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  1. gaqo


    Good to hear from you Catweazle! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peAZzP81CnA < relevant intermission music!
  2. gaqo


    rosetta http://news.sky.com/story/1198129/rosetta-comet-chasing-probe-wakes-up
  3. gaqo


    rosetta http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/dec/04/rosetta-space-probe-comet-landing
  4. Sheldon Leonard, famous Jewish actor/writer/director. Hofstadter-Moebius loop;condition that affected HAL 9000. I imagined Penny and Leoanerd's wedding(well I just watched Wedding Crashers, again). On one side; hauty, intellectual,professionals,with money, on the other Nebraskian hill bilies, brother cooking up(as Penny describes him!). How long before a fight of words, breaks out? I think someone was right when they said; Penny and Sheldon get on so well because they come from the same culture. Common cultural, background and reference points, help alot!(edit because of crap PC!memory,etc)
  5. I think alot of American films/programmes have suffered from what we could call the christian/hollywood paradigm. They are always trying to promote the idea of happy hetrosexual couples. I don't need to point out that countries use films/programmes as a form of propaganda. Wouldn't it be great if TBBT hadn't fallen into this trap; I can see Will and Sheldon, Penny and Amy, Howard and Raj,etc, working better, than their present pairings. I'd also like to see happy singles represented(Penny and Sheldon as happy, single, friends, who flirt a bit). Postmodernism does promote destroying old fashioned/no longer working/boring paradigms. Maybe somewhere a group of writers are ripping up the old scripts, and are willing to experiment! I need programmes that stimulate/challange/make me think!
  6. gaqo


    Yes, and the other problem is that because the cosmos is expanding at such a rate, they already say that 90% of all stars and planets, are invisible to us, because they are simply too far away. Which means that with that expansion, the sky, even to telescopes, will get blacker/darker. One solution I'm sure someones suggested before; attach probes to comets. We've known for centuries that comets follow set trajectories, and return every set number of years, ie:use elements of the cosmos itself, in our exploration, rather than sending out probes under their own power.
  7. Yes it's definetely a good idea to keep all us lunatics on this thread, discussing any random ideas that enter our (addled, with odd moments of sheer clarity) minds. Wouldn't want us taking over the asylum! I've started petitioning the Oxford Dictionary to include; Wallyisms, and the word 'sheldony'!
  8. Oh great! I love lists. I'm sure Amy fans have a sense of humour. Obviously my problem with her comes from the effect she's having on Sheldon,Ie: trying to change him to suit her needs,shuuuddeerrr!!!!! Sheldon is much better as a single entity, in my opinion. Actually I think she should get her own spin-off!
  9. If the doctor said you had a gangrenous foot, and that by cutting it off they could save the leg, and also the show!
  10. Yes, and that majestic soundtrack by Maurice Jarre made it perfect.
  11. gaqo


    I think if we expand it to, does extraterrestrial life exist? Then the answer is, it is extremely likely!
  12. I think if you look at any community; there will be those who accept what they are given, and don't want to change the status quo, but there will also be radicals and outsiders who think differently(they keep any communty dynamic). Some people dislike Shenny manips, but generally I find them hilarious, and a testament to the inventiveness of their creators. Rather than saying 'this is the way things are, we can't believe in anything else', people who use this thread are open minded, remake the world, the way they believe it could be, and keep a sense of humour while doing it. Sheldon would be proud of them!
  13. They (the people who create programmes) have a box where they put all the characteristics they couldn't use on any other characters. How can a character be disposed of?
  14. @willow thanks for the warning, I'll wear my axe/fire proof shirt! I'm a bit sheldony today, everthing I believe is true,is! There's just so little to watch, and now even this show has taken a dive! Might as well take what TBBT writers think we want, and tear it to shreds, just for fun. The worse it gets, the more outrageous I'll get !!!!!No Prisoners!!!
  15. That's BILE! It has to come out somewhere!!!!!!Hey we might as well discuss this. Add it to the list of things we have no say in;politics,etc I have a feeling someone at CBS or TBBT reads some of this, they ought to!!!! I can just imagine Sheldon's mind working. 'everyone keeps hassling me about my sexuality, or lack of'. He would never date someone chosen by a computer program, especially when fed data about himself, by Howard and Raj. But he realises that by playing them at their own game he can stop the comments about 'his deal',etc. So he pretends to make friends with Amy, only annoying human that she is, she always wants more. I don't believe that Sheldon's logic would allow him to believe in 'love', and romance. He would go along with a Vulcan interpretation, but the rest is fakery, and writers conceit!
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