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  1. Wow hello guys it's been a while... How r u? I hadn't watch the last 5 episodes so I watched them today.wow penny proposed!for a good comedy drama is necessary but I'm sure that Lenny will have no problems.don't worry
  2. buddy i have to say we have a lot in common
  3. put a picture of yourself here and they all gonna stop! just kidding
  4. i have to add that people look better in TV! of course kaley is so hot but not as we see her in the show! Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  5. raj was wrong!penny told him that she f**ked up by breaking up with leonard ! and i think he knew what he was doing as he knew exactly what happened between them with details! so being drunk is not a good excuse for doing that!!and after all i myself don't like date someone who my friend used to date with! it's not cool! in season 2 leonard kind of did this mistake too when he stole that dr from howard!but that seemed more innocent to me! Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  6. omg!! LoL i didn't get it because that time i was watching the serie with subtitle and that subtitle was crap!! so they didn't have sex!! Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  7. guys i have a question i wanted to ask years ago ! what exactly happen between raj and penny ?when raj was explaining i didn't get his point! Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  8. i really want priya back! penny's reaction should be exciting! Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  9. you made a good point but i'm confused , i remember she said that she dated kurt for 4 years so i think she moved to LA longtime ago but she was living with kurt and after her breakup with kurt she moved to 4B.i'm not sure i'm just saying.
  10. exactly too add what you've said we should consider that penny was about 21 when she met guys , it's not easy to forget 21 years , she might have a best friend those times.... it would be so odd if there were no sign of her old friends in her life!! and i think penny hanging out with her old friends has nothing to do with her growth . Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  11. i cannot remember how big he was in season 6 exactly but I'm sure he wasn't like now i couldn't agree with u more to add what you've said these things are just for to make us laugh and nothing more ! but i just don't know, if he likes to have sex with her at work that much why he didn't ask her! he didn't need a book for it!
  12. that was a funny episode i enjoyed it .lol and it was implied that penny is still hanging with her old friends. stuart was the best. i think writers should write more stories for him did anyone notice that leonard is getting fat episode by episode? Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  13. i don't know phantagrae but i wish for him/her the bests . happy birthday Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  14. someone should put the taping report there !!LoL Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
  15. there is noting to worry about when we know what will happen in next episodes . Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk 4
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