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  1. I think it would be funny if the movie does finally get made and then she continues to get residual checks from it so that the movie gets randomly mentioned like once or twice a season from now until the end.
  2. What! Oh man you just crushed my heart Maria!! I really thought she was talking about Shamy. (Stupid film editors)
  3. Here are my predictions! I think again the first episode Sheldon will not be back. I think we may see some odd interactions with people/places that he has gone. We find out where he has gone and that he has been keeping up with his friends along the way. I think Some of the wedding details will have been figured out. Amy has been getting closer with the girls, maybe even Emily The second episode Sheldon will return. I agree with Secureij that Sheldon will have a more "mature" wardrobe (and a new one from now on) as I think the whole reason of him leaving without any clothes and him buying clothes on the road was to introduce a more mature clothing style. Since the other characters are getting one as well. I think Amy and Sheldon's reunion will be similar to Leonard's return after the Arctic, but maybe will end with Amy pushing him saying he's moving to fast and she has to figure things out now that he has left for so long and is back. Sheldon will have to do a little chasing of Amy this season. Sheldon will live alone for awhile when Leonard moves out. Mid season Amy moves in. Season 8 will end with coitus Sheldon will switch out of String theory, found a new grant, introduced to new field and maybe work with Amy now Lenny will move in together and struggle with the changes. Penny is too messy for him and he is used to living with Sheldon where all the rules were set and everything is in place. Leonard says "Sheldon did this and had it this way", which pisses Penny off. This causing Leonard to want to push the wedding back and have a long engagement to learn more adjusting to living with Penny...moving the wedding into Season 9 Howardette continues to take care of Howard's mom. Howardette is discussing the idea of starting a family. They are having trouble conceiving. Decided that its best just the two of them. After they stop trying, Bernie accidentally gets pregnant end of season 8/early season 9, Pregnant for season 9, babies season 10? Raj will continue to date around. He will apply for US Citizenship, is having trouble with application or his parents are upset.
  4. Probably Raj, however if David Underhill decides to grow up and not cheat on his wife anymore he would be a good catch
  5. The show is probably following the common belief in academia that you are underpaid by working at a University in regards to working in the private sector. I work at a large public research institution in NY which is state run and it pays higher than most smaller and private institutions, except perhaps ivys. Granted there are some positions that pay higher but generally you can expect to make lower salaries at a university. My grad assistants make about $4,000 a year and no longer include tuition assistance. Adjunct Professors can make about the same but anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 a semester per class. Postdocs can make about 25-40,000 a year, Research Scientist about 40-55,00/yr and professors $50,000 and up Looking at the physics department one of the professors at the school I work, who is working on important research including helped planning the compact muon solenoid detector of the Large Hadron Collider and took part in the search for the Higgs Boson makes about $70,000/yr, others can make lower perhaps around $50 and maybe the chair would make higher. While $50-70,000 is still a lot of money it is no where near some private sector like engineering where someone with only a BS can start at $60 or in Phamaceuticals can start $120-150,000 a year. So having a PhD making anywhere from 25-70 a year avg at a university vs $100k+ private company in the STEM fields can cause someone to feel "poor" for the amount of time and energy that goes into a PhD. Obviously the longer someone works at a university and the more accomplished they are and depending on what field they are in, can increase their salaries as we have some professor making $100-200,000/year (but on an average most do not make that that much)
  6. OMG! If I was at Target (my favorite store) and ran into Jim Parsons AND got a photo of us together...my life would pretty much be made
  7. IS the name Rhodes Elementary School?
  8. I love this one so much!! Seeing it again after seeing the finale makes me tear up...LOL Damn this ship!! But I love it so much!
  9. I agree, I was really thinking this applied to Raj, especially after seeing 7.23...but also because I thought it couldn't apply to Sheldon or Amy who have been alone most of their youth. But then thinking about it more, I realized being alone and experiencing loneliness is totally different. And Sheldon has never experienced loneliness, he has always though that he was so interesting all on his own (As he said at Howard's wedding, "may you find as much happiness with each other as I find on my own." I think that this trip will be about experiencing loneliness for Sheldon and the realization that he needs Amy and others in his life and he is more happy with them than alone.
  11. The beach is in Makena, but it starts with a P and its a secret! google those three things together!!
  12. Another line I forgot to add to the taping report. In the second scene when raj was bragging about sex with Emily, when sheldon is upset raj says something along the lines of "do you know what I do when I am upset, I have sex with with a girl, but that's just me" sheldon looks at him annoyed. I will add that to the report when I am home. I am on my flight now Maybe when I have more than 3 hours of sleep I will remember more, hahaha
  13. Here is what I can remember. I will fix errors tomorrow! I may be missing a scene. Scene 1 L/S Apartment Everyone is eating around the table, Leonard asks how Howards mom is doing. They say they lost her nurse again. Amy asks how many nurses have they lost, they say 2 nurses already. Raj comes in and Leonard and Penny embrace and says now that everyone is there they have exciting news. Penny shows them her ring and they all and so excited the girls run over to see the ring. Raj says, wow I thought the biggest news of the night was going to be that I had sex with Emily. Everyone (except Leonard and Penny) Get even more excited then Lenny’s announcement and they all hug Raj and jump up and down as a group. Leonard and Penny are like, uh what?!? Bernadette says you guys propose all the time, this never happens. They Pause. Penny says your right and they run over to raj all hugging and congratulating him. Scene 2 University Cafeteria Leonard, Howard and Raj are talking and eating. Raj mentions how he is extra hungry and he “wonders why.” Basically making references to how he has sex with Emily. Sheldon walks in looking very distraught. He slowly sits down. Leonard asks if he is ok and he says no. The University wont let him change his field from string theory. He says he was hired for that field as well as his grant is for string theory. President Seibert told him that sometimes in life you have to do something you don’t want to do, like how he has to look at Sheldon’s stupid face. Leonard say “That’s is rude to say….to your face.” Sheldon says he is so upset he is considering leaving the university. Howard says if he wants to he can take care of his mother. Scene 3 Ms. Wolowitz’s house Maria the nurse, storms out of the room and Howard and Bernadette are chasing after her. Maria says life is too short for her to take this job. And Bernie runs after saying even though Maria has only worked there for a week and a half she feels like family. The door slams. Bernadette tells Howard that she knows that by marrying his she also needs to accept half of the responsibility to take care of his mother. He says Thank you. She says therefore she wants a divorce. She smiles. They lean in and embrace a little and Bernie rubs Howards leg. Scene 4 Leonard is video chatting his mother. Leonard tells her he has exciting news and he wants her to be excited for him. She stops him and tells him no need to tell her, Sheldon already has. Leonard is obviously upset that she knows. He tells her he hates how she talks with Sheldon more than her. She asks him if he would like to talk with her more often and he has a reaction like he doesn’t want that. Leonard’s mom says that she has some reservation but Sheldon said nothing but good things about Penny and if she is good enough for Penny then she is good enough for her. Leonard says what about me, if she good enough for me? She says would you like me to say I approve of your choice. He says yes and she says “let talk about that, why you want my approval. Scene 5 Penny’s apartment Amy and Penny are drinking wine. Penny is on the phone with her mom telling her about the engagement. Penny says, no mom it’s the same guy I have been dating. I have been with him for 2 years. Yes he is the scientist. He works with Lasers and atomic magnets. (Amy rolls her eyes) No I am not pregnant. Yes I know that is a first for our family. She then tells her mom to tell her dad. After she hangs up Amy teases her about atomic magnets. Bernadette walks in and says she is sorry she is late but they lost another nurse. She asks Penny if she is sure she want to get married because you also het a mother in law when you are married. She says she thinks Beverly likes her. Bernadette says it doesn’t matter if she like you what matters is can she go to the bathroom by herself. She tells penny she needs wine and penny pours her a glass. Bernadette chugs the glass and asks for a second. Penny is talking about living arraignments and says that she will move in with Leonard or Leonard will move in with her. Amy says “that makes sense since you are not working” and Bernadette gets excited and say “You are not working, maybe you would like a job is home health care!” Penny says not happening. Bernie says I will pay you whatever you want. Penny looks interest. The scene flashes forward to Howard and Bernie sitting on the couch and penny walk about and says she is done and takes off her gloves. Bernadette makes a comment about how that didn’t last long. Scene 6 Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment Leonard and Sheldon are sitting at their laptops. Sheldon still upset about the university not letting him switch field. Sheldon says he is writing a letter of appeal to the faculty senate. He reads the letter aloud. He starts with “dear esteemed faculty” and then says he wants to switch his field and he will explain it to them later in word they will understand or with puppets. Leonard says he only likes the word esteemed, Sheldon said that was a personal joke and maybe he will take it out. Leonard then says he wants to talk to him about something important. He says that Penny and him were talking about living arraignments. Sheldon said that he has already thought about it and he has decided that Penny can live with them 1 day a week for a trial period except on the weeks she is cranky from shedding her uterus lining. Leonard says that they are going to live together but it will be just the two of them and not Sheldon. Sheldon says where will you live. Leonard says maybe he will move in with Penny or maybe penny can move in there and Sheldon can live across the hall. Sheldon freaks out and asks him if he is on marijuana or was hit on the head with a coconut. Leonard says he is doing it the right way because penny deserves this. Sheldon says it sounds like you are putting your bride to be over me. Leonard say “uh, YEA” Sheldon says “wow” and walks to his room. Scene 7 Amy’s apartment Sheldon is pacing and very angry at his day. Amy makes him a strawberry quick. Sheldon says she can’t expect a drink to calm him down. Then he drinks it and says yummy. Sheldon is upset about work and then says that he is upset at Leonard. Amy says maybe it is for the best, she points out things he doesn't like about that Leonard changed the thermostat. He says yes because its so hot like the Amazon and not the good Amazon with one day shipping. The she says how he hates that he has too many keys. Sheldon says yes does he think he is a warden. She says maybe it will be good for him to live alone. And if he doesn’t like living alone then she can always come and move in with him. Sheldon gets upset and sarcastically says, “sure, lets get engaged too, and start a family and live our sunset years together” Amy sounded upset and told him it was only a suggestion. Sheldon says no you are not moving in and leonard is not moving out. Sheldon says he is also upset she made his quick with syrup instead of powder. He grabs his bag and storms out. Scene 8 Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment Leonard is bringing Penny chili and salad. Penny is so excited that Leonard is cooking for her, for once. Leonard says he has to more often since her cooking is yuck. Leonard seems so over the moon. He is so excited. He mentions that they should start to pick a wedding date. Penny said she wants it to coincide with her brothers schedule, so in 12-18months depending on good behavior. Just the Amy walks in looking for Sheldon. Leonard says he though Sheldon was with her. She said he was but he was upset and left. They tell he maybe he just needs to cool off. So Amy pulls up next to Penny and starts a conversation. They explain they are trying to celebrate/enjoy dinner as a newly wed. Amy mentions her concern for Sheldon and Leonard says maybe he wants to be alone. People like to be alone. Implying that they want to be alone. Penny turns to Amy and say “Amy, get out” and Amy say “yep” understanding they want to be alone and leave. Scene 9 Comic Book Store Sheldon walks into the comic book store and it is all damaged from a fire and from water from the fire trucks. Sheldon asks him what happened and he explains he was cooking and a hot plate caught on fire. Sheldon asked why he didn’t put it out and he says he was across the street taking a shower at the car wash. Sheldon asks when he will reopen and Stuart says he is waiting to hear from his insurance company. Sheldon says, so tomorrow? Stuart says I don’t mean to be rude but my life is falling apart here. Sheldon says, your life is falling about, I am being forced to work on string theory, my girlfriend loves me so much she wants to live with me and now my favorite place is closed. Sheldon says that is unacceptable and is going to help Stuart get back on his feet and offers to buy a comic book. Stuart tells him $2.99 and Sheldon offers him a dollar since its wet. Sheldon then asks Stuart if he can break a $20. Stuart sarcastically says sorry I only have $100s. Sheldon gets upset that he is being sarcastic and leaves. Scene 10 L/S Apartment Penny and Leonard are sitting on the couch watching tv. Leonard gets up and says he is worried Sheldon is not home yet and is going to check the tracking on his home. Penny says why do you have that and Leonard says he has tracked him since he followed a balloon and got lost. Leonard says that he is at the train station and thinks its weird. Penny says why it is weird he loves trains. Leonard wants to go check on him. Penny says to Leonard, you are a really caring friend. Leonard say yea but mostly his mom would kill him if anything happened to Sheldon. Scene 11 Comic book store Howard and Raj walk in and they are in shock. Howard says to Stuart that he doesn’t want to be mean but did he do this for the insurance money. Stuart says now he sounds like the police, the firefighters, his parents, his therapist and the insurance company and no he didn’t. Raj says if he needs anything to let him know. He says actually he needs a place to stay. Raj said I was planning on having Emily sleep over again but he will cancel for Stuart. Stuart interrupts and congratulates him for having sex. Raj says he cant take all the credit, she allowed him to. Student says he can ask him to cancel he is only homeless but Raj is having sex and that’s a bigger deal. Howard says he has an idea where he can have a place to sleep and make some money. He warns him that it will be humiliating and degrading (meaning working with Howards mom) and Stuarts says what’s the catch? Scene 12 Train station Sheldon is sitting at the station, Leonard and Penny approach. Leonard asks why is he there and why he is leaving. Sheldon says he need time to sort things out. Leonard says not to leave he doesn’t even have a change of clothes or a toothbrush. Leonard tries to convince him to stay. Leonard says he is going to be like a hobo riding the rails around. Sheldon says he wont be like a hobo because he has a credit card and refusing to eat beans from a can or carry his laptop in a bag on a stick. Penny pulls Leonard away and says you should let him go, I think he needs this. He is a grown man and can make his own choices. Leonard says he looks like a grown man but sometimes children can get mistaken for adults. (not the exact phrase) Penny says to let him go. Sheldon makes a comment to let them know he hears every word they are saying. Leonard agrees to let him go. They tell him to stay safe and check in often. Penny kisses Sheldon on the cheek and then rubs it (like wiping off her lip gloss) and they leave him there. Scene 13 Ms. Wolowitz House Howard and Bernie are watching TV and Stuart comes in and says they can go home, everything is taken care of. They are in shock and Stuart thanks them for a “dream” job and he is having a good time. Ms. Wolowitz yells “Stewie, come watch wheel of fortune with me” Student says “Coming Debbie” and he says she asked him to call her Debbie. He then dances happily to her room. Howard and Bernie looked grossed out and said that its unnatural but they are excited they can leave and run out. Scene 14 L/S Apartment Amy is pacing and on the phone with Sheldon. She tells Sheldon that she is thankful he checked in and glad he is doing ok. She hangs up the phone. Leonard and Penny ask how he doing and she says surprising he sounds really well. Penny said I think this is for the best. Amy then turns to Leonard and cries out (very sad voice)“why did you let him leave” while hitting Leonard with a pillow. End
  14. We are going to try. Moyra is meeting us for lunch soon...so, more shamys in LA!! Also funny story, when the hostess sat us down she asked us if we were there for a reunion (because we were hugging and so excited to see each other) and we all looked and each other and was like, "no we all just met, like just now" ahahahah the hostess gave us the most shocked look LOL
  15. No and No Its also nicknamed the secret beach
  16. Just wanted to say that LA may explode of Shamy goodness!! MJisthebomb, dana1010, Kazzie and I are at the Cheesecake Factory in Passadena!!!!
  17. I am at the airport now to head to LA for the finale!! So exciting yaaaaaaayyyy
  18. Umm if she is sneaking in, I will be sneaking in too LOL
  19. I am sorry for your loss Cassidy. Wishing you and your family peace and comfort in this difficult time.
  20. I hope you are joking? lol otherwise we may have to buy you that book they got for Shledon lol BUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
  21. It's starting at 5:30pm instead of 6:30pm. I don't know if it will finish early though.
  22. Irene was so kind to tape it for us off her PVR!!
  23. I think he is interested but as he told penny, all his life he has had a problem with people and physical contact but he is working on it
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