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  1. You are being extremely rude and I am not going to continue having a conversation with you and being spoken to this way.
  2. Excuse me? End of story? Sorry I have an opinion on the subject..... He was having online sex with a woman that was NOT his girlfriend. Bernadette considered that cheating and I agree. I'm not saying Howard is a bad guy but she was hurt by him because he cheated on her sexually with another person.
  3. Bernadette considered it cheating.....so by her standards in her relationship with Howard it was cheating.
  4. Ehhh, had a feeling this would happen, lol. No big deal. They'll be back together by sweeps or the 200th? Its 200 right? I know it's an anniversary this year. Anyway it'll be fine. Sheldon will end up making some sort of gesture that will remind Amy exactly why she fell in love with him in the first place it's just a rough patch folks every relationship has them. Remember....life is a journey not the destination!
  5. It was cute....Sheldon was def leaning into Amy.
  6. I think honestly it's a mixture of his phobias as well as Mary's religious teachings. I mean he practically says so in the episode where he see's Mary having sex with a man. He flat out says he occupies the moral high ground AND says that her having sex with the man conflicts with everything she has espoused from the bible over the years. So in all fairness I think it's a mixture of both where Sheldon is concerned. It's his phobias (touch and cleanliness) and his mothers influence over his life.
  7. I want some scenes Amy and Sheldon and her Mom, finally, lol. Like I want to see him go to her Mom and ask for her blessing in marrying Amy
  8. I'm actually glad they are dealing with these.....final.....issue's, haha......before HE puts a ring on it, lol. I want them to be on the same page, ready for the same things before either of them commits to marriage. I adore them both but I honestly think they need to resolve these issues and get ALL their cards on the table FIRST. I don't want them to be planning their wedding or you know.....on their WAY TO BE WED and STILL having problems or issues between them coming up. I'm proud of Amy for taking a step back if that's what she feels she needs to do. This is the rest of her life that sh
  9. I'm okay with this. Actually, more then okay. I understand where both parties are coming from in the situation. It can't be easy for Amy to always be like, "Oh it's okay. I understand you so it doesn't matter that my feelings got hurt, again". I also understand where Sheldon is coming from. He's so used to Amy just understanding, he doesn't get why she would be upset. Their not broken up. The relationship agreement hasn't been terminated. Amy just needs time to think. There's nothing wrong with that. She has no idea that Sheldon had planned on proposing. Gollum is the only one who knows,
  10. I haven't read anybody else's thoughts yet so if I'm repeating, I apologize. I am just so proud of how Sheldon and Amy worked out their issues last night. Sheldon, dealing with the problem on his own. He didn't go to his friends and ask for advice on how to fix the situation. He figured it out how to fix the problem himself. (He really is growing up ) Then Amy....oh my sweet Amy. I was so proud of her for standing up for herself and her feelings.She stated plainly why she was upset and left it to Sheldon in this case to figure out the best solution to the problem they were having. I love how t
  11. Also I thought it was funny the way the writers made a POINT of having Sheldon say that he thinks of Penny as a sister or sometimes a mom to him, lol. I'm sure some people were just thrilled with that, lmao. Anyway, I thought all in all it was good. So proud of Amy for finally being in a place where she was comfortable enough for Sheldon and Penny do do the project and not worry. The whole thing worked out well IMO.
  12. hahaha, I hope everyone can stop worrying and being upset now It was sweet episode.
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