  10. oatmeal chocolate or strawberry milkshake?
  11. Yes HYE met a celebrity @tyleranne, i like your signature
  12. potatoes yum and tomatoes yuck pina coladas
  13. Yes that could be true, in the episode he was writing a letter to the faculty senate, so maybe it was approved for that reason. The funny thing is, if they are only approving it because they no longer want to see or be bothered by Sheldon, most faulty are 10 month. So they wouldn't see him in the summer anyway and I am sure he would be back by the end of summer for season 8 or Fall Semester LOL
  14. Not a dumb question, I was wondering that too!!!
  15. I am so glad Sheldon said the word "tonight" in the line you just lost sex tonight because I couldn't honestly remember if it was there after I wrote the taping report and I was afraid if it wasn't I would be chased out of the forum with torches and pitchforks LOL Great episode even though only 1 shamy scene! Did you guys hear my laughs and woos hahahah jk
  16. Yes but a sabbatical is different. Typically if a person can't get well in the 12 weeks they will probably look into a leave or disability . A sabbatical is typically approved by the university for a professor (usually tenure) who wants to study or research a new field. Not to "rest" or "rethink" his life. It has to benefit the university and seeing that Caltech rejected his idea to change his research they probably would not approve a sabbatical.
  17. Leonard says in the tag that he is took sabbatical. However in real life, for a mental breakdown, he would have probably taken FMLA but that doesn't sound as good on a show I guess LOL
  18. Not sure if this was posted but Mayim is set to be on a new comedy improv show "Riot" http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/news/a563315/steve-carell-big-bang-theorys-mayim-bialik-for-new-fox-series-riot.html#~oD3kwKw0xBsDd2 Steve Carell will appear as a celebrity guest on the upcoming comedy improvisation series Riot. Suburgatory star Cheryl Hines, Seinfeld's Jason Alexander and Big Bang Theoryactress Mayim Bialik have also been confirmed, reports TVLine. Riot will feature regular panelists joined each week by celebrity guest stars as they compete in a series of madcap improv-based challenges. The comedians and celebrities will have to face "unpredictable song, dance, and sketch challenges, often while navigating the show's trademark one-of-a-kind set, tilted at a 22 degree angle". Another round will take place in total darkness while the audience have infrared cameras to see the competitors stagger around. Australian comedian Rove McManus is scheduled to host, while regular participants include John Ross Bowie, Jessica McKenna, and Rob Gleeson. Riot airs on Fox, premiering May 13. Read more: http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/news/a563315/steve-carell-big-bang-theorys-mayim-bialik-for-new-fox-series-riot.html#~oD3kwKw0xBsDd2#ixzz30VTO2eoi Follow us: @digitalspy on Twitter | digitalspyuk on Facebook
  19. Its just for 2 episodes and I am hoping that the first two are the same day, like in Season 7. Let's do this!
  20. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA It never gets old!!!
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