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  1. Best episode of the season. Actually enjoyed it a lot.
  2. A nice, classic style of TBBT episode. It might not have been earth-shattering plotwise, but it was really nice just to see them all in character and interacting. The girls/guys episodes have always done well, and the groups have great chemistry. For me, the best thing from my point of view were that there some actual quotables from this episode. Funny lines that I enjoyed the delivery on, and can repeat to my own amusement later. And....I have to admit that I enjoyed Bernie being a bit of a bitch in this episode. I mean, I'm sorry, but I have to agree with her - what kind of lunatic goes
  3. Shamy and the neverending psychodrama of preteen sexual angst. I'm so over it. Just screw each other already and get on with it, and stop all this shirt rending and pearl clutching over sharing a bed and longing looks over your hot, wet, naked and vulnerable post-shower condition and just get it on like rabid weasels in heat. I loathe unnecessary angst like this. On the flip side, bet I know what's coming for Nov sweeps. Bow-chicka-bow-wow. PS. The show has made another leap with sexual connotations and toothbrushes. These writers are really weird about hygiene. PPS. Pen
  4. Preach it. Unbelievable how sloppily Raj's individual plot line has been handled. I agree with wow - this show gives him nothing to do and he should run, not walk, for the nearest exit. He's an actor and one of the original 5 characters that built this show, and he's always handled anything the show has thrown at him to the best of his ability. I know it's a lot of money and status to walk away from, but he's an actor and if he wants to actually get to act an interesting and fulfilling role, he should start looking elsewhere.
  5. Sure, but part of that is because they were WRITTEN that way. Even though it's a sitcom, part of its popularity has been because it struck a chord with people. I know NoGav and Tensor enjoy Penny and Leonard because in some ways their relationship reminds them of their own marriages. Or the guy who wrote a blog post about getting into the show over the scene where the boys are going to nerd out over assembling Penny's shelving unit, because that reminded him of himself and his friends. Or the myriad people who have gotten into the show because their SO reminds them a bit of Sheldon. Or th
  6. I think in this episode Sheldon made some stunningly offensive comments, sure. If he was reprimanded, immediately after the incident would get glossed right over as they moved onto something else, because there was just a lot to pack into the episode and they didn't have a lot of time for "people being outraged at sh*t Sheldon says." And I do think he had a few offensive lines that no one directly took issue with. The line about wrinkled up old bags of flesh, something along those lines, and the grossness of the idea of them having sex because they are too old, was really incredibly cruel and
  7. Hey....they got in a joke about Penny's brother's new teeth being paid for. That totally makes the whole meth thing believable now. Sure. Anyway, I also wish that this episode had been a whole hour. It felt rushed, and....so many things pushed into it but the overall experience was a little bland. Between Alfred, Beverly and Sheldon's nasty commentary to each other, the overall effective of negativity was hard to overcome by what were some very quick and not particularly memorable new vows. Their original vows were a lot sweeter, and more witty, but I guess I have those to remember for Le
  8. For a character that we know has been involved in the meth scene for years, that actor as Penny's brother is the most ridiculous casting ever, and makes light of a huge meth epidemic that's killing off hundreds of thousands in the US. There are currently towns here where drug related deaths are outnumbering deaths by old age and natural causes. And the look of many meth chemists and users is quite distinct, with the notorious "meth mouth", meth scabs, emaciated bodies, and dead eyes the usual giveaways to a meth user. I know that Penny's brother was more of a chemist, so perhaps he was no
  9. Thank you for your compliment, Skull. It's very sweet. I should stop and note that I have noticed a greater degree of thoughtfulness, nuance and maturity to your own posts this year, and I've been impressed by your personal growth. I know we don't always see eye-to-eye, and techniquilly there's nothing on the forum that amuses me more than your creative spelling, but you're a good egg. I mean that sincerely, not condescendingly, by the way. Sorry if it comes off badly in text. For the record, I don't think that the change in the living arrangements is filler. I think it's the most excitin
  10. I think that there's been a greenlight given to explore the issue, and the writers are jumping on it with such fervor I wonder how long they've been waiting to push forward. Amy was deliberately sent off to Detriot to put physical distance between her and Sheldon after their first sexual encounter to see what the overall audience reaction would be. I believe Molaro said that in an interview. And the one episode became two, and then there were comments from Johnny and Jim about wanting their characters to move forward but the writers or Chuck talking them out of such nonsense ideas and desires.
  11. In a way this episode sets up a lot of things I've wanted for a long time, and I probably should be much happier about it. I still feel a bit flat, though. It's such a massive shift without build up that it feels jarring. I'm glad Lorre's name is on it, it means he's bought into the decision. Holland, Tara and Dave are my three favorite Shamy writers, so I'm not surprised the characters and their story are written so great when all 3 of them are on the script at the same time. This is the way I Iike Sheldon and Amy to be....but it's just....the timing and sudden shift in direction of the
  12. My personal suspicions about Lorre come down to two pretty specific instances: 1) Season 7 - He's absent from Locomotive, where Sheldon kisses Amy and has this huge maturing moment, but immediately after he's right back on Table, where Sheldon revels in his infantile selfishness with his "the baby always wins" line. 2) Season 8 - Chuck vanishes from the scripts for a long hiatus in season 8, when I felt Shamy felt a lot more like their old selves. Which built up to their first sleep over in Fort. Molaro gave an interview saying they had grown closer "and would continue to do so." I
  13. I have to agree with Wow that season 1 - 5 with Bill Prady as headwriter have a different flavor than season 6- 9 with Molaro. I know that some people only like seasons 1 - 3, before the girls came along, but I feel like seasons 1 - 5 actually all flow together and are quite consistent for me. It's the show I liked, and I actually think that the whole show reached it's peak and was it's best for season 5. What we have now does seem a jerky mess between Molaro's sentimentality and Chuck's much darker edge. I feel like there hasn't been any ability to gain plot traction or meaning from the show'
  14. True. I mean....there was once a large Shenny fanbase the Producers were sensitive to, and before season 7 there as an article with Molaro who waxed poetic about Shenny's special bond and some focus on that relationship being explored in season 7. In the end, I think that was really only for the one episode Leonard was still away on the North Sea and Penny and Sheldon were trying to hang out without him. But before that there was a lot of anxiety and guessing as to what it meant and how it would play out. The living arrangement focus is quite interesting to me. Through season 9, they wer
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