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  1. Hello Tripper, sorry for not replying to your kind post. I've been...away
  2. The Tenure Turbulance is the episode that aired before the taping of The Closure Alternative, which we were so lucky to attend. I can tell you now that it's very funny and yes, Penny looks unbelievably hot in that dress :-)
  3. ATTENTION EVERYONE! I am here to clear something important up! I made a terrible mistake in my review that has the forum buzzing. I said Sheldon closed the door on Amy and said "And I wish you were dead." My daughter reminded me that they reshot that scene so that instead, he said, "SUCKER!" I can't believe I forgot that!!! So please...go easy on Sheldon/the writers. He/they did not go with that line!
  4. Sorry - I believe he said that because he's peeved at Amy for proving her hypothesis. Of course he was being funny, not serious.
  5. Sorry to do this - I just posted a "NEWBIE" post but am not seeing it on here. Are posts reviewed before they hit the forum?
  6. Hello to all, and a Happy Wednesday! I am "Scullycat," new to the group. I'm the one who went to the taping last night, and I wrote up some notes about the episode as requested by Angela. I'm ready to post the piece but am not sure where I should post it. (Angela gave me instructions, but I'm apparently feeble-minded.) Can anyone help? Thanks so much :-)
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