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  1. Just wanted to say I totally concur, wowbagger. I like to go by the show canon precisely because Big Bang Theory unlike say How I Met Your Mother, is not a heavily scripted or planned show. As numerous cast members have pointed out, the show goes where the characters take them. And thank god for that, right? Because ultimately, all the moments end up feeling earned and true to the character's growth. That is why the show itself never labeled Sheldon as someone having 'aspergers' or 'asexual' even though some of the viewers may have felt that Sheldon's behavior exhibited those symptoms. A
  2. Hey guys, I went to the taping today!!! It was so surreal to see the actors live on stage.... Anyways I intended to do a proper detailed taping report but I lost my pen in the beginning of the taping itself so I'm relying on memory therefore this will not be that detailed. All dialogue over here is basically paraphrased. And also, I might screw up/omit some of the details (regarding like the scientific jokes). Dana and happykitty, feel free to proofread this. Everyone else, cut me some slack and don't get mad! To other taping reporters, my respect for you guys has increased so much you have no
  3. LOL guys, did you see this tweet by Wil Wheaton??? Wil Wheaton ‏@wilw 53m Watching last week's #bigbangtheory with Anne. OMG SHELDON AND Amy I may have squeed a little bit.
  4. I somewhat agree with you guys. I thought Lenny were really sweet and in-sync in the last episode as shown by how they were ready to ditch Raj together for Thai food and were so comfortable around each other. However, I miss the sexual tension we got in the earlier seasons cause that Lenny was kind of hot --- tequila kiss, anyone??? Actually I also thought 7x04 Lenny was pretty awesome, disregarding the scenes with Leonard's mother. I know now it's unrealistic for them to have that level of sexual tension given that they are in a committed relationship but still I want to see that aspect of th
  5. Don't worry, SRAM. I cringed when I read it too. Honestly the whole scenario is so OOC for me. Lenny at this point are far more advanced in their relationship than Shamy. If the producers choose to wait to move Lenny forward in S10 after everyone else just to keep the drama alive, it would be the textbook description of favoring plot over characters. At this point, Lenny seem to be much more ready to marry and co-habitate compared to Shamy who are only now starting on their journey of intimacy.
  6. I have got to say I love how obvious the writers make that Amy and only Amy is Sheldon's deal. Just take the kiss for example. Beverly kissed Sheldon on the lips and Sheldon didn't reciprocate it and infact had his eyes open the entire time. Penny kissed Sheldon on the nose as a joke and Sheldon again got really irritated and started asking Amy to help him out. But when Amy kisses Sheldon, he lets her, and what's more he closes his eyes and reciprocates briefly and after remarks how fascinating it was. And, now when Sheldon kisses her in this episode with a sarcastic intention, he still ends u
  7. Gosh Mayim looks so good in her purple and black outfits!
  8. LMAO you guys, NBC news has a segment on it's website which goes "Sheldon Finally Kisses Amy on 'Big Bang Theory'" Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/tv/sheldon-finally-kisses-amy-big-bang-theory-n24561
  9. As usual, ITA with you. This part reminds me of the Speckerman Recurrence after Penny gives Sheldon a gift: Penny: Ooh, am I about to get a rare Sheldon Cooper hug? Sheldon: Not this time. Then they wouldn’t be special. Thanks Penny. When earlier in S05, he easily accepted Amy's hugs and even cuddled her when she was sad. Again I thought that scene did a great job to underline how important Amy is to Sheldon. Right now, though, the show is pretty inconsistent with what they tell us and what they show. We get told Amy is important to Sheldon then why don't they show that the way they d
  10. Exactly, just because I'm critical about Shamy does not mean I'm overanalyzing or trying to spoil people's moods. I'm just honestly stating my POV for this storyline. It's not like I'm some negative nancy who just bashes the show. I praise the show to high-heavens when I like the storyline so conversely why can't I criticize it when I dislike something!?!
  11. I loved this moment but even that scene though is Amy happy because of what Sheldon gave her, but in S04/S05 she was excited to be around Sheldon simply because of who Sheldon is, because she enjoys spending time with him and playing counterfactuals and fun with flags and experimenting on other people. That's what I think Ibid means when she talks about Amy getting excited. We hardly see Shamy bond over their common interests like we did before and out of all the couples, they do have the most in common so I don't think it's an unreasonable observation.
  12. Right? To me, THAT intellectual compatibility is the foundation of the Shamy relationship, not the "paradox". The "paradox" or whatever to me is incidental to their awesome compatibility. So it saddens me that the writers choose to entirely focus on the conflicts without much emphasis on that foundation. There should be some balance atleast, though I think this season is the on the whole way more balanced shamy-wise than last season.
  13. I would agree with you. We saw a lot of Amy enjoying herself with Sheldon in S04 with the herb garden germination and the agreement dissection as well in S05 with that tiara episode and fun with flags. We do not get to see that much these days and that's because the writers continuously choose to highlight the "paradox" in their relationship instead of their compatibility. I really hope we get some more fun mad-caper episodes for Shamy this season but I have to say given the trend of 7x16 I'm starting to lose hope.
  14. Star, exactly my point. Believe me, I was/still am so excited about the SIK until the 7x16 taping report came out, because I want to see a journey to love and intimacy, not just isolated moments with a "kiss" and all in between inconsistent storytelling. I really hope that they do surprise us as well.
  15. I think if Shamy do make-out or whatever it will be in 7x23 and 7x24 but I'm not keeping my hopes up, lol.
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