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  1. You want to discuss? Let's discuss: My post was about insulting people and the negativity and fights that engenders, whether it's the characters, actors or other fans. You're upset I "lumped" your post in with mine, as if it has nothing to do with what I'm talking about, but it clearly does. You said that Sheldon/Jim Parsons looks like Pee Wee Herman. That is an insult, and you meant it as an insulting. It's fucking rude. How would the Lenny's respond if I went on a rant about the lines on Penny's neck, which earned her the nickname "Maggot Neck" by the professional show recapper on TelevisionWithOutPity? Or the blue veins on her boobs, because she got a boob job that her body can barely handle? Everyone knows exactly how it would be and all of the man-panties that would be up in a bunch if I, or any other Shamy fan, decided to start taking aim at Penny's appearance. Some idiot with the hots for Kaley and oatmeal for brains is going to miss the point and run off defending Kaley's boobs for 10 pages of this thread, and I can't wait for that to happen, but try to focus on the fact I'm using these insults of examples of things people find hurtful, mean, and lead to a completely pointless stream of arguments. You go on and attack Jim Parson's looks and you are just seething nastiness all over the place and opening up the door to a discussion that has no objective point in this thread, and considering that what he looks like is only a matter of your personal opinion, which clearly hundreds of women on this forum completely disagree with, as they find Jim Parsons to be hotter than hell, what's the point in doing that? Really, what the hell are you getting out of it rather than you just get to spew your personal misery and bitterness all over the place? I have heard such gems about how Amy "dresses like a lesbian" and "is not hot" and crap about how Jim Parsons "looks like Pee Wee Herman" and all of this spiteful criticism about their appearance. Are there a lot of Shamies who are firing back about the personal appearance of those of the ship-that-shall-not-be-named that I'm missing? Then you bitch about how the show has become the Urkel show, which is another insult against the show. It's not a very good insult, though, as there's no parallel. Steve Urkel wasn't even an original member of the All In the Family cast, and didn't show up until the 12th episode of the first season as a date for one of the actual leads, and he just grew in popularity from a one-off character into it's center. That's the fact about that show and the Urkel character and situation. On the other hand, Sheldon was written as a lead of this show from the 1st episode, he was ALWAYS supposed to be in the spotlight and as a lead he was always supposed to have a considerable amount of attention paid to him. I'm sorry you hate him and hate seeing the show spend time on his story and issues, but that was always part of the promise of the show he would! Not to mention the fact that portraying Steve Urkel never won Jamal Warner an Emmy, while Jim Parsons won 4 back-to-back. Your complaint as no merit or validity, it's just there to be a whiner and shit on everyone else who likes the character of Sheldon and loves his storylines. Which is taking a shit on a lot of people - feel good about that? And you seem to think that the fact that the show hasn't been nominated for a lot of awards...except they have, actually....as hardcore evidence that something is wrong with the show. Whether or not something is wrong with the show isn't about awards. First of all, Jim has tons of Emmys at home, Mayim has been nominated for many in back-to-back years, the show has gotten other nominations. You have no evidence, really, that something is wrong with the show - again, just a matter of your opinion that you don't like the show right now and apparently you're going to use how many awards nominations that it gets as proof. And bring in some bullshit about Orange is the New Black, suggesting that outside people nominate OSTNB into the Comedy category just to spite TBBT (seriously?!) when OSTNB is actually the show which puts itself into that category, and a lot of people complain about whether it should be allowed to do so, or if it should be forced to put itself into the Drama category where it belongs, but the competition is so much higher. Normally, I have no eagerness to have to run around correcting erroneous commentary with absolutely no logic nor fact behind it, you just try to let total bullshit slide by or you'll drive yourself crazy. But since you want to engage, I'll engage this time, because I have a point to make. And that is that while discussion is based in opinions, opinions can be expressed without insulting people and creating nothing but sheer nastiness for everyone else on the forum to contend with. You're running around "just sharing your opinion" but really, really? All you are doing is just sharing your hatred, misery and insulting people. Opinions, even controversial ones, should be defended as things people are entitled to have, especially as long as they have some sort of logical argument or fact backing their opinion, and can express themselves well. Insults are not opinions, and have no right to the same defenses. Insults have an impact; they are toxic waste trying to ride out under the cover of opinion and doing nothing constructive. In fact they are destructive because they anger and hurt and infuriate the community in which they are allowed to fly, and rip that community apart into hostile territories and that's what I am talking about. Congrats.
  2. And this is what I'm talking about.
  3. Amy and Sheldon will be engaged by the end of the season, unless they throw some crazy monkey wrench into the season finale, as they have the past two years. What worries me now is that Amy knows about the ring, so she knows that he planned on proposing, so how do they set up the engagement with any element of surprise or enough tension to get the audience's attention? Now that Amy knows, everyone knows, so how do you create a set up for a heartwarming engagement that doesn't feel like...well, obviously he'll propose, and obviously she'll say yes, so let's get snapping show, and just do it! So my fear is one more Shamy fight, or some sort of tiff. I really, really, really don't want to see Amy nag Sheldon about the ring, but now that she knows, how can she possibly contain herself from wanting to talk about it? But knowing Sheldon, who has every right to be really pissed off about Amy knows about the ring - it steals his thunder, he cannot possibly surprise her, now she's expecting it and he doesn't get to pick the right place and time based on his own decision because now that she knows long long will she wait? - because the element of surprise and his control over the whole thing has been taken away. So if Sheldon feels defensive and upset about this, all Amy will have to do is say, "Sheldon, do you want to go take a walk, maybe talk about–" and he's going to cut her off with, "it's all about the ring to you, isn't it. Nag nag nag." And then maybe Amy will punch him in the balls. No, wait, Amy will probably snap her jaw closed and look hurt or puzzled or mad or all of the above, and swallow it. So then Amy will either look like a nag to some or a doormat to others, and I have no interest in going back to all that. I think that the writers have teased it all out since last year's finale when they showed up the ring, it needs to happen this season and Lord knows I hope it's doesn't mean we need another fight or any more drama to make it happen. So do you guys want to see it happen? I was thinking that...maybe just at home, because Sheldon feels happiest doing things out of his spot. Perhaps him in his spot, saying that her spot is always going to be that place right next to him, when she isn't in that spot, he feels now like something is missing, and incomplete. And he wants it to be complete forever, and then he gets on one knee (on his spot, LOL) and then brings out the ring box. That might not be all fairy lights and flowers and in the rain and romantic and stuff, except that it IS depending on what he says. The other options would be...at the aquarium, at the zoo (finally seeing them at the zoo!) or, and this would be brilliant, if they went back to the original coffee shop where they met and Sheldon proposes to her there. And I am kinda partial to the coffee shop idea, the more I think about it.
  4. I feel ya honey, I've been there. And I am sympathetic to a certain degree and have been more than willing to talk about some of the disappointments - particularly with the Lenny wedding - in a way that promotes discussion and respectful exchanges of feelings and ideas. However, we lost that respectful, sane middle ground which is critical to a thoughtful, interesting discussion awhile back, and as this season has gone on it's gotten worse and worse. I know you tried. I know that no one is as gracious or willing to see things from both sides of the fence as you are, and I want to applaud you on that. Don't stop being gracious or thoughtful; we need more of that, especially right now. You and I have never had an exchange or personal debate between the two of us, but that doesn't mean I haven't been watching. Note that it's when you stand up for yourself and speak your own mind, albeit always politely, that I am cheering for you most. Hold to your personal truth, and you'll be just fine.
  5. Yours is not the heart or mind I care to win. Don't get me wrong, you seem like a perfectly nice guy, like many men from the ship-that-shall-not-be-named are, and I don't want to rip your heart out and stomp on it with cleats or anything. You might be unaware of how far things have gone with this thread, or how bitter some of the interpersonal relationships on this forum are, but it's in a terrible, ugly state. I'm calling that out, and my post reflects that, but it didn't start anything, nor will it fix anything. People who regularly attend tapings and used to post taping reports now refuse to do so publically, or even venture into this thread. Losing the spoilers, by the way, is a pretty big deal, because the spoilers and taping reports are a huge part of what attract a lot of people to this forum. Making it so nasty that people no longer want to participate in one of the most popular elements that this forum has to offer effects the fandom a lot. There is commentary in this thread itself, as well as all over the board in other threads, and even more off-forum, about how acrimonious and downright *frightening* this thread is to most, and the weight of that is concentrated with a handful of people and the fuel is the ship bitterness. That is awful. I mean it, having the main discussion thread on a forum be too hostile and bitter and ugly for most people to venture into isn't good. And it's been called out and called out, but there is always an excuse for why it's justified to be an asshole and make things a horrifically nasty place for everyone else. It's not justified. And I have no faith that the people who deserve to be punched like I have punched them are going to take a long look in the mirror and realize that they make everyone else miserable and maybe they should quit it. But maybe no one has really held up a mirror and shown what the reflection looks like. I am holding up that mirror. You can refuse to look and concentrate on your own precious fucking feelings and how offended you are - but you are just offended by your own reflection in the looking glass. And if that reflection offends you, then the only person who can change the offense is you. It's been clear for a long time that Emily was not really the right girl for Raj. He knew it, and he tried to break up with her, but he chickened out because she's got that weird creepy streak he's afraid of. He might have gotten over that enough for he and Emily to be in a good place with a more or less happy relationship, but Emily just isn't really the right girl for him and he's wasting her time. I suspect that Raj knows in his heart that he and Emily are happy, and I hope he appreciates how much she has taught him and helped him mature. But I just don't think he feels what he needs to feel for her for it to be forever. Frankly, I'm not sure I buy the idea that Emily would feel this either - the show has never explored what Emily sees in Raj or if she thinks the relationship is going to lead to marriage. Unfortunately, she did seem upset he would break up with her, and overjoyed that he told her he loved her. That, and how long this relationship has lasted, keeps digging Raj in deeper; it's more likely to hurt her that much more if he breaks up with her. Emily is clearly creepy. I don't watch enough Chuck Lorre to know that he has a lady-stalker thing which he finds hilarious, but I would not be surprised to find that happening here because Emily has been written right from the start to be a very scary ex-girlfriend type. I wish Raj had gotten out of the relationship with a new girl being the impetus for him to find the balls to end it with Emily, and I am sure that there will be some consequences to pay for him doing so. We'll see how they end up writing it, but I don't think that Raj and Emily will end quite so easily, not when he's lead her on for so long and told her that he loves her. I think there is a price he has to pay for being complacent in this relationship and wasting Emily's time and potentially breaking her heart. But he's one of our heroes, so he'll get out of it alive....barely, if I have a read on Emily right. But I'm just glad that he's getting a storyline and we're dealing with this situation. I want Raj to find "the one," even though that'll probably be heard on the show. I think one reason that his relationship with Emily has not played out well is because it's very difficult to add a new friend to this already established ground of 7 friends who it's hard to give enough lines and screen time to. Taking the cast to 8, with Raj getting a new girlfriend, really complicates things if they want to integrate her into the cast in a way that would convince the audience to root for her and Raj together.
  6. Apparently it is perfectly acceptable to spend a lot of time focusing on Penny's breasts and the fact she's covering them up with too much plaid to make her fans happy, but if you're a lady person who finds Sheldon sexually magnetic then you're just a silly girl with messy hormones exploding all over the place in the most unbecoming way. It's hypocritical and ridiculous, but it's the typical sexist, dismissive, ignorant nonsense women have gotten for eons. There's plenty of room for perfectly understandable male drooling, you see, but none for that grotesque lusting of the lady person variety. This equates with the complaining over the amount of room Shamy and its supposedly unbecomingly rabid female fanbase take up as well. Apparently, we're supposed to apologize for how many of us there are, how many of us are active on this forum, how beautifully our ship is going, and how happy we are about it. Especially when "the other ship that shall remain nameless" is getting short-thrift and is unhappy. How dare we dominate conversations and chat by talking about what we care to talk about?! Apparently, if there are 10 Shamy fans in the room, happily talking about Shamy and their plot developments and relationships, we're being rude and exasperating to the 1 shipper from the-ship-that-shall-not-be-named because they are the ones who should be catered to. Particularly when the 1 shipper of the-ship-that-shall-not-be-named has a penis and the other 10 have vaginas. Don't we know the rules of the world we live in, and who is supposed to be the center of attention, and whose opinion and needs are supposed to be served? (Hint: it's the penis-bearers, not the vagina-cups.) This horrific pain of shipping a pair who are having sex and kissing all the time, who have gotten engaged and married, and who are very much in love in canon week in and week out, sounds like it's equivalent to being in a domestic abuse relationship. Their fans wait for every episode to either: 1) be ignored for an episode (unacceptable!), or 2) an episode containing a plot development that will, to quote one of its fans, "feel like a blow rather than a caress." It must suck having to decide what you really want: to be ignored and left in the background, or come to the forefront and have such terrible, terrible scenes like covering yourself in body paint and having sex on a canvas, or making Thanksgiving dinner together and having the male partner dress up so cutely in lingerie and dance up on his lover. What an abusive mess these two are! Oh the horrors of the ship-that-shall-not-be-named! This pain, furthermore, justifies such behavior as insulting the characters, actors, writers and fans of the Shamy ship, even to the extent of often going into their thread directly to insult them, argue with them, and belittle them and their ship. To insult the writers who write them, the actors who play them, and the fans who ship them. Call them out on the ridiculousness of their arguments (I saw recently that Johnny Galecki has been carrying Jim Parsons all these years. Cue the laugh track) or the overall negativity (you are such a joy to be around, really), or the flat out insults about exploding ovaries and overtly sexist bullshit, or just general, constant whining about the ship not being served well enough, and the response is: "yes, maybe, but we SUFFER." Sheldon has been a lead since the beginning, Jim Parsons is the break out star of the show, Shamy has been "a thing" and major, insanely popular component of the show for the past 5 years, and we are entitled to our joy about it. Guess what, the show never broke out as the most popular show on television until season 4, when Amy showed up. They knew people were curious about seeing Sheldon with a romantic interest, and the show didn't hit the stratosphere until then. Not based on the ins-and-outs of the ship-that-shall-not-be-named, anyway. You want to thank the fact there are any ships still to ship, and that the show hasn't been cancelled? Thank the Shamy ship and its fans, thank you very fucking much. Shamy fans can take up as much damn space on the internet as they want to, and go to as many live tapings and enjoy it as much as they want to, and generally take up all the damn space we want talking about it and enjoying it as we want to. We are entitled to do so without suffering the slings and arrows of jealousy, sexism, and negativity. Any Shamy shippers who want to run around being Shamy apologists to try to placate the embittered shippers of the ship-that-shall-not-be-named can have at it, but you'd be wise to listen carefully to me: you won't change a damn thing, and you'll turn off your fellow shippers while doing so because many of us have no interest in being apologized for. Especially not for loving what we love, exploding ovaries and all. And you can take that to the bank.
  7. Sheldon defending Amy to even his adored Meemaw is huge, and shows just how strong the two of them have become. While I am a little sad that Meemaw isn't quite the loving saint that Sheldon has projected her to be, I understand if part of it stems from the breakup and feeling protective of Sheldon and that fact that Amy did break his heart. However, I am not pleased about Meemaw breaking the news about the ring, because that is really petty. Even Penny showed considerable maturity and self-restraint not to tell Amy about it. The right to propose and the information about the ring is Sheldon's decision; his right and his alone. Meemaw had no right to put that out there in front of Amy; if she had reservations she could have spoken them to Sheldon in private, but dropping that news in front of Amy was really cruel. Not just cruel to Amy because it suggests she doesn't think Amy is right for Sheldon, but it's also cruel to Sheldon himself. Dropping that huge bombshell puts Sheldon in an awkward position and steals his thunder too. I was actually hoping Meemaw would be a little tougher and less perfect than Sheldon always portrayed her, but breaking the news about the ring was a deeply bitchy thing to do, and rather shatters Meemaw's reputation for being Sheldon's source of unconditional love, acceptance, and shelter. I know Meemaw is not a main character, but she's a very important and beloved one despite never appearing on screen, and I wish the show had shown her having concerns about Amy for breaking up with Sheldon and hurting him, but not being quite such a bitch about it. However, she's certain a Cooper lady person - a spit fire who takes no nonsense. No wonder Sheldon loves Amy so much. She's going to fit right in. On another front, I don't follow all things so closely, but I understand that there are questions, at least in the Spoiler thread, about whether Amy should have stopped to make sure that Sheldon was really ready before having sex with him. The suggestion being that since she didn't, or was not seen doing this, she doesn't really love him. Or love him as perfectly as she's supposed to love him to be worthy of him, the central character of the show and TV crush of so many of us Shamy fans too. My thoughts on this: Amy wears her heart on her sleeve and always has. Sheldon doesn't. Amy moves at a faster pace than Sheldon. She has none of his particular hangups, like his phobias about germs, issues with physical contact, and all the other things in his overstuffed collection of baggage, so it's easy for her. This was always a part of the main source of friction between the two of them. After 5 years, they both know this about each other very, very well, and many of their actions and decisions in their relationship are based on this knowledge of the other. Amy is open and when she loves, she wants to jump into it with both feet and explore it for all it's worth. We see this with her love for Penny, and the sheer joy she goes through in the beginning at finally having a real female friend. Amy runs away with that more than a bit, complimenting and fawning over her too much, and of course spending too much on her inappropriate painting as a gift. But that's just who Amy is! She loves whole-heartedly and withour reservation, and I love that about her. Once Amy really fell in love with Sheldon she also wanted to jump in and do the same with him. It was clear from the beginning that Sheldon was way more smitten with Amy than she was with him, which was the dynamic up to about season 6. Once that sort of changed and Amy really fell for him and wanted to move forward, the two of them went through some growing pains as Amy pushed forward and Sheldon stubbornly tried to hold back. Amy found herself running into walls, because Sheldon is the type who wants to be absolutely sure before he makes his feelings known and decides how he's going to act on them. He wants to cross his t's and dot his i's and make sure he checks everything out not just twice, but thrice. (Our man of 3's, Sheldon.) Amy's patience once she started running into those walls speaks to how much she really loves Sheldon. I know she spent some time pushing and probing at those walls from time to time, but she's in a relationship with him and she kinda has to. A relationship is a learning process, and Amy often manvered through that process like a true scientist, studying and testing his limits and responses. Some people call that manipulative, and while I can see where that point is coming from, the duel between Sheldon and Amy was always two-sided, and Sheldon was always the perfect and capable sparring partner. In the end, Amy also had to learn to her over herself and put aside some of her romantic idealist nonsense and really appreciate the reality of who and what she had. Amy knew nothing about real relationships, she had less experience than Sheldon, and she had to learn that the romantic ideals so often sold in books and movies was not always the right things to value or expect in a romantic entanglement. Amy is who she is; a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and can get carried away by her feelings. And after she and Sheldon gets back together, and she finally gets that whole romantic declarative speech of love at her door she always wanted, why should she have any doubts about their relationship? If she has no doubts, why should she be holding herself back, and why would we expect a girl who so loves so hard and so passionately not to get carried away with the strength of her love for Sheldon to hold herself back? Amy is who she is, and Sheldon knows this, which is why he would not decide to have sex with her until he was ready, and absolutely sure. Because he knows her, and he knows that once he gives her something she'll take it and run with it, and he as always respected her enough to never, ever make her any false promises about it. On top of that, she also knows this about him, very very well, and if he made this decision she already knows he must be ready. Considering the reunion and the kisses that came with it, she probably knows in her body and on some instinctual level, that he's ready because she's the girl who is in his arms and gets to feel that. All of his warmth and passion and love pouring into her in that make out session when they reunite. And in the end, when they are in bed, Amy doesn't waltz out in her nightgown, leap in bed and attack him. She doesn't get Sheldon right where she always wanted him - in her bed - and just pounce. She has a crisis of nerves and is unsure. Sheldon reassures her by saying they will find out together - them. You and I. Us. Everything about that statement tells Amy that he is her partner and that he is in, he is all in, and he wants to do this with her, as much as her, the two of them. Then, and only then, with the reassurance from him that it's not doing this for her, but the two of them doing it together, does she reach up and gently touch his face and go to kiss him. Her kiss lightly hovers, he is the one to bridge the last whisper of distance with a more forceful, hungry kiss, locking his mouth of hers greedily just as the camera cuts out. One can cast as many stones at Sheldon and Amy's coupling as one wants, but it remains alive and unbroken, all attempts to crack it slide meekly away as the petty and weak nitpickery nonsense it is, just leaving the ship and the awesome Shamy fandom more united, strong, and lovely then before. A happy time for our ship; we've gotten some excellent storytelling and joyous rewards for our years of devotion shipping this couple and watching this show, and we deserve it. The haters have to hate, hate, hate, but I think we can just shake, shake, shake that off. I know there's not always perfect agreement, and I know not everyone agrees with or likes me at all times, but it's still lovely shipping with you all anyway. First Star Wars, now Meemaw. Sheldon loves Amy so damn much. And Amy ain't letting Meemaw come between her and her man either, and God knows I love Amy best when she's got her spine firmly in place. To paraphase Sheldon in the midst of all of the shouting and bickering, "If I am allowed to speak now...the Shamy fandom FOR THE WIN."
  8. Both Leonard's jump-rope skipping and Stuart's watching his "parents" while they slept was weird, but oddly I laughed anyway. Or rather, I laughed at the moment, but when you stop to actually think about them it becomes a bit more messed up and disturbing. Just makes me want to plug my ears and go, "Lalalala, don't think about it" and I don't really enjoy being put into that position. The episode started out really strong; I loved the cold open and Sheldon and Amy's "Best Best" discussion. Only those two could follow that with a straight face. I also enjoyed watching Raj and Sheldon work together again, since that's always a treat. Their "Eye of the Tiger" episode when they work together the first time is a TBBT classic. I also enjoyed watching Bernie and Howard together, and would note that Howard was *helping* Bernie with the clean up this time, which seems a big step forward in the right direction for them both. While i liked the hint that they were getting empty nest syndrome, it seems a little weird that they were getting that feeling for Stuart. The whole thing with Stuart and Howardette is really messed up in the telling, because there's the situation where Howard and Stuart got into this weird step-father/son dynamic when Stuart was living with Debbie, but then this mother/son dynamic that Howardette sometimes have because Howard was so used to be doting on by his mother and expects the same from Bernie, but now they expect me to buy into this Howardette as parents to Stuart dynamic and I'm sorry, but that's going way too far. Stuart was chiding Howard about calling his mother more just a season ago, like a step-father, now I'm supposed to think that the roles are reversed and Howard has been a father to Stuart all this time? If you want to set up the idea that Howard and Bernie are ready for children of their own, and that they need to go through some marriage growing pains to get ready for that new step in their relationship, then so it. The conversation with Howard, Bernie and her father about it earlier this season was a more realistic setup. But the idea that a married couple and their live-in friend have this revolving door of son/mother/child roles that constantly flip flop depending on today's plot is not something that I buy. Please let's just get back to Stuart as the comic book store owner, and let Howardette work on their own issues in a more organic way. Besides, is you want to look at a married couple and their live-in "man-child" problems, you already have Leonard/Penny/Sheldon for that, and you're dealing with that in this episode too. Unfortunately, this isn't being dealt with in a way that really makes sense for me either, at least Penny's side of it. I really expected Penny to stop concentrating on making her sale in order to fight with Dr. Gallo instead. Penny knows how Leonard had to celebrate his mother's birthday and Xmas, and in response, she tried to throw him a surprise birthday party and always sets up a more traditional, family-like Xmas, decorating the tree with him and dressing up as an adorable little elf while doing so. Penny isn't like a mother to Leonard. If anything, they dynamic is usually that Penny and Leonard come together like parents to Sheldon. At least Penny did change the topic around to Sheldon when talking about being in some mother-like role, and I find that more believable. However, Penny's turn on the couch didn't really make a lot of sense to me, not unless she's looking at it all through rose-tinted glasses, and really twisting up the actual truth of her past. She was a horrible and unsuccessful actress. Her interest was never really in acting anyway, but in being rich, famous and glamorous and life being easy once she made it big. She was carefree, but often impossibly and horrendously lazy, and that is one place where Leonard and even Sheldon came in - both of those guys have done a ton to take care of her. She does remember that, right? That she could get away with being carefree and irresponsible because Sheldon and Leonard fed her, cleaned for her, and paid for her? Her internet, her food, her rent? That she was an adorable but atrocious mooch who floated on the philosophy, "I'm cute. I get by." Personally, I loathed that side of her and have embraced her growing up - she was always the one who needed to get her act together to be worthy of a real marriage to Leonard, who has always been her rock and who has floated her up until now, when she can stand on her own two feet. I don't need the writers to remind me, once again, that Penny is hot and doable and loves that about herself. There are a lot more issues on the table with Lenny to dig into - his infidelity, the power-balance dynamic of their relationship, their living arrangements, Sheldon as the third wheel in their life, Leonard's issues being raised to please others, and growing older. But God, the last thing I want is Leonard and Penny both regressing at the same time. Him into being the child he always wanted to be, and running around skipping rope and collecting more toys and video games, and Penny throwing over the career she's worked so hard for to pursue acting and becoming a mooch and parasite on her husband once more. We worked hard to get where we are today, and there is more to dig into with these two characters and their relationship, but the writers don't seem to know how to get past "Nerd and the Hottie" to write something more appropriate to where we are now, in season 9. While there was a lot of funny things in this episode, it really highlighted the problems that have been ignored all this time with literally everyone that's not Sheldon and Amy. Those two and their relationship have held the spotlight long enough to distract from the issues with everyone else, but now that their story arc is over and we're getting back to the rest of the gang those issues are very, very apparent. I feel like this episode was trying to shuffle some cards around so maybe they could start dealing with those problems, but it still highlighted how much they've lost the plot with all the other characters and are groping around blindly trying to find it.
  9. See? A mop! It's ideal for house work. But come on, plaid is ubiquitous and can denote so much. Plaid kilts - Scottish! Plaid skirt - Catholic school girl, naughty or otherwise. Plaid sheets - You live someplace with seasons, and you've probably got and love a set of these. Plaid flannel shirt - Perhaps you are a lumberjack. Or a fan of Nirvana, if you wear it with Doc Marten boots. Or Burberry, which is super expensive, but not what the show is doing. But clearly the wardrobe department loves itself some plaid. Used to be more Sheldon's thing, though. (Sheldon infected Penny with his plaid infatuation? Someone alert Shenny HQ, we have more evidence that their ship is twu wuv, and totally happening in the season finale.)
  10. Fair enough that it was Penny's choice to get rid of some of her stuff, but it was still a progressive step forward into a more adult life. That said, I am torn about calling pop culture posters and action figures toys, or seeing them as immature interests. I'm sorry, but Star Wars is an adult film and carries more emotional weight than an episode of Care Bears. And I wouldn't really be judgmental towards someone who still had their favorite Care Bear on their dresser anyway. (Although a collection of Care Bears overflowing everywhere, and I might be more concerned. And I don't want to look at a Care Bear everywhere I turn.) In my mind, when I have thought of Penny and Leonard moving in, I have always figured that a few of his action figures would stay. One on the window by the dining table, one on his bedside dresser. Something like that. I never thought he should get rid of them all, just that there would be less, as he and Penny would be blending their stuff together. And I always figured that there would be typical bickering about this, as Penny had to cede some of her space and Leonard had to put some things away Penny really didn't like to look at. Penny saying that all of Leonard's toys makes him seem less mature to her is a big deal, particularly because apparently this is her excuse to dominate or mistreat him like his mother did. (Er, what? I kept waiting for the therapist to say "bazinga.") Now I don't know if Leonard's "toy" collection or Penny acting like Leonard's Mommy is an issue I want to see resolved this season, or not. Leonard skipping rope was funny, but what exactly was up with that? It was obviously very childish, right? Is that just a joke, or does dealing with his Mommy issues make him regress? (Not sure I care, it made me laugh out loud, and that's the point, but I've never seen Leonard as a childish character.) I understand being wary about it all; this show constantly plays on the theme that these men are partly children and the women are lovers/mothers (ew) who roll their eyes and cope with their antics, and are responsible to push them forward to being more grown up, better adults. And this is true for all 3 couples, meaning that the writers see the as....what's the word? "Truthiness" about the human condition, and the roles men and women play. Huge sitcom relationship trope, and it irks me when this show plays into it. They don't always, but most of the time they do, and it doesn't make sense here. Since when has Penny been remotely like Leonard's Mom? Isn't the point that she's not? I thought that Penny's problem was fear of them having nothing in common. This Mommy drama seems a little forced, and pulled at random from the writer's collective butts.
  11. Actually, it is probably cultural. A plaid top is pretty common for hanging out or casual attire in the US, particularly on the West Coast or up north in Maine or Canada. April made a joke that they are using Jim's personal inventory; he's rarely seen not wearing plaid, it's basically his whole wardrobe. Jim is a pretty mainstream guy, so that should tell you that plaid is very mainstream and not uncommon here in the US. Particularly, hate to say this, but I think plaid is popular with white folks, and white hipsters in particular. I think it reads as....unpretentious, I guess? Plaid was more of a symbol of a rugged lumberjack once, and it's West Coast, US popularity was reflected in the fact Kurt Cobain wore it all the time. Plaid went through sort or a resurgence then, but frankly, it was popular before and will be popular after, but Kurt Cobain really made plaid that thing that....starts off alternative and goes mainstream anyway and then hates itself for being poplar and having mass appeal? Well, that's plaid. Not your angry, drunk Scottish man's pattern anymore. It's a casual thing, though. Note that Bernie is wearing it because she's cleaning, hence wearing plaid as her "housework" clothes. Penny wears her pink, pastel (very Burberry inspired) plaids on her days off, when she is merely hanging out at home or with the guys. She isn't wearing plaid to work (I thought her black outfit this episode was powerful and sexy, loved the shoes) or out to the bar. Honestly, the plaid is way more stereotypically West Coast, USA than Bernie's cute little dresses, or Amy's bulky sweaters. Or Howard's tight tight pants. Penny dresses like a typical almost-30 professional now, and I realize that it has changed, but she is no longer a barely 20 wanna-be actress slash really a waitress. ETA: And that is way more than you ever wanted to know about plaid. Also, I have to agree with a quote I saw from ATOB. Penny is older and settled down. She is no longer on the hunt, and dressing flirtatiously to provoke male attention. If anything she is discouraging that except where it gets her ahead in sales. I think her tank top and booty shorts days are over, and that's not any criminal or mystifying choice by the show to make Penny less, but really to make Penny more, and reflect her age and life circumstances.
  12. Yeah, and Shamy fans will agree. Not because it helps Shamy, but because it's the right thing for Lenny as a couple. And also for the show as a whole. I was just talking with someone last week about how I have DVD box sets of seasons 1 - 6, but never got around to buying seasons 7 or 8. I might sooner or later, but I don't have a lot of interest in watching it all again, and part of it is because not a lot happened during the last two seasons. The show seriously dragged a lot of things out, specifically Lenny getting engaged and married, and Shamy becoming more physical. It's funny that people complain about the show being too soapy, or having too much relationship drama, when the show actually went out of its way to drag any progress in these relationships out and and distract itself from resolving it's own issues and plot points as long as possible. A good soap would probably have gotten through all of season 8's major relationship elements in a week. Which is why I am enjoying season 9 so much. Lenny is married, Shamy took their relationship to the next level, Lenny is now working on some issues in their relationship which will probably finally resolve the living-together issue in a way that stops straining our credubility, and Howard and Bernie are moving forward with more pedestrian issues like booting their live-in friend and remodeling their house to suit them as a couple, and...the only issue out there which is driving me bonkers is Raj/Emily. But maybe even that will finally come into focus by the end of the season. We'll see. But at least things are happening. True, things I've been wanting to see happen for what feels like forever, but they are finally happening. After waiting so long through seasons 7 & 8 for some of these plot developments, I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. Like Amy, I'm reaping the rewards of some of my patience with this show. Now is not the time to throw in the towel. And considering the can of worms they are opening with Lenny, I would suggest not throwing in the towel with them now either. Obviously, a LOT of Shamy fans did throw in the towel and stopped watching during the Shamy break up, but the end result as the fandom over-the-moon and in this episode we got to see so much Shamy adorkableness - reward one would miss out on if they had walked or not come back this season. Lenny fans might want to take a lesson from this.
  13. When a couple moves in together and embarks on a new life, they have to create a place to live that reflects the personality, interests and needs as a pair, not as how they were as individuals. Leonard loves a lot of his collectibles, true. Penny also used to love her stuffed animals, and her hello kitty shorts. As we've noticed, the Hello Kitty shorts and rainbow sweatshirts have gone away as Penny has grown up into a more professional job. Remember, she got rid of a lot of her old clothing to make way for her more adult, professional outfits. If Penny objects to having too many Star Wars toys in her bedroom, Leonard might object to sleeping with her stuffed animals. Most likely they would bicker over this, but eventually compromise on having just one or two of their most prized possessions around. And if Penny really hates the Chewbacca figure, that's probably going to have to go. If Leonard really loves the Chewbacca figure, he's going to have to fight for it but probably have to give up other things, like his Batman light or something. This is just what you DO when you blend together two individuals with very different interests into one space. For instance, my Dad's beloved hornet nest collection and weird troll figure chess set ended up in his own personal office space, NOT in my Mom's kitchen. In the meantime, she had to tone down her chicken and rooster figurine collection. That's marriage.
  14. I found the episode funny, and laughed in several places. For the record, for all of you Lennies who feel so down in the dumps about this episode, the only piece of worry I saw was when Penny said, "I guess I miss when things were simpler." But please note that this revelation comes right after bitching about Sheldon *twice* - how she and Lenoard have a "man-child" living with them, and how the man-child fines her for using too much toilet paper. I think if there is anything in there that suggests how Penny might want to make her life more simple, it's cutting Sheldon off. She also complains about feeling like Leonard's mother due to all of the toys and action figures in his room. All of this are living arrangement problems; I think the obvious solution is: move in together like an adult couple, permanently, into your own home and space, just the two of you. Weed out the majority of toys, weed out Sheldon, and have your own space, just the two of you. As married adults. Frankly, I think this episode was laying groundwork for something that everyone wants: Penny and Leonard moving into their own place in 4B, and putting some boundaries up between themselves and Sheldon. Leonard and Penny will only be across the hall; they will still be in Sheldon's life and I am sure Leonard will still drive him to work, but they are a married couple now and need their own space, and to make that space reflect them as a pair of adults now. It's way past time for this change, and I sincerely think that this episode is actually nudging Penny and Leonard towards the insight and growth they need to finally make that step. PS. I have always gotten along fine with Carlos as well. He and I tend to agree on a lot, I think, at least I know I get a lot of "likes" from him and give them to some of his posts. I'm not unsympathetic to the Lenny ship angst, although at times I think it goes way overboard and sometimes they totally manufacture it for themselves, such as this issue with how Penny dresses. But I always felt that their engagement was a bit anti-climatic after the writers stretched it out for so damn long, and then the wedding was handled with shockingly short thrift, especially in comparison to the Howardette wedding. And yes, pre-empted by the Shamy break up in the middle of it, which obviously doesn't help relations between the Shamy and Lenny shippers. Many from both ships, I believe, think we should all be on the same team - those who ship canon - but instead it often seems insanely competitive about who gets more screen time, plots, attention from writers, fanbase size, the controversial problem with Sheldon, and etc. Sometimes the show itself makes it hard to establish peace, but at this point there's also years and years of infighting adding to the baggage. It's a drag, but what can you do.
  15. Amy met Priya several times. Remember: PriYA wouldn't wanna be YA? Loved that exchange. As as for family - season 4 was a long time ago. It's been 4 years since Amy has had a scene with Mary even though Mary has been back for an episode several times since then. I'm nervous about Mee Maw. I was one who could go on just having the sweet, loving Mee Maw in my imagination and being perfectly fine with that. I worry that in person she simply cannot be as perfect as Sheldon has cracked her up to be. I remind myself that she already trusted Amy with her cookie recipe and must already like her. Pretty sure Mee Maw will trigger something with the bigger plots, like the engagement ring. But how remains to be seen. (And I hope Mee Maw isn't angry at Amy for the break up.)
  16. This topic is allowed, just not here. You might want to take it to Chit Chat or some area where we talk about something other than TBBT. Sure, because the whole parameters of their living arrangement have become totally murky, and it's logical that at this point 4A and 4B have become one giant area in which they all live, albeit Sheldon mostly lives on one side while Penny and Leonard swap whose bedroom they sleep in based on some schedule outlined in the roommate agreement. I don't think 4A is too small for Penny and Leonard as they are right now. In fact, two people can easily love there, the only drawback is closet space. And frankly, Sheldon can probably provide a bit of closet space or something. I am not sure that there will be pressure to change the living arrangements until Sheldon wants Amy to move in or Penny wants Leonard to officially move in with her. And even if Amy does move in with Sheldon, and they do divide the apartments, I suspect that the 4A living room will still be a common hang out area. I don't know how strict the separation really will be, even if they codify it with a new arrangement. But I don't believe they will build new sets. I guess we'll see how it all works out, but my guess is that eventually it'll end up with Leonard and Penny in 4B with Sheldon and Amy in 4A. How we'll get there is anyone's guess, but it won't change until Sheldon is ready, and it's debatable how quickly the writes can sell that, considering how long it takes Sheldon to acclimate to a change.
  17. The color interpretations for Sheldon's tshirts doesn't come from traditional color meanings, but from the corps that the Green Lanterns come from. It was a piece of trivia I read on IMDB a long time ago, and for a long time I used to analyze if Sheldon's tshirt color combinations used to fit the episode or not. I haven't really had the energy to do it in a long time, and Sheldon has been wearing formal clothing more than tshirts lately too. The original post read as thus: Sheldon occasionally wears t-shirts featuring a specific color with a corresponding symbol. These shirts are from the "Green Lantern" comic book series, with each color representing a different corps of heroes or villains (e.g. Red Lanterns, Orange Lanterns, etc). In the comics, each color also represents a specific emotion: Red = Anger, Orange = Greed, Yellow = Fear, Green = Willpower/Courage, Blue = Hope, Indigo = Compassion, and Violet = Love. Not surprisingly, the color of shirt Sheldon wears in each scene is often a clue to his mood. We used to have to fudge on the color red a lot, as it seemed to imply passion or a heightened mood rather than anger. But according to this chart, of sorts, green = courage and blue = hope. Obviously he wears colors like black, teal, brown and etc which are not from this chart. I have gotten creative about what those mean. The whole thing is simply not an exact science, though, it's just for fun. Like horoscopes.
  18. A blue shirt is hope. Green is courage. White is not one of the colors of the Green Lantern corps, but I do think that there's a certain innocence implied underneath his courage. His courage to come knocking on her door to announce his love for her as no hidden agenda, it's a pure and innocent impulse. The white motif gets repeated for them in the bedroom - her nightgown, his shirt. They've taken almost everything off, even their normal items that they sleep in, like their watches, taking them out of time, any need to measure anything. Something about just the flash of that scene has a certain old-fashioned purity and innocence about it, and I love that they look at each other with hopeful smiles, and neither showing one ounce of fear or #dread, but only hope and this unbelievable softness and sweetness.
  19. This is hilarious. I do think that in the context of this show it was meant as a reference to Pi (pie?) but knowing it's code in California for Indecent Exposure is just priceless. And I have always considered Amy's place to be their love nest, particularly in Sheldon's head. It's where she first kissed him, and where they first had sex. Given his personality, he might get very upset at the idea of her moving out of it, even if it was in with him.
  20. I know. As you know I often avoid song lyrics and get all persnickity about them but that's all out the window right now. Because nightgown. Face. Nipples? Full sentences? HIS FACE. Kisses. Pink cardigans. Kisses and HIS FACE. Tied up and twisted, the way I like to be, for you, for me, come crash into me.
  21. @wowbagger and I have this on repeat - wow, this is the acoustic version I was telling you about. Touch your lips just so I know In your eyes, love, it glows
  22. I think that the episode goes out of his way to suggest how much Sheldon likes sex by running certain dialogue parallel to each other. Sheldon says that he liked sex more than he thought he would, the boys say that they liked Star Wars more than they thought they would when they leave the theater. Bernie and Penny have a somewhat forced piece of dialogue about whether Sheldon or the boys will have more fun with sex or Star Wars, with Penny suggesting the boys will have more fun, knowing them and their love of Star Wars, and the show goes out of its way drawing these two things as equal. Then we know that Sheldon ends up loving Star Wars and that Amy loves it too. There's a subtle but definitely deliberate equivalency being drawn between sex and Star Wars, which for Sheldon and for this show is fairly remarkable, considering how Star Wars is the holy grail of of Science Fiction. If you want to know whether Sheldon enjoyed sex, or how much he enjoyed it, look no further than the deliberate parallel which is drawn between sex and Star Wars here.
  23. Well, if the title of the episode indeed includes the word Sublimation, that supports the theory I came up with after hearing that Sheldon and Amy's bedroom sets did not get striked after the taping, but instead were left up, as if they were going to be used at the next one. My idea being that Amy and Sheldon agree on some sort of fairly conservative schedule for sex, or even that sex won't happen again until her birthday, which cuts to them in bed together, having just done "it" once again. They decide perhaps Sheldon's place is safer than Amy's place to hang out in, only to end up in Sheldon's bed having broken their vow to abstain from having coitus too often. Sublimation is when you take socially unacceptable impulses, such as sexual ones, and try to replace them with more socially acceptable behavior. I can certainly see this with Sheldon; he considers himself superior to base impulses. Of course, whenever Sheldon tries to assert himself as superior the universe likes to unleash a nice backlash on him to try to knock such idiotic beliefs out of his head, but Sheldon often stubbornly hangs on or changes but denies that he's changed or why he's had to change. I can see that Sheldon thinks he's carefully decided to make sex a part of his life, or even "bent" some of her personal rules to include it, perhaps outwardly he would say it's for Amy's sake, while stubbornly insisting he's completely in control of his emotions and his sexual impulses. The universe would gleefully go out of it's way to teach Sheldon a lesson - and usually has to repeatedly - about denying his humanity and true desires for ideals. I can see Sheldon, with Amy's support, actually, trying to sublimate his sexual impulses for her with other activities, only for the two of them to "fail" at their efforts once again as they end up back in bed together. But my guess is, that like the fact we saw that they started kissing regularly after the SIK on the train, the writers will probably want to give us a "follow up" on the issue in the next episode. My guess is that Sheldon and Amy will try to keep control over their sexual activities, but now that they have gone through that first time they've gotten past the original unknowns or fears that were causing an issue. With those gone, there's no real reason to hold themselves back if they feel like having sex, and truth be told, I think that there's a certain amount of lost time and controlled urges and impulses from the past few years to make up for. I think they are going to enter a certain honeymoon stage, and even if one side of them doesn't want to get swept away in a lot of sexual or romantic nonsense, there's another side that absolutely does. In fact, that was my take away from the tag scene between Sheldon and Proton. The show went out of it's way to point out that Jedi Proton is just a part of Sheldon's psyche, and that the conversations between them are just things that Sheldon is rehashing in his own mind. When Proton enters, leering a bit and asking "So. How was it?" That is part of Sheldon's own mind thinking about sex, indeed, asking himself to analyze his own feelings and impressions of his first sexual encounter. But another side of Sheldon sidesteps those thoughts to focus on Star Wars, much to the chagrin of the part of his psyche who wants to think about sex. It seems to me a pretty good metaphor for what Sheldon's head must be like. As Sheldon himself has said, he "gets urges." I think that he has diverted those thoughts or urges "with Kholinar" or something similar by distracting himself with other things to think about, like trains or science fiction or pop culture. An example of this would be when Amy shows up in her school girl uniform, and Sheldon clearly scans her up and down, gulps, and then makes a quip about not knowing where she's going with her behavior unless she has a Gravity DVD under her skirt. When his brain turns to sex he diverts himself by turning to a safer, unsexual topic that squashes the sexual thought. So when part of his brain, as Proton, starts thinking about his sexual encounter with Amy and wants to think about it, Sheldon almost reflexively does what he's always done - starts thinking about science fiction instead. He tunes his own sexuality out, deliberately. He's done this all his life. Even after having sex he's hesitant to examine it, and instinctually backs away from the topic. His own sexuality rolls his eyes at him and shakes his head at what a sad, sorry, and impossible case he is, and gives up...for now. Sheldon's sexuality will let him have his evening thinking about Star Wars for now....but you know that voice in his head is not going to shut up, and it's not going to go away. I don't think that Sheldon is completely ready to grasp it yet, and it'll take him some time to get used to his own sexuality and listening to his sexual voice now that he's allowed it time to act and talk, and I think that as long as he continues to try to repress or minimize it he won't be able to control himself very well around Amy.
  24. In the early days of the fandom, when Amy first materialized and it became obvious she was meant to be matched with Sheldon (the 25 cats episode was early in season 4), a certain vocal group really took to the idea that Amy's father should be played by Alan Rickman. (A lot of cross-Harry Potter/Snape fans, I think.) The result was a lot of posts, even gifs, and fan fic where Amy's father was British. Then, some "big" (authors of long stories, not just one shots) fan fic authors put Amy's Dad in and made him British/Alan Rickman to deliberately play into the fandom and win readers, thus bolstering the whole notion. Combined with Sheldon saying Amy's favorite book was Pride & Prejudice and Bill tweeting that Amy was a Downton Abbey fan, a lot of people ran with an English father as part of Amy's Anglophile thing. Overall it just seemed a lot of Snape fans trying to find a way to insert Snape into the TBBT universe, and then it just blew up as people catered to it. But Amy also loves Little House on the Prairie, French movies and Garfield. And quilting and basket weaving. It's not all an Anglophile fixation. We have only heard of her mother, seen her mother on Skype, and apparently know she has two different aunts. We know that several of her cousins died in a carbon monoxide incident before their wedding. We know something happened to an uncle in a strange pepper factory incident. We know her mother on Skype looked old, rather mousy and conservative, and has over sheltered her daughter while simultaneously pushing her to date boys. In the long run, none of this is a clue about her father. The whole thing is odd, and I chalk it up more to a gap in the writers thinking. BUT, at Comic Con this year they said we would meet Amy's family. I was hoping that was what Dave was originally, but obviously that was wrong. Maybe an engagement will jumpstart us finding out more. Sheldon doesn't follow social convention because he likes it, but because he's a stickler for rules and doing things the "right" way. It'll be interesting to find out what aspects of getting married have rules he doesn't mind following or it's on following, and what he'll dig his heels in about not wanting to do whatsoever. In the long run, a lot of this revolves around the writers dragging things out with Shamy and not wanting to bite the bullet on some plot points. Or forgetting some of their plots entirely. (Tenure, anyone?) It's ridiculous that Amy and Sheldon have dated so long but haven't dealt with each other's families. All the other couples have gone through this - Bernie's father with Howard, or Penny's father with Leonard, Howard's mother with Bernie, and Beverly and Penny together - with short but effective scenes that tell us all we need to know about the family dynamics and, you know, EXISTENCE. But Mr. Fowler - if that is indeed his name! - is such an enigma that he becomes more of an enigma the more he fails to exist.
  25. I have never seen any evidence that Amy wants a traditional wedding. She once said she wanted to walk down the aisle on her special day with all eyes on her to "The Way You Look Tonight." All that indicated was that Amy had some big dreams about weddings, she had the potential for Bridezilla nonsense, but the issue With her seemed focused on a desperate need for attention, a symptom of the attention and nurturing and friendship she never received her whole life until meeting Sheldon. Her song of choice was not the traditional wedding march or even Pachabel's canon; nothing particularly traditional there? So where is any evidence she wants a traditional wedding? (Fan fics about weddings don't count as canon! Neither do your own projected wishes and fantasies!) When push comes to shove, Amy realizes that all she really wants is him. And friends around, I think, since that's such a huge recurring theme with her character. Amy always wanted friends; she won't go for that Lenny type elopement, alone and without anyone else, she'll at least want Leonard and Penny with her and Sheldon when they get married. Also, At the end of the day, a lot depends on the fact that this is a sitcom, not a soap opera or a drama. They have a budget to adhere to. They are cynics as much as they are romantics. A huge white wedding production is not to be expected, especially one that goes according to plan. In fact, the more traditional (and boring to many) they try to go, the more I suspect that the roof falls in during a thunderstorm that triggers a massive farm animal stampede, because comedy must have balance, tit for tat. If you want your traditional, unfunny white wedding dress, then the sitcom laws say we get a whole coop of crazy, pooping chickens to let loose and terrorize and guests and chase Sheldon up a tree while Amy screams and cries because, well, that's comedy and it ain't boring. Further into traditional, perfect, boring themes you go, the more a comedy will attempt to skewer them and show them as ridiculous. Also, Sheldon hasn't even proposed yet, so we have no idea what sort of wedding Amy will chose. She might want a traditional one (and if she announces she wants a traditional white wedding I will hear: I want an epic fucking disaster of a wedding that might included bodily injury or destruction of several acres of Pasadena), but she also might be fine just going to the courthouse for a no-muss, no-fuss marriage. No evidence either way. HOWEVER. Even if they observe some traditions, such as Sheldon asking permission for Amy's hand (he did not seem bound to do this last season) or Amy bring walked down the aisle (I was using a lot of sarcasm in my original post on the giving away issue, and seeing as how that really went over people's heads I'm stepping back from the whole topic except to say that finding anyone with a penis o serve the role of giving her away if the father isn't around is just ridiculous, Any is a grown woman and can give herself away), this all goes back to.... What's the deal with Amy's Dad? See, as April pointed out, if Amy's Dad were dead or a deadbeat and she had no father figure in her life, she has had multiple chances to mention that in sympathy with both Howard and Sheldon. If her parents were divorced, she would comfort Raj by relating to him about it last season. But thinking about it...it's so weird that Amy only mentions her mother, or coming "from her mother's house" and not her parents. Honestly, it's just not normal. Mr. Hofsteder and Penny's Mom still have been spoken of if never seen on screen. Amy's Dad is such a mystery, and I don't know if the writers are aware of it, or think they can do whatever they want with her father when the time comes. But if Amy was getting married and wanted a traditional wedding, I think they would have to introduce him.
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