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  1. Me too! I think Howard is one of the most expressive characters of the show.
  2. alebang


    I think Penny has evolved throughout the 6 seasons from the sexy blond next door who was silly, dumb and without personality (that's what I think they wanted at the beggining Penny to be and during the first episodes was what I thought of her) to a girl with lot of personality and character. I really enjoy watching her evolution and how her relation with the others changes, especially with Sheldon. It's true that Penny has never done anything to show that she is a dumb, but initially I don't know why, was the first thing I thought. (Sorry because of my mistakes, I'm practicing w
  3. Thanks, both of you!" :D I went to imageShack and I realized that I have an old account there, so I uploaded my banner, but I think I have to wait until I write more messages because I don't have permission to change my profile yet.
  4. This is one of my favourite episodes by far, I can't stop laughing throughout the hole episode, and I love the finale soft kitty moment, when Sheldon is singing to Penny I like both Sheldon/Penny and Leonar/Howard/Raj scenes but I can't stop thinking of what would had happenned if Sheldon had gone with the boys to the dessert. :o
  5. Hi!! I'm Alejandra, I'm 27 and I've started watching Big Bang Theory by chance last summer and now I'm addicted to the show! I have some questions about how to start Can you tell me a free webpage where I can upload my avatar? how can I put a banner below my signature? ( I've just read the signature rules). It's a long time since I last was in a forum so I'm a little bit rusty. Sorry for my bad English, I'm practicing to improve
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