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  1. Interesting idea! Has anyone seen 'Freaks and Geeks'? I only saw a clip the other day, but it may be a contender! I'm tempted to go the other way, and put a posting on the 'Friends' fan page. >"Is this the bland version of The Big Bang Theory, only with less humour and plastic characters?"
  2. That's Funny! Classic Sheldon! Also I like when Sheldon's sister says, 'I'm not even going to ask why, you're pimping me out for cheese'. Imagine growing up with the Coopers,(new spleen please).
  3. Boys whose fathers don't appear to be good role models, often look around for better ones, even TV characters. It's obvious Sheldon was drawn to a half Human,half Vulcan role model. It no doubt helped him become the character we love. Are boys looking at this show for role models? The only person Sheldon fears,intellectually, is Leslie Winkle, although they are actually quite similar, except she's knowingly wittier!
  4. Denial! Denial! Yes he's about fifteen percent straight, and fifteen percent funny!
  5. gaqo

    Leslie Winkle

    Check out the Chuck Lorre connection,ie: producer and writer for Roseanne and TBBT,( and Sara Gilbert, Johnny Galecki and Mary Cooper, must have impressed him, as worked on both!). Yes I'm aware of the irony, about getting nerdy, about a programme about nerds!
  6. gaqo

    Leslie Winkle

    I find it hilarious the way Leslie does that whole 'ironic flirtation' thing, mocking the male/female interaction, with the slightest of gestures. I loved Sara Gilbert as Darlene, and she's again confirmed what a funny and intelligent woman she is. She's also the answer to the question, 'who made Sheldon Cooper, cry like a baby?' I read that the writers didn't know how to include Leslie Winkle, how to write for her. Just put her and Sheldon up against each other, in any given scenario, and get Sheldon to hone his witty retorts.
  7. It really is time Raj, 'came out'! To quote the obvious, 'denial is not a river in Egypt', or the less subtle,'heterosexual,my ass!'.
  8. As we've been discussing on that other thread, maybe they would balance each other out. She'd learn intellectual 'stuff' from him, and he'd understand emotions better,through contact with her. Which is pretty much what happens anyway! I don't really believe they'll ever get together, but I see a little smile on Penny's face, when Sheldon's off on one(but maybe Kaley can't help herself). I find most of the other characters quite obvious, and boring, (except Leslie Winkle). But there's something about these two. Okay consider this; most women know quite alot of guys,who would do them a favour, like for instance going across town, to retrieve their TV from an ex-boyfriend. But how many guys know a woman, that would drive (let's say) 100 miles, emasculate a bully twice her size, (or as she said,'touch you in your special place'). All to retrieve a load of virtual crap(because she knew how much it meant to Shelly), and knowing full well that she would recieve no personal, or social gain! And why would Penny do this for Sheldon, who views all of humanity, not called Stephen Hawking,with contempt. Because he's the only guy, since she hit puberty, who isn't interested in getting her drunk, and jumping on her! He values her social,emotional,cultural(semiotic) intelligence. I said they were the most in love couple, but they are not playing the whole boring 'couple game'.
  9. Yes I agree, he was born intelligent. The strategies he's developed,were to help him survive his early trials. I think the way Fact and Fiction interweave in Human culture is fascinating. There's that theory that science fiction writers are writing our future, and I'm sure all TBBT fans are aware that Star Trek was created to prepare, and persuade the American tax payer that space travel was desirable(some say the American Gov even financed the show, or is that fiction!). Also bringing real people, like Stephen Hawking, into a fictional story, is interesting. Sorry not to stay on topic, but I've got a lateral mind! On topic, someone (maybe writers and actors) has a good working knowledge of psychology, to put the show together, and I don't think they read everything, but probably lived alot of the content. Saw a programme last night about how the geeks and outsiders, have become increasingly popular in American sit coms,because most people can relate to them. Before starting on 'Freaks and Geeks', the writers sat around and discussed their own lives, and this became programme.
  10. Oh! I thought you asked if 'they have the same level of emotional maturity'? We've been totally 'Sheldoned'. You're asking us a question, that only you have the answer to! Sheldon's lack of empathy, and emotional intelligence, started, because he was a bright young boy, growing up in a cliched 'Texan' family(father;alcoholic,gun toting,etc. mother;latent belief in omnipotent being,etc). I also heard that his mother neglected him, (because she spent so long working on the Roseanne Show,with Leonard, and the wonderful Leslie Winkle/Darlene/Sara Gilbert). And that's why she compensates, by babying him now! He would have intellectually out grown them by the age of three. The guys are okay,it's their parents who screwed with their emotional understanding of others,their empathy. Penny grew up relatively unscathed, besides neediness to please her father. She knows she could date 'alpha' guys, but enjoys the power she has over our 'nerd heros'!
  11. He's not 'crazy', but I could see why the characters, and people watching the programme(who don't come from dysfunctional families) might think so. I'm just reading a self-help book(based on the ideas developed by Norbert Wiener,concerning feedback loop systems in rockets, which was then applied to parent and child interaction by Allan Schore). It also makes me wonder if one part of the brain is under developed, does this allow another part to over develop?(ie: if the emotional part of Sheldon's brain is underdeveloped, has this allowed his left 'logical' hemisphere, to over develop,and become too dominant!) Where are all the neuroscientists when you need them?
  12. This programme is in itself like a study of those from dysfunctional families. And I suppose that's why they are all friends(Penny seems more functional, but relies on wine to suppress her anxieties). From what I'm reading, Sheldon has an under developed 'orbitofrontal cortex', which means he just doesn't have the neural connections,that would help him empathise with anyone else. He's not exactly a psycho,but I wouldn't leave him alone with anyone who's bullied him,for too long!(eg. He wanted to poison Kripke to get an office, and to kill Speckerman[not even his bully!]) Makes me wonder if people who get this programme, feel they also had dysfunctional families?
  13. gaqo

    Sheldon's Spot

    Sheldon is certainly an intriguing character. The only character I remember with a comparable pathology, was Micheal Keaton in 'White Noise'. Sheldon is definetly arrogant, A-sexual, and has O.C.D. I've come to realise(through watching Sheldon) that O.C.D. is about control of one's environment(maybe, as well as what's been stated above,his enviroment,stops at the door to his building). Although Sheldon takes this to another level, by using it to control his friends(those in his environment), as well. It amazing they(the writers) have managed to turn this into comedy(where he sits,the cushion itself,how many napkins,fear of germs,etc). I always find his compulsive knocking on Penny's door funny, and also her ways of 'playing' with him!(like knocking back,or coming up with witty answers). If Leonard's mother didn't like him so much,she'd give us his pathology in one minute. O.C.D as comedy gold, who would have thought!
  14. It was just a general comment. I love this show(and it's about all I watch). Mainly because most programmes are so obvious, and cliched. I'm trying to think from the writer's perspective. They had to start from somewhere, and no doubt developed it to what we have today. Was Hitchcock an influence, for Howard's mother? I totally get Sheldon, because I share similar 'symptoms'. People who don't get sarcasm,have probably experienced it as the norm,while growing up. I'm just glad they created a character like him;O.C.D. etc is a pain to live with,but seeing it used in a humourous way,makes it easier!
  15. You're not reading what I said,after the success of Friends(I never got it either!),it was not surprising that alot of writers tried to emulate it,but because thay used believable characters,with belivable dialogue,they came up with something 'believable'! Something way better! And as for telling me what I can talk about,Get over yourselves! If you haven't got anything positive to add,just flush! Sheldon is a great character!
  16. No I never liked Friends,that's what I mean the characters were too perfect. Maybe the limited number of charcacters, in a show like this,means that eventually,they all do end up getting off with each other. Let's face it, it often happens in real life, amongst a close group! Yes I've seen some of the posts about Penny and Sheldon,and in real life they wouldn't get together,because 'social convention',would be against it(ie:other people),but I see a love between them,that will never be consumated.Look at the picture above!
  17. I really enjoy the clever writing,that makes the show. Maybe they set out to make, the nerd version of 'Friends',but because the characters speak, and look like real people,the whole thing is believable.They seem real! Is Howard's mother based on the off screen voice of Norman's mother in Psycho? And it's obvious the most 'in love' couple are Sheldon and Penny(think about when they sing 'soft kitty' to each other!), go on that would be a great plot twist(secret affair).
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