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  1. Sorry, been away for a couple of days, now, where were we ?........... The idea of the movie is to take the characters out of their comfort zone, In the opening song it says "We built the Pyramids" and there are flashes of the model T ford, this film goes to show how "We" built them, using the "We" not for humanity but for the 4 boys. I know the film doesn't use real science, unlike Avatar, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Avengers, "Sorry", (sarcasm). One film in the top twenty highest grossing films of all time was about real life, "The Titanic" which came in second. Most of the others have been mentioned on the show. You don't want to spend money to go to the movies and see the same thing you can watch on TV for nothing. This uses the same characters everyone loves and sends them on an unexpected journey. As far as filming goes, it would have to be filmed using the latest Hi-Tec equipment, eg: 3D, that is one thing I'm sure the fans would expect. And as I said before, It's just a bit of fun !!
  2. Hooligan, look up the Godel Solution, Also remember, it's just a bit of fun, it's a movie. and this wouldn't affect the sitcom because it relates to time travel, it starts and finishes at the same time. Regards Jim.
  3. 40 to 50 years, so, there is a chance ! Again just thinking, some of the highest grossing movies in the last 20 years : Avatar, Harry Potter, The Avengers, Iron Man, Lord of the Rings, Most have been mentioned in the sitcom because it's these people that watch TBBT. With the world wide success of the sitcom, there's your audience !! Old proverb, "Strike while the irons hot" You might say, "Never count your chickens before they hatch". 50 years ago, Dick Rowe from Decca Records rejected a quartet from Liverpool, called "The Beatles" that went well (sarcasm). You never know, I might just be the next Leonard Tolstoy or JK Rowlins. Regards Jim.
  4. Gee Tensor, you just sent me into a state of deep depression. But then I got thinking, For those of us who are old enough to remember the 1960's sitcom of Batman, staring Adam West and Burt Ward. They made a Film also. In 1989 WB released Batman staring Michael Keaton, is was a dark movie totally opposite of the original, but Batman was still Batman. In the Addams family Values movie the cast was totally different but Gomaz was still Gomaz, although cousin "It" didn't change much. With modern technology the scenes in the time wormhole as they speed along just missing the socks I think lends itself to be filmed in 3D. I do thank you for your comments but I still feel this could be done.
  5. Thanks for the read guys, Stewie, Ever tried to find an Agent. that's why they invented Brick Walls !! Gilligans Island also made a movie and Modern Family filmed in Australia. With the world wide following the BBT has, it already has an instant audience. Hooligan, Because the movie is about time travel, it starts and finishes at the same time, so it can easily offshoot from the sitcom without changing the current story line. I know it sounds a bit cartoonie. A mate of mine said it would make a great Comic Book, Imagine that, the boys with their own comic book !! Regards Jim
  6. Something to read !!......Please enjoy !! bbt movie 1.0.pdf bbt movie 2.0.pdf
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