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  1. I know people have a right to say whatever they want to about the show and no. Not everyone likes the same shows but it’s sad that fans of the show are disappointed in the direction that the show is going and the writing which they have the right to show disappointment about that but I hate to see fans turn on the show because it’s not like how it use to be. I mean when a show has been on for 12 seasons, it’s obviously not gonna be the same as when it started. Oh well. That’s their opinion and I respect that. Please don’t be mad at me MTBigBangTheoryFan. Sorry that I upset you.:( Why
  2. No I’m just talking about comments in general on any social media platform whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Are people leaving rude comments on that article?:(
  3. Yeah. Opinions are like noses. We all have them. Lol. I know people have their right to express their disappointment of the direction that show is going or the writing but sometimes people go too far and are harsh. I know that since the show has been on for so many years that it would not be the same as when it first started which some people can be pleased with that and some people who are not. That’s just the way it goes. No matter what people think, I think fans in general are sad to see it end because it’s been on for so long and has been a part of their lives in a way you know?
  4. Yeah. I meant on Instagram, Facebook, etc. I know longevity and ratings don’t always mean quality but people can be so harsh about it though.:( I’m still gonna miss the show no matter what and The Big Bang Theory will always have a special place in my heart.❤️❤️❤️
  5. For the people on social media saying that they’re glad The Big Bang Theory is ending and good riddance, why do they have to be so rude?! If they think that the show is not funny anymore and is boring, then don’t watch and comment on their posts. I personally still love the show and the cast. There are fans who are genuinely sad to see the show end so please be respectful! Geez. Who agrees?! I know a lot of people say that the show has gone downhill and not funny anymore but it’s been 12 seasons for crying out loud! They did pretty good for being on the air for so long. I know some people say
  6. Wait...Johnny sings and plays guitar?! Woah. Can’t believe I didn’t know this already. Lol.😂😂😂
  7. Aww. Jim couldn’t make it to Kaley’s wedding because of The Boys in the Band correct? He just congratulated her on Instagram though so that’s sweet.
  8. Aww. He’s too precious!❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😍😍😍
  9. Jim was absolutely adorable on Live with Kelly and Ryan this morning! Who agrees?! Bless his heart.:( He was limping when Kelly announced him but he still had the biggest smile on his face and even laughed.😍😍😍😭😭😭 He is just too sweet.❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😩😩😩 They also talked about The Big Bang Theory possibly ending after next season and Jim said it may be possible cause everybody’s contracts will be up after next season.:( I’m so sad.:( What do you guys think about that? @vonmar your thoughts on Jim’s interview this morning? He’s adorable isn’t he?!😍😍😍 Was it announced that everybody’s contracts would b
  10. Nice! Hey. Jim has been making a lot of Instagram stories lately and was wondering who the dog is in his IG his stories because I thought Ottis passed away... It looks just like Ottis....I’m confused....
  11. Hey everybody! Just wondering what the MPAA rating is for A Kid Like Jake is because I know it’s about a touchy subject matter...I still want to see Jim in it so bad.:( I want to see him in that “dad” type role. It will be interesting to see!:) I know they said it will be released in select theaters June 1st but what about digitally(specifically iTunes)? I know when Octavia Spencer was on Live with Kelly and Ryan, they mentioned a digital release. I didn’t see it when I searched it on iTunes. I guess there’s no preorder for it.:(
  12. Hi! I know. Lol. I just haven’t posted here in a while. Haha. I rarely post in this forum. I feel bad about that.:( I do hope to meet Jim someday. He seems so sweet.❤️❤️❤️
  13. Aww.:( Jim has had it rough.:( His dog has passed away and now he’s injured.:( Hope things get better for him soon. My name is Cassidy and my dream is to meet Jim one day. It’s impossible because I’m from Mississippi. He’s mostly in LA or New York.:( So far.:( I’m a Southern gal.;) Haha. I know Jim is from Houston, Texas so he is from the South like me. Lol. Jim is so sweet and so caring. I think I would be so star struck if I ever met him. He only has Instagram but he never replies to anyone on there especially on private message.:( I wish I could contact him on there but there’s millions o
  14. At least Amy knows about the kiss and was the better person...
  15. So glad that kiss wasnt made into a big deal! Yayy!!! Shamy are engaged!!!
  16. The way he looks at her when proposing.<3 *squeal!!!!!!!* Someone said on Facebook that they thought he only proposed to Amy because he realized he had feelings for Ramona and didnt want to betray Amy. Umm....did they even see the way he looked at Amy when he proposed to her?!!! He definitely loves Amy not Ramona! I hope this theory isnt true! What do you guys think of this theory?
  17. @shamyyellow @kazzie You were both at the finale taping right? When Sheldon proposed to Amy, what did his voice sound like when he said ''Will you marry me?'' Like was it shaky, like he was about to cry, or was it a serious tone? Describe his facial expression when he proposed? I still cant believe this and cant wait to watch!
  18. I want to see Hidden Figures so bad but I hate Jim only has a small part in it.:( I love him! Anybody know the name of his character and how many scenes he will be in? I know nothing about his character. Lol.
  19. I know I haven't posted here in a while but hi again! Almost that time again for a new season!!!! Can't wait! Does anybody know when the first taping of Season 10 is? Someone mentioned the table read is next week... Does this mean we will get Bill Prady's usual teaser pic of the script cover?
  20. Wow. Jim was so emotional on Long Island Medium.:( He is so sweet. OMG!<3 I just love him.<3
  21. YESS!! Jim on Long Island Medium! His episode is tonight!!!!<3
  22. Update: CBS is working on my TV now! Don't know what I did. Lol. Hasn't messed up yet! Hope it stays that way! I'm ready! Can't contain my excitement!<3
  23. Man, of course my tv isn't picking up CBS tonight. Ugh. Does anybody have a live stream here on the Internet?
  24. The Sweet Compounder, can you pm me the taping report as well? Thanks!
  25. Hi! Can you pm me the details as well?:) Thanks.
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