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  1. Jim's production spot is next to Johnny's if the third photo "That's Wonderful Productions"
  2. @BigBangEnthusiastThere's a list a places at the beginning of this thread.
  3. AU took BBT off the schedule list. Something is going on and they're making it harder to expect release. We need more inspectors to crack the pattern. Good luck to everyone trying!
  4. Those Australians know how to make a promo!
  5. Heads up!! AU changed their format this weekend. If you're looking for tickets today, I would go practice.
  6. This is why America is in the state we're in. #readingisfundamental.
  7. Wow. Building a replica was more timely than emptying the apartment set. There's now a duplicate floating around the halls of WB
  8. Off screen Shamy is my favorite. Votes for this!!
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