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  1. Could I have the Taping Report too please? I'm just a lurker who barely posts but today is an special occasion :D I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY GOT FREAKING LAID!! Can't wait to see it on tv ahhhhhh! I've completely died this morning. All those years of waiting have been well worth it <3 wooooooo Shelly you've finally become a man xD
  2. Mmmmm well if there were a secret scene next week I actually wouldn't be very greedy about its content, I would be happy as heck just with showing Sheldon after his phone conversation with Amy, as many of you said, it would be nice showing him looking at the Amy screensaver with a sad look, or just showing just him with a sad look after hanging up, No need of screensaver after all, just with knowing that Sheldon is not happy wherever he is and that he misses his home and Amy my little fangirl heart would be warmed up <3 Awwww I really really wish they tapped something else apart from what they showed :'( My hopes remain very low but hell a girl can dream after all And btw have you guys seen THIS? I just found it in YouTube this morning and OH GOD It's a 7x21 promo from some UK Channel maybe? They really know how to play with our minds! This is sooo far away from the truth and yet I can't help but sigh a little bit at it, I specially love how they emphasized Sheldon's gulp! I think it confirms that Jim made the gulp on purpose :'D
  3. THIS. EXACTLY THIS. What I like the most about Shamy is how different they are from the others current TV couples which are full of drama, breakups more drama, more breakups again...etc. Of course the Shamy have problems and couple issues but what I like about them is that they solve them and explore their relationship in their own quirky way at their own pace and that's original and awesome x) So if they're going to go with that angry and distant Amy plot I want them to do it in a funny way, just how Shamy's dinamic usually is. As you all have said, Sheldon realizing he really messed up and trying to win her back can contain a lot of comedy potential And I hope they don't take more than one or two episodes to solve it, their relationship's motion is slow enough to slow it down even more with a long fight. This kind of breakup plots are used in shows as a way to ralentize the couple's rhythm, but in Shamy's case they are already slow
  4. Count me on too! :'D I know it's kinda unlikely we have a secret scene but what the hell, let me be delusional just for this week
  5. Oh GREAT! :D I got so hooked up reading your story last night that I stayed up until 2:30 AM hahaha. I'm reading this new chapter right now <3 Really, you do such a good job keeping Sheldon in character (which is really difficult in this kind of plots involving sex) Keep the good writting! I hope you write more stories soon :D
  6. I'm reading it complete tonight TheShamyShipper :D I've read chapter one and OH BOY SO SPOT ON! You totally nailed Sheldon's personality! I'm sure I'll enjoy it a lot if the rest is like this first chapter <3 I'm really REALLY picky when it comes to fanfics but nothing makes me happier than a good and in character fanfic. Sadly they're really difficult to find Not everybody knows how to write Sheldon's character nor Shamy's relationship dynamic.
  7. One more song I've just remembered! (Sorry for the double post but I just had to post this song ) I'm a sucker for finding fitting songs for Shamy <3 This one reminds me of Sheldon A LOT :'D If I knew how I totally would do a video with this I was born in the arms of imaginary friends Free to roam, made a home out of everywhere I've been Then you come on crashing in Like the realest thing Trying my best to understand All that your love can bring Oh, half of my heart's got a grip on the situation Half of my heart takes time Half of my heart's got a right mind To tell you that I can't keep lovin' you, can't keep lovin' you Oh, with half of my heart I was made to believe I'd never love somebody else Made a plan, stay the man who can only love himself Lonely was the song I sang 'Til the day you came Showing me another way And all that my love can bring Oh, half of my heart's got a grip on the situation Half of my heart takes time Half of my heart's got a right mind To tell you that I can't keep lovin' you, can't keep lovin' you Oh, with half of my heart, with half of my heart Your faith is strong, but I can only fall short for so long Down the road, later on You will hate that I never gave more to you Than half of my heart But I can't stop lovin' you, I can't stop lovin' you I can't stop lovin' you, I can't stop lovin' you, I can't stop lovin' you with half of my Half of my heart, oh half of my heart Half of my heart's got a real good imagination Half of my heart's got you Half of my heart's got a right mind to tell you That half of my heart won't do Half of my heart is a shot gun wedding To a bride with a paper ring And half of my heart is the part of a man Who's never truly loved anything Half of my heart, oh half of my heart Half of my heart, oh half of my heart Half of my heart, oh half of my heart
  8. Well I really really hope that it's not Meemaw the one who's going to die (tbh, I doubt it) I think that Sheldon has had enough for now, One more issue and I think that he would jump out of the window haha. I think that the article was totally refering to Professor Proton And I don't think Amy was mad or upset at Sheldon at all (Oh I would like her to, but sadly I think she's not) I think she was more worried than anything else. Her boyfriend has just left the town on a train and completely alone and I'm sure she thinks it was in part her fault for putting more pressure on him asking him to move with her. Actually I'm starting to worry about the writters making Amy the one who apologizes for being so pushy and letting Sheldon having his way again I really really hope they don't play it this way If she was mad at Sheldon she would have made it clear when she talked to him on the phone, instead of it she acted nice and then once she hung up, she showed her true feelings
  9. One more song for this adorable soundtrack :D I love this song and It kinda reminds me of Sheldon <3 Finally I figured out, but it took a long long time And now there's a turnabout, Maybe cause I'm trying [PRE-CHORUS] There's been times, I'm so confused All my roads, They lead to you I just can't turn, And walk away... [CHORUS] It's hard to say, What it is I see in you Wonder if I'll always, Be with you But words can't say, And I can't do Enough to prove, It's all for you I thought I'd seen it all, 'Cause it's been a long long time But then we'll trip and fall, Wondering if I'm blind [PRE-CHORUS & CHORUS] Rain comes pouring down (Pouring down) Falling from blue skies (Falling from blue skies) Words without a sound, Coming from your eyes [CHORUS - REPEAT ...]
  10. I would like to say that I'm strong enough to stay unspoiled but I the best I can do is staying unspoiled until the full taping report comes out (And I don't always achieve it ) I would love to stay unspoiled for the 2 first episodes (and for the whole season) but sadly I've became an spoiler addict! I can't contain myself when lovely and fresh taping reports are out ;_; But seriously, I'm going to admire A LOT the people who are going to be able to resist the tapings reports and watch the S8 premiere totally unspoiled. I still don't even know how I'm going to resist the 4 months hiatus, I think I've read every Shamy fanfic in ff.net this week Even the ones I don't like LOL
  11. Yup I'm trying to think about a reason for Sheldon to ask her to live with him (As you said it would be lovely for it to happen in Vday <33) The only thing I can come up with is Sheldon living alone for a while first after Lenny moved together. He would be okay with it at first but after a few days he would start to feel very lonely. Amy would be visiting him as she always do, She and Sheldon having a good time and everytime she's leaving Sheldon will try to retain her in his house for a little longer (Sheldon: What about staying a little longer? I have this new miniature train, we could play together, Amy: It's getting late Sheldon, I have to get going, we have work tomorrow Sheldon: Then how about watching this african monkeys documental I have? Amy: Great! we'll watch it tomorrow then, but now I have to leave (She exits and start to go dowstairs Sheldon(From upstairs): And what about wathing this little house of the prairie dvds?) Hahahaha I don't know something like that It would be fun Then Sheldon could have a talk with Leonard and Penny and they could suggest him to invite Amy to move with him or something and the following day (it could be Vday just because the idea is so freaking adorable ) the would be hanging out together as always and once Amy is leaving Sheldon could be like: (Sheldon: You don't have to leave, you...you can stay the night if you want Amy (all wide eyed) : What? Sheldon: Actually...you... can stay here for a while, but just if you're willing to sign this roomate agreement (and then he hands her a brand new roomate agreement) And add a few touching stuff here and there IDK, I'm actually no good at this, stop me before I ruin the Shamy please hahahaha
  12. Completely and absolutely AGREE in almost everything :D I Luv your ideas! I also think that Sheldon and Amy could pair up and work together! IMO they didn't make Amy to work on the Caltech for a few months just because (If they wanted Amy there just for the Workplace Proximity plot they would have made her stay just for a few weeks instead of a few months) and Sheldon having a career crisis just at the same time, this is leading somewhere. And I completely LOVED your idea about Leonard bothered by Penny's messy house and missing Sheldon's way of doing things, after all he's been living that ultraorganized life for 10 years He's complaining all the time but he's totally gotten used to it. it's my headcanon now x) And for babies...The only pregnancy I can actually see is Bernie's (or maybe maybe and just maybe a Shamy testube baby, they wanted to have one when they first met after all) and I see it happening maybe in the middle of season 9 or something, because they said they didn't want to put up with babies And the poor Raj, actually I see him breaking up with Emily, I liked TheShamyShipper's serial killer theory hahaha, maybe serial killer it's a bit of strong but I can see Raj being sooo creeped out because of Emily's weird taste in corpses and blood and breaking up with her, and maybe...getting back with Lucy? IDK, I liked her for Raj, they were both awkwardly cute <3 And where the hell is Ivette the vet? I liked her a lot and she just disappeared D:
  13. Oh I don't think they have to be that explicit and plan every detail, I was just thinking in some comical situations, I don't know, Sheldon doing research about condoms brands, bugging amy with trivial facts about coitus, him having a small freak out about it...things like that. The writers tend to be kinda implicit when it comes to sex, sooo I don't think they are going to discuss serious facts about sex, maybe just a serious talk about Sheldon being prepared and after that all those comic situations x) I don't know really, I just love speculating
  14. Yeah agree, they're not keeping Sheldon away for a very long time. In my head I'm hoping for one hour long season premiere like they did last year. In the first episode we would have Sheldon having the epiphany that we are supposing he's going to have, and then in the second episode he would come home and work on his issues with Amy, Lenny, his job... (For this one I think that the solution will come when he's his serious talk with Amy, the psychic said so )
  15. HAHAHAHAHA Hell, those CBS twitter monkeys REALLY are Shennies, I still remember that infamous Vday card the put there a few months ago.
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