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  1. I'm loath to call myself a "fair weather fan" of this show but it's true. The reason I started watching the show in the first place was Sheldon and Amy's relationship. I gave up on the show after last season's finale because it broke my heart, and only kept up with spoilers from a distance. I haven't really been interested in the show at all lately, but on a whim I checked the tag on Tumblr and THIS HAPPENS AND I THREW MY PHONE ACROSS THE ROOM AND SILENTLY SCREAMED. 
    That's why I'm back. I run a musical theatre fandom and am very busy in college but WHEN MY OTP GETS BACK TOGETHER NOTHING ELSE MATTERS

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  2. I'm in shock that Sheldon was apparently ready to consummate on that night as he called the make out session foreplay when he talked about it with Lenny. We should probably talk about that more. Like, what even happened on that PG-rated sleepover that he went from "you can stay for the night if we keep this chaste" to "been with this goddess for five years and about to give her my virginity and take hers hbu"?

    I do think he got the ring after the anniversary (as he said "I've been thinking a lot about our relationship"). This boy, honestly. Amy tells him she wants more and he goes for the wedding bells. Commitment champion.



  3. Currently imagining Penny flip out to the extreme when she finds out about a Shamy engagement (before or after). LOL.


    Like her reaction to Sheldon saying he "hasn't ruled it out" but multiplied by like 9000

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