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  1. That reminds me of Shelton's comment that the guys he invited to a his apartment were having "fun wrong".
  2. Did she say "two"??? The writers were pretty vague as to what she meant---just that she wasn't putting "this body" through it three times...one, two or none????
  3. Liked the addition of color to Amy's wardrobe---but those sweaters are still pretty heavy for CA. Like Leonard's new look also. I don't think the writers continue to do any favors to Penny. When they have her pursing her lips and looking bored, she does not look good---sort of old and haggard. Why they had her get a couple of beers when there is so much talk about her drinking made no sense. It looked like Leonard gave her a look when she got up. Also not crazy about the writers' choices in having her talk about the two of them being apart and how they would handle it. Granted Stuart tried to bring them together with his positive comment, but I would have preferred that she make a comment that showed their future in a good light. I am still rankled by her comment back when she wasn't shown on the TV show....a comment that the writers gave her to say that seemed to come from her gut....ten years in CA and I have nothing to show for it.
  4. Raj's relationship with Howard may us that he indeed can go both ways. Perhaps his Indian upbringing stifled his ability to admit it. But he is much more comfortable with men and way too comfortable with Howard ( and Howard with him). I agree that this constant search for "love" and continuous rejections for acting stupid is getting boring. The Vet seemed to have seen Raj at his worst and accepted his quirks so it just was surprising that they didn't do anything with that relationship.
  5. So we have "The Table" ( like tenure) just disappear?? And the Vet/Raj potential also just disappear?? The story line with Amy helping with the online dating as she was helped by the guys does make sense-----but why even start the Vet story line? Anybody got any ideas that has this all make sense ( or is it just some less than great writing?)
  6. Really missing Sheldon's mom...but people have said she is doing other things. I would love to meet Meemaw( played by Betty White)
  7. We talked about Amy's comment that P. spent $100s on a "little dress". I at first thought it was important because she apparently had little money yet spent it on something she did not need. However, I watched the show again last night and her comment that the dress will take her places was pretty interesting...almost like the magic beans in Jack and the Beanstalk. So does Penny see this dress as the answer to all her problems? She does have a number of little dresses that we have seen her look wonderful in, yet she invested quite a bit of money in her "magic" dress. We don't know what Penny is doing or has done to further her career. Has she signed up for more lesson, pictures etc?? Or does she see herself showing up in this dress and getting parts because the dress looks so good on her? The line was odd
  8. Ah....but will Penny sign the famous Room mate Agreement??
  9. I am pretty sure that nobody is taking an opinion posted here as fact....But those opinions have "errors" in them...and distortions...and exaggerations...and are questionable. funny stuff
  10. People should be free to post their opinions without someone "ripping" them apart. That is what boards are for. Seeing the point by point disagreement and demands for explanation has been getting pretty old.
  11. Yea.....a laugh about her breasts fitting into kids clothes is taking it "far too seriously". Another example of someone who takes himself and his views on a TV show far too seriously.
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