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  1. Nice scenario, and the first thing ever came to my mind is: "Robbing is against the law." Then he'll turn to Amy and say: "Give him your bag!" [i have no idea what he would do, but what he might say.] --- Then, maybe if the thug starts attacking Sheldon, Amy will step up angrily and threatening: "Don't you dare to touch my boyfriend, I'll get my monkeys poison you and I swear I'll slice your brain thinner than a salami." --- To be frank, I'll think if things get worse, he'll protect her. He used to save Leonard's life before.
  2. https://mediahint.com/install_chrome.html I got it here, in case you still cannot proceed as Raz said.
  3. Koops: if you mean how to watch hulu: I suggest you download an extension called mediahint for Chrome. It works amazing. :D I watch the whole thing several times, though they are full of commercials )
  4. BazingaFan and Koops: I noticed the same thing too. Right in the first time Mayim joined their panel (Comic Con 2011) she already sat next to the EPs, then Jim. I don't think it's a coincidence. Thanks to that organization, we have all the beautiful off-screen moments of Majim. Another note: Chuck showed a lot of respect to Mayim, he used to call her Dr. Bialik after she joined the show for a while.
  5. After considering around, I think the way Sheldon treated Amy and the things he said to her in the last episode does mean something, other than comedy purpose. Hear is why: -He had been treating her so nice in previous eps. -He brought back the "holding hand" thing way back from 6x2 -Amy obviously appeared unhappy two times. There are 5 or 6 writers and 3 executive producers taking care of the script, so I don't think that Sheldon was suddenly "out of tune" in the Shamy relationship is unnoticed. It must speak for something: either -Sheldon is struggling with himself Or -The writers are struggling with the Shamy or with finding a mutual direction for them Or -That will lead to a kinda sorta break-up. I long for the last possibility, emotionally and logically. If it is number 2 then ...
  6. "Their children will be smart and beautiful!" [Not to mention you-know-what] *Their = MaJim's
  7. Thank you Monique. I think it's even worth travelling halfway around the world, literally, if I have enough money. :D I'll try to make it before S10 finale.
  8. I really love Amy's version. It's so deep, so touching and so beautiful. And the way she delivered it was both gentle and serious.
  9. I don't think the situation is that sad. It disappointed me a bit when the eps were lack of Shamy moments. But the show is still fine to me. There are many things else to watch, like the last episode, it was really touching. As for Sheldon's behaviors, I think the writers are trying to balance between keeping him in character and getting Shamy improve. Sometimes, it's not as balanced as we expected. Just give them more time, more eps. I can see that Amy has been frustrated now, as Mayim said. That's kind of cool. I'll wait and see what she and Sheldon do when she can't stand the child-Sheldon anymore. I think they lead us to that direction. I don't mind if she is mad at him and there is a short break-up. There will be more to watch then. I do believe in a romantic season finale for Shamy. I do believe they (the writers) won't let us down. Because, IMO, Chuck and Bill, not to mention other writers and MaJim, really adore the Shamy relationship. Who wouldn't, rite? Theirs is unique in the sitcom world. They will protect it and improve it, but in their own ways. Who would think of Sheldon holding Amy's hands, of Sheldon defending her honor, of Sheldon making her his EC, of Sheldon spanking her ...? They actually did make them on screen. So, I just believe, relax and enjoy the unpredictable things happening to them. ^^ [if I'm wrong, I'll go crazy after the season finale. :D Still have a lot of time] --- I rethink all the recent hints from the cast and I think a kinda break-up is a possibility. First, Mayim took the fifth, then she said Amy was frustrated. Jim said "there’s something about her[Amy] that he [sheldon] doesn’t want to be apart from.” Moreover, we haven't got anything big for them in comparison with the last seasons. And there would have been a break-up as early as in episode 1 if they chose the scene when Amy walked out of the restaurant. And there was something very different might happen in the Valentine episode which we had no clue. I suppose the intimacy is something Sheldon does to get Amy back after pissing her off. [Damn, I kind of believe my scenario now. ]
  10. I have been re-watching the spanking talk like 30 times already. Jim was boldly flirty there. Mayim was so shy that she couldn't say a word. Man!!! This is so opposite with the Comic con 2011 where Jim hardly finished the answer while Mayim was very fluently. Now, it was him who teased and teased. Oh Jim, you grow up so fast!!
  11. awwwwwwwwwwww!!!! I'm crazy!!!!! How can they be so sweet like that. He held her hands, they both looked at each other and she kissed him [he was looking forward to that, rite?]. They totally seem like a married couple to me. Too much!!!! T_T Too much that it can even reimburse for Shamy moments in the recent episodes. Thank you guys a lot!!!
  12. A little break with video again. [if you mind, let me know.] Today I'd love to share the interview with Jim Parson about season 3 finale when he mentioned Mayim as Sweet Blossom. I don't know about you guys, but I had to dig through 100 google pages yet found it. >.< I watched some gif before but I insist on watching the whole vid. So, for anyone like me, enjoy!! :D
  13. I have no local theater to go. So I am counting on your reports. Thank you in advance and have a good time!!!!! :D
  14. Yep, he is a candy. :D But the way he looks at Majim is more intimate and a little bit flirty.
  15. silverangeID: I think you mentioned almost everything. I have nothing to add but to share. -As for the cafeteria scene, it is one of my favorite "eye-coitus" scenes of Shamy. Together with their smiles, they are so sweet, so so sweet. And it reminds me of the way Mayim and Jim look at each other in real life. So touching. Sheldon looks a little bit shy there. -As for the cuddle scene: What a coincidence, I lately watched a set of Sheldon's hugging gifs including the Xmas present and the Valentine with Penny, the gift giving with Wilton, and the consoling cuddle with Amy, with a great caption like this: Look at the below gif (the one with Amy), she doesn't need to give him any thing, she's just being upset. [And he turns into a snuggle bunny! Yay!!! ] [Danger! Danger! I'm so in love with them that I am kinda going crazy now! T_T]
  16. Seeing Jim and Matt in a movie. Wow!!! I cannot handle it!!! If there is Neil too then the world would be explode.
  17. Wow, the fact that it was from the end Season 2 just makes it more awesome!!! Thank you koops! Yep, it totally sounds Amy!!! When he first talked about the good chemistry between Sheldon/Penny and Jim/Kaley, I just talked to myself like: "You would get another one later sweetie, which is even greater." [Penny's fan, please don't mind. ^^]
  18. Hey guys, I'd love to share the vid of Jim talking about a potential lady in Sheldon's life, in season 3 . [Yep I'm a grave-digger, I've just watched it minutes ago.] He had been waiting for a romance, and as he wished, he has a beautiful one now. [ I don't know how to embed T_T, please help me on this] [fixed, it's automatically embeded, yay!]
  19. Koops: I agree with you that they didn't show much on her side, (that's why I had to ask ) Hopefully, when I rewatch someday, I can pinpoint it. :D BTW, I love your idea that Amy is the first friend Sheldon made on his own. And he has done so well, hasn't he? Maybe he had upgraded his Friendship Algorithm and started the Love Algorithm. silverange ID: Yep, it was definitely strong with Sheldon. He has been SO in love. I know Amy really wanted to kiss him, but her feeling was not as strong as his, IMO.
  20. Thank you for all of your answers. I'm out of town today so I could not reply soon. ^^ Sorry that I didn't make it clear. I meant when Amy first showed her feelings for Sheldon, which could not be mis-interpreted into something else. To be frank, I could interpret quite a few of her actions as she had never had a boy-friend before so she was trying to get one ("by all means"). I knew her feelings was there, I could sense it all the time but I hadn't found any crystal clear evidence of her feelings until the 5x14, when she dressed in a black outfit while holding a giant pretzel. Man! To be frank, again, it looked so stupid. It was just a short scene but I was really impressed. She was willing to any thing to support him. That's amazing. And another concrete proof is the Valentine ep. Her tears spoke for hers. [And Sheldon's gift spoke for his.] Such a beautiful scene! Back to my question, I just wonder if I missed any clear proof, which was as strong as Sheldon's cats, from Amy's side long before they officially became a couple. Herb Garden and even their drunk kiss don't seem so strong to me. [i'm not an easy audience. ]
  21. I have a small question. I know when Sheldon had feelings for Amy (the 25 cats, of course) but can any one tell me when Amy showed her feelings for him? ^^
  22. Wow, what a hilarious episode!!! Everything is so funny. I laughed so hard. And, damn, the writers are teasing us with Shamy again.
  23. My conclusions are a little bit different: 1. I don't think when Sheldon mentioned about Amy's breast, he felt something special about her breasts. Sheldon is not a fan of physical contact, but he is not that innocent. He used to encourage Leonard to prostitute himself [Leonard] for the sake of his [sheldon] work before. I don't say he was using Amy, but, if that was something Leonard could do with his girl-friend, so could he. Fair enough. 2. Regarding the "coitus" comment, I think it's fine. One can have confict ideas in their mind. Sheldon is at the crossroad of "Coitus, Yes or No". He used to think it "out of the table", but now he thinks it is a "possiblity". He is not so clear at ths matter NOW. He may step forward, he may step back. We need to give him more time to discover his true feelings and show them. 3. After the episodes of the Valentine gift giving and the spanking, some people said the Shamy relationship was accelerating drammatically and this show was becoming Friend 2.0 bla bla bla. I think these are why the writers have to slow everything between them down, [so down]. They just feed us with some small special moments to keep Sheldon in character and to keep the Shamy working. I like their carefulness but they are too careful. I'm not looking foward to something huge like kissing, hugging, let alone haivng coitus...but please, at least feed me with something obvious like them working together, playing games together, drinking together (yeah, this one is huge ) To be frank, I love them working together more than everything. 4. Why U No have Amy-centered ep? It's so unfair for Amy/Majim. She even had more scenes in S4 & S5.
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