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  1. Does anybody else wish they had brought up Pi day? I know they filmed it weeks in advance, but if they knew when they were SHOWING it...that could have been golden. For example, if Sheldon insisted that their party be Pi themes, with nothing but pie being served. I don't know about you guys, but I think that would have been hysterical.
  2. I feel like bringing in the sweeter side of the group was a really important moment. This show makes me laugh until I cry, but I love that they've given them such a human moment. And I know the episode wasn't really ABOUT them, but Leonard and Penny took a huge step today. They threw a party together. And coming back from Bernadette and Howard's dinner, they both automatically went to her apartment. Ok, I know it's probably not a big deal, I just found it so advanced for their relationship. And I LOVED it. It is serious progress and I think this advancement will start manifesting in other
  3. "I read an article about Japanese scientists who inserted DNA from luminous jelly fish into other animals and I thought 'hey! Fish night lights!'" "Fish night lights?" "It's a billion dollar idea!! SHHH!" ..... "That's just the beginning. I also have an idea for a bulk mail order feminine hygiene company. OHHHH glow in the dark tampons! Leonard, we're going to be RICH." ... "Honey, why'd you get a loom? "Well, I was working with luminous fish and I thought...hey...loom... The Luminous Fish Effect. My FAVORITE episode. <3
  4. Time to watch the new Big Bang Theory episode! Oh wait.

  5. Which blog?!?! I think it's one I need to start following....
  6. So I've been reading this on fanfiction.net before I even joined this website, and I've reviewed almost every chapter on there haha but I feel the need to now post HERE just how much I LOVE this story. It is one of my favorite Shamy fics and I also shriek with joy every time I see an update!
  7. My idol <3 An actress AND scientist. on TOP of being a mother. So talented, so smart and so dedicated. I LOVE YOU MAYIM!
  8. So.....um.......you're my HERO. THANK YOU.
  9. Well the worm has turned.

  10. Lorre's vanity card for this episode was so touching. He talks about how he felt something so innately human about the final scene, the action of holding someone's hand conveying emotions, the need for support, the act of relying on one another. He says he had to stifle tear while writing it. He then went on to make me cry by ending it with "I hope you've laughed a lot and stifled a little. I hope you're holding someone's hand. See you next season." I love those vanity cards.
  11. I personally don't agree with the claims made about Sheldon's slow development. It IS slow, but I would be highly skeptical if it were any other way. He has been been forced to change or compromise his desires. When Leonard first moved in with him in the flashback episode he was even stranger, yet now we see him as more cheerful, used to his particular brand of social interaction and more accepting of social paradigms. However, that was a gradual shift over time that came with simply being exposed. Amy is a different situation. She wants things he would originally have been unwilling to gi
  12. I think Amy's distance from her family in the show is a really interesting contrast to Sheldon. He's so reliant on his mother and often talks about his twin, yet Amy is so independent. It shows Sheldon's child-like attitude and how he's really still just a kid because he's never HAD to grow up. Amy, on the other hand, is not SOCIALIZED but she's extremely independent. I kinda like it! Especially now that Sheldon is starting to rely on Amy more and more... SHAMY <3
  13. Jim Parsons is the funniest, most honest and talented actor I have ever seen on a screen or on stage. I would try to start an international Jim Parsons day but...every day is Jim Parsons day for me. So. That's just futile.
  14. I personally love Penny. I know a lot of people think her character is shallow or extremely anti-feminist in nature due to her being some sort of "sex symbol" for the guys, and while she may be, considering their exposure, she is so much more than that. I think her reluctance for commitment is an important character trait that emphasizes her independence and her need to be sure, as well as her growing maturity. In the past she has been so tied up with guys, the first episode talking about her ex who she loved and was with for a long time etc., however now she's realizing the need to take care
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