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  1. Homo Novus is officially dead.

  2. ^ I wouldn't say Howard should have stayed the same 100%. But it all happened so fast, first the on-off relationship with Bernadette and then a short time later already the marriage. I really don't know what the writers were thinking. Howard had so much potential yet they decided to make him a backround character. Now he is trapped in this "prison" (I'm not calling a marriage a prison but we are talking about a sitcome here...) where his actions are very limited, thanks to his wife. It's actually very sad to see him like that.
  3. Addendum: I don't have a problem with Amy per se, but with her story arc / character development, as sECUREij described it.
  4. That's exactly my problem with Amy. She's way too normal now and hence often "corrects" Sheldon so he gradually becomes normal too. Whereas it should be the other way around: both Amy and Sheldon should have that great interaction like in Season 4 (first half).
  5. ^ Yeah Jane on a date - there's something off. :D I expect Lisbon to confront Jane about their special relationship sooner or later, after all she's not in charge anymore and thus has all the time and liberty.
  6. Next episode ("White Lines") to air on January 5, 2014.
  7. ^ Hmm yes, season 4 Amy was definitely the best so far. Season 5 was horrible *brrr*.
  8. A Very Good episode for me - finally! Loved the Shenny moment. As for Howard's mother being dead, and all the peeing - that was a bit over the top.
  9. Well, the 2nd episode of the "new" Mentalist wasn't as awesome as the first one, but still good. So Jane lied about the list, he doesn't have any more names of the Blake organization. I'm not so sure of that ... Anyways, it seems that the team is set now. However I wonder what will happen to Rigsby and Van Pelt ...
  10. There's only one true Knight Rider!! Hehe. Original intro version: „Knight Rider – A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. (Pause) Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.“ The German intro is a bit different, here the speaker says: „Er kommt – Knight Rider – Ein Auto, ein Computer, ein Mann. (Pause) Knight Rider – Ein Mann und sein Auto kämpfen gegen das Unrecht.“ Translation: "Here he comes - Knight Rider - One car, one computer, one man. Knight Rider - a man and his car fighting against the injustice." Loved the show.
  11. 7x09 Okay 7x10 Bad It's going downhill I'm afraid ...
  12. A Bad episode for me (second time after 7x06). Stardustmelody and Moonbase pretty much summed up how I feel. After a good start, especially 7x03 and 7x04, the season is going downhill.
  13. I agree. I always thought the Red John saga should have ended with Season 3. I mean the show is not called "Red John" but "The Mentalist" after all. Re: Jisbon: I think Jane needs another woman in his life to realize how much Lisbon actually means to him. And now where RJ is dead, there's no more danger for people who are close to PJ. Can't wait for the next episode!
  14. Well, the "reboot" wasn't that bad as I initially thought. Something is up in the air. Why does the FBI really need Jane? What are Jane's plans? What's up with that FBI woman? Why is Agent Abbott acting so suspiciously? I think there's already enough suspense to develop a new, good story.
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