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  1. Thank you so much for the report Kaz! :)  Hope you get well soon. :) 


    As for the exciting discussion, I think we should wait until the real episode to have a better conclusion about Lenny's friendship towards Amy. But there are two things I can totally conclude now: Sheldon sucks and the writers suck! :D Amy has to suffer so much. Hopefully they will do a good job next season. 


    As for the Amy victim, as long as the writers don't treat Amy as a character, she will suffer again. I guarantee it. Poor my baby. Again: I blame the producers and writers. 

  2. Some news: http://www.fashionnstyle.com/articles/7719/20130605/the-big-bang-theory-season-7-spoilers-sheldon-amy-go-all-way-season-6-finale-hints-raj-getting-new-girlfriend-leonard-penny-more-serious.htm


    "The hit CBS show "Big Bang Theory" season 6 is over, but some hints from the finale falls over to what can happen with Sheldon and Amy, Raj, and Leonard and Penny in season 7.


    Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler
    Sheldon [Jim Parsons] and Amy [Mayim Bialik] have come a long way together.
    TV Fanatic gave them the title of "Best Relationship Growth," topping Penny and Leonard's relationship stabilization.
    "From putting Vaporub on Amy when she was sick, to Sheldon's honest response to Penny's sex question, and then Sheldon and Amy's D&D virtual intimacy, Sheldon has grown immensely. Will they ever get physical? Perhaps, but these baby steps in that direction work with the character and provide humor," TV Fanatic explained.
    That's definitely something fans are looking forward to in season 7."
    Me: Who wouldn't?  :icon_cheesygrin:
  3. Alright guys.


    To keep us all busy I've come up with an idea for a fic/fanart/gif/etc challenge, The Shamy Bingo. It's like a bingo card, only with Shamy-related prompts, and you can choose to fill only one line like you can choose to complete the whole card.

    Each prompt must be used in a different fic/fanart/gifset, like, you can't use two prompts for one same work, and the lines can be either vertical or horizontal or diagonal.

    Those are pretty much the only rules. Wait no, there is a third rule that is "have fun."


    Here is the card:




    I hope you guys are interested enough to participate. If not it'll just be me being awkward again. :3


    I love to join this, but, to be frank, I don't know how. Could somebody please spell it out for me? 

    Thanks a lot!!!

  4. The very first thing I do every morning is grasping my kindle and seeking for some bones.

    Ok, today I've got quite a big bone after days of starving. 


    Yay!!!!!!!! Nom nom nom!!!


    Love Simon in the interview. He's such a big Shamy fan!!! 

    A, one more thing, I can even imagine Jim's and Mayim's face when he turned to her talking about the one with sex and her reply. Hehe. 




    Oh boy!!!! I set my signature based on Anjel's avatar!!!

    Look at mine now!!!!


    I didn't even need to do anything. :D

  5. Since this thread has been really quiet, thought I would give it a boost.


    Name five reasons why Shamy make sense.   Give five quirks, five commonalities, five moments they shared or whatever to help state your reasons for Shamy making sense.   I love this couple and I know all of you do too so this should be fun to see what makes everyone love them so much.


    Let me see...


    Five reasons why Shamy make sense:

    • They were chosen by science.
    • They have the same level of intelligence
    • They are both the first and the best boyfriend/girlfriend of each other.
    • They make the other feel love.
    • They are played by Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik.


    Five quirks: I don't understand this.


    Five commonalities: 

    • They've never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before.
    • They thought coitus and physical contact should be off the table.
    • They have deals with their mothers.
    • They were laughed at in school.
    • They love cats.


    Five moments they share: 

    • They tried to make the Nobel-winner lose face.
    • They have lunch in Amy's lab.
    • They went to the zoo.
    • He bathed her.
    • They argued about Physics and Biology.
  6. Hai, I haven't seen you around here in ages! How have you been!? :)


    Your Highness, thank you for your asking. :D

    I'm still around here, checking this forum several times per day, waiting for some thrown bones. 

    I haven't been so active since I am trying to concentrate on my study. 

    Hopefully I could be a new Me when the show comes back.  :icon_cheesygrin:


    By the bye, remember to take care of the national treasury and my gold in my absence. 


    Ran across this old article from ET:


    Sparks Fly on 'The Big Bang Theory' with Mayim Bialik & Jim Parsons
    October 07, 2010

    Is Jim Parsons' "Big Bang Theory" romance with Mayim Bialik going nuclear? The former "Blossom" star makes another guest appearance on the hit CBS show, and we have a sneak peek!

    Although the onscreen pair of Sheldon and Amy initially seemed like an online match made by the Manhattan Project, professional jealousy may force the couple to have a Three Mile Island meltdown.


    Still, the pairing has ignited a ratings boom for the CBS show, now No. 1 in its new time period on Thursday nights.


    Watch ET tonight for a retrospective on Mayim's career, from 'Beaches' to "Blossom," then don't miss her hilarious performance on tonight's episode of "The Big Bang Theory"!



    Even back in Season 4 it seems that the industry and fans recognized Shamy were skyrocketing the shows ratings.   I love it!



    Love this so much! Thank you my dear Star!!!

    And With Shamy and Majim's photosets around tumblr today, which is cool, I can't help missing them again. :(


    To Monique: You rock!!!!  :wub:  :wub:

  8. Simon is really great!!! He had tons of good scenes in the season but he picked the Shamy's scene. 


    Ok, where is his Emmy? 



    [ I always think that Majim will chose the D&D scene, surprisingly they both enjoyed the spanking so much. Perhaps because the scene was too fun and too surprised to act.] 

  9. It's not I want to join the debate or so, I just want to add this: Majim used to say in her blog that whenever she mentions JIm or posts Jim's photo on her blog, she always asks for his permission first. 


    So, sit back, relax and enjoy her blog about Jim. :D

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