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  1. I haven't watched a single episode this season due to college, but I was lucky enough to find the time to locate a TV and tune in for this one. And my god, my babies are growing up so FAST. What a lucky Shamy I am. I cried. This episode was perfect. 12/10.
  3. I'm so glad everyone is getting paid now. We can finally get taping reports. This season, I expect Shamy to make more progress. Not sure how, since the season finale made me hate Sheldon so much I still have my Sheldon bobblehead in the corner of my bedroom in "time out" Now I know what I want this season.
  4. Happy for Lenny and Ramily. Howardette was adorable. No Shamy makes me sad.
  5. Favorite episode in a while. Great all around, Sheldon was lovely in this episode! And Bob Newhart should totes come back as Obi-Wan in the future to advise Sheldon how to deal with his feelings for Amy.
  6. Amy looked hella adorable in that outfit in the tag. Just saying.
  7. I'm bitter about Sheldon (due to future events) but otherwise this was alright. The Raj/Howard part was funny, but the rest was just complaining Sheldon and complaining Penny. A very complainy episode, if you ask me. Emily and Amy in the tag were what saved it for me. Amy is my favorite, and I really like Emily. (Amy in the tag was actually the best bit. She looked hella adorable in that outfit.)
  8. For me this season ends with Proton and Lenny's engagement. Or even better, I'll reset the relationship to the last point it worked out.
  9. Next season Amy should try dating Bert the Rock Guy or someone to make Sheldon suffer. This episode hurts and I haven't even seen it.
  10. Guys in drag make the world go around. I say we have an episode where Amy is helping Sheldon clean his room or something and she finds the maid outfit and he has to explain!
  11. go to your settings... if you have over 200 posts (which you do) you can change it to whatever you wish
  12. Wait, is there any news about the finale? WHAT SCRIPT COVER
  13. I've been wanting one for a very, very long time.
  14. Unrelated... but I FINALLY HAVE A MEMBER TITLE.
  15. The finale is all but guaranteed to be Shamy-centric. (Unless TPTB decide that Rajmily is more interesting. Or Mrs. Wolowitz dies.)
  16. The finale is all but guaranteed to be Shamy-centric. Unless they decide Rajmily is more interesting, or if Mrs. Wolowitz dies or something.
  17. This can only mean one thing: THE SEAON FINALE IS ALL ABOUT THE SHAMY.
  18. What time is the taping report usually up by?
  19. I also want Shamy to kiss in front of the gang. I want to see Penny have a freakout.
  20. it's not like coitus is happening this season... give it a half-season or so.
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