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  1. Oops sorry, the post wasn't specifically meant to be at you, I just think the conversation on the last few post were funny about Sheldon and porn reminded me of this unaired pilot. And I think for (again not you) the posters that think Sheldon is being "ruined" by Amy because he was "suppose" to be asexual int he first seasons I was just mentioning that I think that was never the intention of the writers, but merely his love for science was just all he cared about.
  2. oh I guess it get embedded automatically I am still learning the boards as I am new I think this also shows that Sheldon was not thought to be asexual when developing his character
  3. This conversation reminds me of the unaired pilot of Big Bang LOL I don't know how to embed the video but if you haven't seen it :
  4. I am very excited for this episode!! Now I am even more excited! Thanks
  5. How about Rajucy, pronounced like Rah-Juicy That way more of his name is in there
  6. Damn! I dont think I have enough posts yet to join! Well here is number 2 This posts take forever to get approved
  7. HI! I am new here! i am excited to find a place to talk with other Shamy lovers! I am sort of in the closet about my Shamy obsession. I just started watching big bang theory this summer, so season 6 in my first "new" season ( I watched all the reruns on TBS over the summer) I decided to join in on the conversation when you started talking about a Shamy wedding I think we may see a Shamy wedding before Shamy sex because I feel Sheldon would want to get married first, so I hope it would not be in the series finale. i also would like to see the marriage and how they would adjust. (haha perhaps there would be Shamy spin off series) I am also hoping for a Sheldon initiated kiss this season. I just started watching I cant imagine waiting 2 season, I would go crazy!
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