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  1. Haha Koops. :D Do you know that they are filming that fanfic too? :D
  2. I'm reading The Montserrat Resurgence. I've never read a Shamy's fanfic b4. It's very interesting and has some nice twists in there. But I can only read it as a parallel BBT story since almost everyone is in character, except for Amy. To be frank, Amy is just like a child. She thinks she would be brave regarding intercourse with Sheldon, actually she isn't. She can actively do some baby steps but she will freak out when it comes to coitus. I cannot imagine Amy in TMR. However, I still enjoy the fanfic very much. [That's why I didn't read Shamy fanfic. I think it's really really hard to write them in characters. ] ETA: I don't think Amy is expecting coitus with Sheldon that bad. I think she only wants them to have more connecting things like hand holding, hugging ... more touching.
  3. Star: I have to say your photo drives me crazy. How can he be so adorable? That's why many women around couldn't keep their hands out of him, except for Mayim. [And, i think that's why he is so handsy to her. ;] Can't believe he's way older than me but I think of him like a baby!!!
  4. Yep, I hope so, too tmp. ^^ I love to see Mayim happy!
  5. Thanks for the interview!! :D Poor Mayim. She didn't have a chance to meet Bob,
  6. I choose Amy because: - I suppose she knows all about the emergency first aid. (She is neurobiologist) - She may help me to calm down due to her neurobiological knowledge like hypnotize etc... - She is so patient and cares for friends' feeling. Forget all of these above. I choose her because even Sheldon made her his EC. You can argue with me, but you possibly can't argue with him. :D
  7. I think the whole episode is amazing. The boys and girls are playing together. Raj is getting well with Lucy, so is their chemistry. Simon shines. Penny helps Shamy. And of course, the shamy itself. Now I know why they said small things but intimate. But, I wanna correct them, the things are not small at all. They are unexpectingly big!!! I gotta go to bed now, otherwise I would mumble the whole night and spam this thread until I was banned. :D
  8. I've read the tapping report over and over and over ... I can really see they clearly in there. I can really feel the emotion. Sorry if I repeat myself. This is so sweet and gentle that I will definitely cry when the ep airs. Those happy tears are ready. Just re-watched 1x1 Sheldon was so cute in it. Amy, you lucky girl!!!!! Sheldon, you lucky boy. You have the best girl friend ever!!! Theirs is absolutely the most beautiful fictional love I've ever known. <3 <3 <3
  9. Thank you MJ. You are so lucky!!!! By the way, please don't mind if you are asked this too much: Is there anything special BTS?
  10. I am a big fan of the Shamy's Before and Now gif sets. love them like Sheldon loves his spot :D
  11. 1. In term of their relationship: any physical contact initiated by Sheldon: hand holding, kissing, hugging. In term of emotion: I hope Sheldon will say something like this to Amy: I used to think that I would live perfectly by myself for the rest of my life, but I doubt that now. 2. Yep, they will have their own house/apartment. Yep, they will have their own kids. Why? Because Shamy's F1s are the ultimate resource of imagination. 3. Yep, it will work. A. It's not her plan, it's the writers' plan. :D B. My ideal scenario of the series finale is: Howard gets his PhD Lenny chase their kids around. Raj is atop his white elephant with a seat warmer. ) and Of course, Shamy's wedding. [if Sheldon gets the Nobel prize too, it must be better:D] 4. I have no idea. I'll go with the bold presumption,this season finale!!! 5. It will take place in the university. The cards are in Klingon. They will state something like: "The perfect combination of Physics and Biology"... Steve Hawking will preside the wedding. They (Shamy) will dance their quirky dance. Then they change to Star Trek costume. All the characters will gather, showing the Spock sign, and say to the audience: "Live long and prosper!" [The end!]
  12. Agree with you koops. But what I tried to point out here is the difference between Amy in the past and the current Amy. So, I'm looking forward to Sheldon in the future, in comparison to the current Sheldon, regarding coitus.
  13. Just rewatched 4x5 She said: I find the notion of romantic love to be an unnecessary cultural construct that adds no value to human relationships. [Now, he said: I I find the concept of coitus ridiculous and off putting.] Faith in Shamy restored! ^^
  14. Man! I do enjoying reading all of your analyses. It's only a 20-min show and you guys have been studied like every second of it. I start thinking of creating a book on TBBT from all the discussions.
  15. Regarding the dinner time-line in the last ep: I just re-watched it. It's still ok. They showed Shamy scene first, then Lenny, and not going back to Shamy. So they didn't have to happen in the same time. I assume Shamy had tea time after Sheldon got back from school, at some time around noon. Then Amy and Penny went for shopping. Then Lenny had dinner. ^^
  16. Shamynatress: I don't know how he thinks about his lines, but right after the tapping [at Paley fest], he said they (Shamy) were getting more and more attached to each others. And she said: they saw each other as equals and it was really sweet. [i have no ideas how they get those.]
  17. Oh Hail! Oh Neil! [dunno who this is, though] Agreed Koops!!! Amy is for Mayim, since "I'm Amy"
  18. For those who have never watched this tapping vid before: :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCS3619pol4
  19. There is something that I can't get. Kripke does Rock climbing, why did he just behave like he had nothing to do with sport.
  20. You're welcome silver. In fact, i also came across another vid when Jim said he always enjoyed kissing her too. :D [i just don't want to bother the discussion with so many vids, so I didn't embed it] It seems that they can't wait to kiss as we can't wait to see too. ^^ Poor babies :D
  21. A little thing to re-watch: Mayim: "I like dancing with Jim Parsons, I like kissing Jim Parsons..." [she's so gorgeous.]
  22. This is a little bit oft topic but I really want to share with you guys: I was being really pissed off by my work today, about to go crazy. Then I rewatched the spanking talk and I got my smiles back. It's hard not to feel warm when seeing something sweet like that. Now, I cannot stop smiling :D
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