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  1. Now THAT makes me howl with laughter; I love it. Leonard SHOULD give Sheldon away! God, if that happens I will die a million deaths of pure glee. I always thought it was up to hilariously horrible fan fiction writers.
  2. I am not sure it reeks of desperation so much as beating the spoilers which were sure to get out anyway, and also beating out the Star Wars timing. What I mean by that is: Star Wars opens the night of or night after this episode of TBBT airs. Everything out there is going to be Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. Might as well put the issue of Sheldon and Amy sleeping together out now, where it can get some press and attention and be discussed or looked forward to before everything in the world is dominated by Star Wars. But for the rest - I bought seasons 1 - 6 on DVD. I never got around to buying season 7 and 8. I have to agree that the show did lose a certain amount of it's sparkle due to the fact that hardly anything ever happened - Penny and Leonard's engagement became this huge cock tease sort of thing that drove people nuts, Sheldon and Amy's intimacy issues were dragged out, Raj's storyline gets very little traction or attention, and Howard's mother died but only because the actress herself died, not because the writers actually planned it. One of the reasons why I am loving season 9 is because things are happening; Lenny got married (finally), Shamy broke up, got back together, and have now slept together (finally), and...well, the rest has been fluffy but it's been that classic TBBT fluff - sweet and with people actually behaving as friends, not like they hate each other and can barely stand to be around each other. There's been science stuff with their work, boys stuff, Shelnard stuff and etc. on top of the relationship stuff. It has a more old-school mix feeling to it. For me, season 9 is the best episode since season 5, but if people are missing it because the show made a huge mistake in dragging out their storylines too long, I get it. And once people don't like it and tune out, it's hard to get them back.
  3. What if Amy was a strong, independent woman who didn't need any man to "give her away." The entire concept of being given away is that one man has raised you, clothed you, fed you and protected you your whole life as you are a fragile little girl who was unable to take care of yourself without a man in your life. Now that you are getting married, you are being given away by the man who took care of you to the new man who will take care of you. Amy lives alone, has a job, and takes care of herself. Frankly, she's a million light years ahead of Sheldon in the game of taking care of herself. She needs no man to give her away, and since the role of father figure in her life is conspicuously absent, why invent one just to feed into some ridiculous, old-fashioned notion that a woman needs to live her life going from one man to another to be taken care of? Unless you are also hoping that once married to Sheldon she can quit her job, start popping out twins and triplets on a yearly basis, and only use her education to manage her recipe collection.
  4. You always make this statement as if it was absolute truth when not a single writer or producer has ever made the comment that they wanted to bring more female viewers onto the show. In fact, I'm not sure anyone has ever asked them directly: why did you bring Amy and Bernadette onto the show? All that's ever been stated is that they feel Melissa and Mayim are wonderful additions to the cast, and Chuck once said that now he has both of them on the show he finally feels his cast is "complete." It is possible that they brought on Melissa and Mayim to appeal to more females. It is possible that they brought on Melissa to play a love interest for Simon, and after their first break up they found that they liked the actress and character so much they decided to bring her back. Or they just wanted a love interest for Howard for awhile. It is possible that they brought on Amy for the sole purpose of developing a love interest for Sheldon. It is possible that they brought Melissa and Mayim in permanently for all the above reasons and others we're unaware of, and that's the point - we're unaware of the backstage reasons unless the people making those decisions say why. As they have not, we cannot make declarative statements like this.
  5. To be fair, the wedding and baby name planning has been going on almost since the day Amy walked in the door. The "Eye Coitus" gif competition reminded me of the early days of the ship, when we made up the in-fandom joke of "Eye Coitus" and started making the same gifs being reposted now years later. I thought I'd visit fan forum and try to remember when and where that all started and how it went down, and rereading the early threads reminded me how old these conversational topics have gotten over the years. It's amusing to go back to threads from 2012 and see: I am convinced Shamy will have twins and name them Pierre and Marie! Or all the back and forth about whether Sheldon and Amy would have sex before or after marriage. Once there's a couple, or even the hint of a couple, speculation about weddings and babies is not far behind. The same old stuff about it has been recycled over and over again with this ship; only difference is that Sheldon actually has a real ring now.
  6. Weddings on sitcoms are usually done in a way to remove the need for uncast family. Like Howardette needing a quickie wedding before he went into space, or Lenny eloping. I am not sure I would expect a big Shamy wedding, although Amy might try to plan one. She has big dreams for her wedding, that one. But considering both Sheldon and Amy seem to have big extended families they would probably not want to cast, the actual wedding won't make it to screen or there might not be a wedding at all. I think it's hard to say. But Sheldon isn't the sort to want a huge production with relatives he's not fond of, and neither of them are religious. And I think a point has been made that Amy wants *him,* and has gotten some perspective on her romantic notions not suiting who she, or they as a couple, really are and she wants and appreciates the real thing now. My guess is that they agree to just go to the courthouse, but like with Howardette, something goes wrong and perhaps the gang whips up a little magic alternative. Frankly, I could see Sheldon swooning at the idea of getting married at the comic book store. A wedding surrounded by the plastic, artistic representations of all his greatest heroes. Magic, huh?
  7. I suspect that the show is not going to make big changes to wardrobe simply because the characters had sex. While the breakup may have caused the characters to gain new perspectives on their relationship, I think that the predictable push back over Sheldon having sex is going to lead the writers to show, and maybe even stress, that outside of their romantic life in the bedroom, losing their virginity is not going to change them that much as human beings. In fact, they've already written some of that into the scripts. Amy went as far as getting her ears pierced, but was not going to change her clothing over some guy. When she did dress in a slightly more form fitting dress for her date with Dave, she felt it was entirely outside her comfort zone while Penny and Bernadette could not tell the difference. I think that it's been strongly suggested by the writing that TPTB love Amy just as she is and are not planning, and actually explicitly reject, the idea of giving her a make over. And Sheldon's comment about having sex again in a year or his inability to read Amy's physical cues about consent and his desire for her to sign an explicit form also serve to remind us that he's still Sheldon. Having sex once isn't a sudden jump into understanding it or his own limbido or urges very well. I have a feeling that now that the dam has burst, so to speak, on their sex life, the fears and uncertainty which held them both back are no longer in place and a bit of chaos might ensue. Sheldon's cluelessness about that likelihood is pretty classic Sheldon, as is his trouble reading her "yes" in her kiss. Overall, there are only so many cards a person can shuffle about their personality. Sex was a card that Sheldon refused to consider playing for a long time, although he held on firmly to his right to play it if he wanted to with Amy, as well as his right to only play it when he was ready and he wanted to. But sex is just one card, and I don't think the rest will change much for him. Or her either. They love each other and they made love to each other. It might seem fun to frame it in more vulgar terms, but nothing about their progress to this point in the past 5 years, nor the tenderness and awkwardness they displayed in the episode when it finally happened, suggest that this was mere fucking or boning for either. It was true intimacy borne from true love. Both of them are like such babes in the woods sometimes; I hate it and feel protective of them and the ship when the somewhat naughty delight over this huge milestone just turns downright crude and nasty. It also seems pedantic to get caught up in an argument about labels or interpretations of Sheldon the writers have shot down since season 1, and argue if he can or can't or could. He did. And he liked it. Because, bottom line, of pure love. It would be nice to respect that retain some of the sweetness of the whole thing, and to take a big step back from the crudity, if we can.
  8. I did understand, and I gave my answer. Misogyny is bullying. Demanding women dress in a certain way to be more pleasing is a classic form of patriarchal bullying. I don't believe standing up to close-minded bullying in the form of demanding conformity to certain ideas is bullying.
  9. I think everyone in the ensemble is incredibly talented. But some of them are more underrated than others. I don't put a lot of stock in awards; that's often very controversial anyway. Here's what I think: Kaley - When you watch the original pilot with another girl playing the role of Katie, often with many of the same lines Penny will later get in the new pilot, you swiftly come to appreciate Kaley Cuoco more than you ever thought she would. Kaley is a natural actress and not necessarily that different a person from Penny, and so she does make it look easy and you don't always realize how her line delivery and personality shine on a whole other level than what other actresses could do with the role. Kaley is in the underrated category, and will probably never win more than "People's Choice" awards, but that's who she is: A Women of the People. And they love her, and in some ways that might be more valuable to her in the long run than awards. Simon - So consistent, so funny, he never fails to deliver Howard Wolowitz as an actual human being. That's something key to note about Simon's performance. It would be SO EASY for Howard Wolowitz to turn into a caricature of himself, and for Simon to just go through the motions of playing him, but he never, ever does. Wolowitz could just be a sum of his quirks and his problems and his baggage, but Simon gives him life, and it's an amazing, genius comedic performance season after season, episode after episode. Simon should at least be nominated or awarded, what he does as an actor is something which is usually admired and valued, and it sometimes makes me upset to wonder if the reason he gets overlooked is that he lacks the sex appeal. I'm not sure why he gets overlooked all the time, but the show should stump for him more. Johnny - Galecki gets overshadowed by Jim, pure and simple. Not because of any competition between the two of them, but simply because Sheldon is such a unique character and Leonard is such a typical nerd. Sheldon is a very unique character who is deliberately drawn from many of the greats that set people's imagination on fire: the Spock or Sherlock type. Which always always outshine or get more attention than their counterparts: Bones or Watson. (I know you think it's Kirk, but Kirk was really the "hero" between Bones's emotion and Spock's cold logic, the other two were there to balance Kirk out. But people hardly ever talk about Bones, they talk about Spock, or Spock and his relationship with Kirk.) Physically, Sherlock, Spock and Sheldon are all taller, leaner, and smarter, and more physically attractive than their shorter, stockier, servicably cute but not handsome, and very intelligent just not as awe-inspiringly intelligent as the other. Bones, Watson and Leonard are supposed to play the straight man, the normal more average guy, the one that the audience gets access to the bizarre Spock, Sherlock or Sheldon, and who often humanizes him and allows us to see and access the other, but isn't as appreciated. But interestingly enough, Galecki deliberately asked to play Leonard when they originally offered him Sheldon. Weirdly, that's exactly what Courtney Cox did as well, turning down the role of Rachel for Monica. i think they both knew what suited them, and it made room for Jim Parsons and Jennifer Aniston to come in. Johnny is a laid back guy and in some ways the center and calm leader of the cast, just like Courtney was the center and "mother" of her cast as well, and kept them together. These people are often the underrated rocks of their shows and their cast, but they don't get the same attention or appreciation, or all the awards. That's how the cookie crumbles. Mayim might not have won, but she gets noticed. Jim has won so many times in a row I think some people are a bit pissed off by it. But those two have characters who are the most unique (although I find Wolowitz pretty unique) and that definitely gives them a boost. But on top of that they turn in solid performances. Melissa and Kunal turn in solid performances too, and their talent with line delivery is also amazing. To be honest, I think that Melissa might end up having the most legs as far as her career goes after this series is over. And since she's been paid so much less, and awarded and noticed so much less, she'll be hungrier, I think.
  10. I have to say that this is one of those episodes that remind me that it's wiser to reserve full judgement until you see the episode yourself. Sometimes a taping is seen by a member of one ship who cares more about or concentrates more on that ship when they report about it, but what comes to air can be different. I felt that this episode was far more evenly balanced between the different storylines than I perceived from the original spoilers; Lenny and Shamy both had a lot of screen time and a balance between them, neither storyline seemed more important than the other and sprouted off each other. Lenny's storyline was silly, but showed how this couple has grown and how cute they are when they interact. They bicker, but they seem to enjoy the bickering now in a way they didn't before. It's just their thing to quibble. Also, God bless Johnny Galecki, because he is the best sport and up for anything. I complained a few times last year that the show did not know what to do with Leonard, and did not give Johnny enough chances to show off just how funny he can be when he has the material to work with. This episode proved that point; Johnny went for his "Naughty Carrot" routine, and he was hilarious. It's was nice for the levity with Lenny to be there, considering the tension with Shamy. It was interesting where they kept the camera focus for both individuals depending on the point in the scene. You noticed that while Amy was answering Sheldon's questions about her dating life that they kept the camera on him, showing him with a long-distance stare and nod as she spoke about the men she dated, how many, how she met them, and when she said she had not slept with any of them the way that his eyes dart to take her in immediately, and he holds his breath and then seems to let it out and relax. Like hell he doesn't want her sexually for himself; they're broken up and he still feels sexually possessive of her, and he's relieved she hasn't slept with someone else. The camera stayed on him that whole time just so we could see him react to her answers to those questions. Just like the camera stayed on Amy and showed her heartbreak and disappointment over Sheldon turning her down while he rambled on about his answers to the fish game. The fact that that conversation, which easily could have been played over Skype (it was a deliberate choice to put them on the phone, and not on Skype), kept them from seeing each other's facial expressions and tics was pretty critical. Sheldon was wiggling and pawing a fingers nervously at the couch, Amy was gripping the steering wheel desperately, and Amy was so hopeful while Sheldon was clearly clinging to the idea of them as friends, which he was happy with and as much as he could handle. And they both tried to keep their voices level, normal, and non-committal even though you could see the tension and confusion and hurt from their body language. Fascinating stuff, and a nice *shared* episode where both couples got their turns in the sun.
  11. I don't know. I kind of want Sheldon to turn out to enjoy sex and, according to Amy at least, be extremely good and satisfying at it. Just so he has one more thing he's superior at to lord over the other boys. Because you know the minute Sheldon brags about his sexual prowess and there's evidence to suggest he's not lying, the other boys are going to want to shoot themselves.
  12. LMAO - No problem. Believe me, plenty of English speakers would make the same mistake. It's not a big deal!
  13. Agreed. I am very suspicious of the fact that both Sheldon and Amy's bedroom sets are apparently being left up for the hiatus. Usually, if a set is not going to be used again for the next episode, it gets struck right away. My guess is that both Amy and Sheldon are going to agree that they enjoyed their first time, and that they can set a date or a schedule for when they are going to do it again. In fact, it would be hysterical if that was a running joke: they both agree to not have sex again until a specific agreed time, as they both feel satisfied. Cut to both of them lying in Amy's bed again, panting happily in an Apr├ęs Coitus glow, looking surprised and going, "how did that happen?" So then they agree that perhaps the problem is Amy's apartment, so they'll have their next date night, with no sex, at Sheldon's apartment. Cut to them both in Sheldon's bed, mussed up even worse than before, panting and looking at the ceiling perplexed, wondering how that happened again! It would be a funny running joke, and a way to establish that their sex life is going to be just fine now that they have crossed that first time threshold. And Shamy having sex in Sheldon's room might be just the right impetus to freak Penny and Leonard into moving out once and for all.
  14. Since Penny is married she'd officially be the Matron of Honor, but yes, I think that would obviously be Amy's pick.
  15. Completely agree. I think that a few action figures need to start making their way stealthfully into Penny's apartment. Perhaps Green Latern can watch over their little dinner table.
  16. Since I currently hold the crown as the forum's Best Essay Writer, I think I can pass out awards in that category? Let me pass over the Golden Pen award. Which should be a Golden Keyboard award but that would be too expensive. And I want to pull this out just to comment that I totally and utterly understand and respect this position. After the premier, I could not believe that that was the actual and final Lenny wedding. The wedding vow part was wonderful, but the whole thing was so brief and, as you pointed out, overshadowed by the Shamy break up. I said at the time that I was convinced that could not be the real wedding and something would go wrong and they would have to do it again. Looks like I am going to be wrong about that, and it does leave me baffled. Lenny gets treated like this sometimes for their big milestones - it is odd. Something in the proposal was also deliberately anti-climatic, and so was the actual wedding. I don't blame any Lenny shipper for calling shenanigans on that wedding, and I don't understand the point of the writers when they seem to go out of the their way to undercut their original supercouple.
  17. I think that the 200th will focus on both Lenny and Shamy by dealing, at least, with the living arrangement issue and having Leonard finally move out. We saw that they almost did it earlier this season, and that Leonard was emotional about it, and had a hard time letting go. The 200th would be a good place to say that, after 199 episodes of Sheldon and Leonard as roommates, the two best buddies are finally going their separate ways with the women in their lives. No matter all else, the show started with Leonard and Sheldon, and their friendship and the shared 4A apartment has been the heart of the show the entire time. The romantic relationships have complicated that, and it's far past time for both to move on, but what's kept them together, underneath all of the bitching, fighting, begging and arm-twisting, is genuine love and respect for each other. If the 200th serves as a reminder and even flashback of all of that over the years, and the two of them mutually acknowledging that they are moving on and growing up, that would be very significant. Otherwise, it might be when Sheldon proposes to Amy. I think that Sheldon and Amy getting engaged and the living arrangement situation for Leonard and Sheldon are the two major milestones that the show is hinting at for their storylines this year that have not played out yet.
  18. Not sure about crazies, but ShennyHQ has a tumblr and twitter account that they keep up to speed, yes. Pretty sure that any vocal Shenny shippers, and those who prefer seasons 1 - 3 and like to pretend that the show never went on to further seasons afterwards are all hanging out there. It's the same cast of people spread over all of the different mediums, though, for the most part. Sometimes names change, but the core shipping/show fandom who like discussing the show and are very passionate about it are pretty much the same over various social media mediums. I don't mean that just for the Shenny ship either, but everyone who is active online in the fandoms. As for some other points: While there have been press releases about Sheldon and Amy finally having coitus, there were plenty of press releases about Penny and Leonard getting engaged, and about them getting married, all of which were picked up by newspapers and other outlets. The writers care about all of the characters and are juggling a lot of different pairings, plots, storylines and the entire cast. Shamy being broken up as meant that the whole gang hasn't had an ensemble episode, but those were still rare anyway, and they have done a lot of other pairings or tried to have some big group moments. There's been quite a bit of Sheldon and Leonard this season - the two of them ended up having their own storyline over the helium while the rest of the gang had more of an ensemble plotline over trying to find a new boyfriend for Amy. And both, for me, were successful and hysterical. However, as much as I am a die hard shipper (did not miss an episode this season, nor decided outright to stop watching), I do know when something has been really shafted and thrown too far into the background. And I am sorry to Lenny shippers, but that major problem is NOT your ship, it's Raj and especially Raj and Emily. I feel like the writers are going to wake up one day and realize that Raj and Emily have been together for 5 years because they never got around to writing plots for them. Lenny got married, and while I think that the number of scenes of the wedding was surprisingly few, the scenes that were there were incredibly sweet. I also think that the writers really messed up with the whole "Leonard messed around with some minor cheating" which they really tried to sell as "no big deal." For instance, having Mandy say, "It was just a kiss, why did you even tell her?" like the cheating was nothing. But a lot of people did not take him kissing another woman on his North Sea trip as nothing, and I'm of the opinion that they have made a serious effort to write Leonard as way nicer, happier, less sarcastic and moody, supportive just as a husband to Penny and friend to Sheldon as part of some rehabilitation here. He needed it, bad, and they are doing it subtly, trying to sweep the whole cheating thing under the table and move forward. Now you always see Leonard and Penny together - they are obviously joined at the hip, happily married, and fine at this point in time.
  19. I'm a primary Shamy shipper, but I also love Lenny and I really love it when they get screen time and are adorable together. I am really looking forward to seeing tonight's Slutty Carrot segment; the pictures and preview make it sound adorable. I always love the chemistry and interactions with Leonard and Penny when it's just the two of them, teasing, flirting, and being a cute couple. I also realize that the stress of the negativity from the Shenny ship, particularly towards Leonard, was always something that was difficult to combat and Lenny had it first before eventually Shamy would later be included in the same sort of defense of Amy. But in the long run, it's unfortunate and often bewildering that the two main cannon ships can get so antagonistic towards each other. Each couple has ups and downs, and alternates time spent in the spotlight. The absolute worst is when one ship tries to tear down the other just when they are at their height, or having their best moment, and often that's when the claws really come out. Sheldon and Amy just got back together and lost their virginity to one another. As far as huge milestones, it's Shamy's turn right now, and it's sadly predictable that one side of the other is booing, bitching, throwing their popcorn and whining, "but what about us and our needs?" It's not going to change; all the same characters have been at this for years, and no matter the olive branches or commentary on the negativity or even trying to get one ship to stay out of the others thread and a gazillion posts hidden or removed, people don't change. This is a huge part of the reason why there's no Shenny representation here at all now, not even in their own thread. I think it's unfortunate, and don't want to add to it, but I wouldn't expect it to change whatsoever.
  20. Wow. Way to be a fair and balanced forum moderator, Ten.
  21. Yes. It went only to her KNEES! *gasp*
  22. I'd like the taping report PMed too, please?
  23. Threatening a misogynist, foreigner or not, not something I'll ever regret.
  24. Doubt they can keep it quiet, and I also think it's how they are going to hype the next 3 episodes. Which are going to be a sort of "holy Shamy trilogy" for Shamy shippers and other fans, as we go from the Aquarium episode, to them getting back together, to them having sex. If they put out now that they have coitus, and a lot of people out there are still skeptical on the idea of Sheldon being interested or capable of that especially since at the moment they are still broken up, people will tune in to find out how that all plays out.
  25. I don't think Sheldon wanted her to fill out a contract. I think that he fully wanted and intended to have sex with her, and did a lot of research, and came across the issue of "consent." He was very worried about making sure she was okay with the fact HE wanted to have sex, and that he, as a man, should not pressure her or try to coerce her into having sex without getting her full consent. Remember that Sheldon set up the evening intending to have sex with her on her birthday as a gift, to show her how he feels about her. She wasn't supposed to know, but Penny and Bernie tipped her off. So to Sheldon the issue of her consent was a priority, because it's not like they set up the evening with it being understood and discussed in advance that that was going to happen that evening. For Sheldon, having Amy's consent to take their physical intimacy to a level beyond anything they had done before was very important. Because he respects her. Because he wants her to regret nothing. However, he is still Sheldon - he's not capable of reading body language or facial cues or any better than he used to just because he's changed in this regard. He still needs to make sure he has consent and isn't misunderstanding any of her signals, so when she keeps kissing him rather than give him verbal confirmation it's okay, he was going to have to stop and make her fill out a consent form just so he was sure. I think it's really sweet. It also shows the difference between "flaws" Sheldon can fix and ones he can't. Can Sheldon grow up? Yes. Can Sheldon grow any better at really understanding other people's social and implicit cues? No, that's just not how he's wired. This is not some new version of Sheldon, this is Sheldon, as he is, himself, and what he's grown to be as a better, softer, more loving person to both others and to himself through his relationship with Amy. ETA: The gifts Sheldon had planned are just amazing, and especially touching as he made a conscious effort to plan them and think about what she would like. He's managed to find things she would like before, but almost by accident. This was stepping up to plan her birthday because he loved her in advance from start to finish. It's just a whole new level for him. It's huge. HUGE. (Is that what she said?)
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