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  1. Wow. Building a replica was more timely than emptying the apartment set. There's now a duplicate floating around the halls of WB
  2. Ship Zone

    Off screen Shamy is my favorite. Votes for this!!
  3. Yes, don't shoot the messenger. I hate it when this happens. Thank you for sharing. You could be sleeping instead.
  4. Ship Zone

    I'm glad that you confess that you're just killing time til Wednesday. lol
  5. Anything is possible. Get there early (8/9) and have the best time in line.
  6. Actor

    Kunal is going to be on Conan and Ellen next Thursday 4/13.
  7. Ship Zone

    Sheldon met her grandparents!!
  8. Ship Zone

    I watched that last week and was thinking the same thing.
  9. Actor

    It's more of a bite of the thumb.
  11. Not really. After 7 years fully on the show, they have jumped the hoop in order to request parity.
  12. This is an interesting result to compare to the BBT negotiations. Happy that our results didn't come to this............
  13. Ship Zone

    Yes. Live in the moment!!!
  14. It ties in with the LEGO Batman Movie coming out soon. It's a WB movie.
  15. Ship Zone

    IDK. Did you draw a picture of these thoughts?