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    @funbus, there does seem to be a general similarity to most reports; either spherical or cigar shaped craft, which usually move too fast for terrestrial craft.
  2. gaqo


    Well I think they would obviously be as curious as we are. We can be very territorial, as are all species. We may have something in quantity, that they lack. I think we should be positive. Trading is also more beneficial than war. Stars and planets are dying, and new stars and planets are continually being formed. The constituents of that planet, inorganic, become organic by combining around something like a carbon atom. The planet has an organic outer layer, which when it gain sufficient intelligence and unity, can propagate itself across the cosmos. I think it's beneficial to have that aim as a species, rather than just over running this planet like ants.
  3. gaqo


    We start with audio contact, and invite them here, where we exchange something they need, for advanced technology. It is going to happen!
  4. gaqo


    There's definetely more chance of us finding life on other planets, than Jesus returning! I think it's incredible, that humans have the arrogance to think there's us, and a God dedicated only to us. Considering how life flourishes on this planet in the most inhospitable places, I think it's a certainty, that life will exist elsewhere. And those aliens will not look any stranger than some of the bizarre life forms on ths planet. One scientist, who looks for planets with an atmosphere(exhaled by life forms), claim we will find such a planet within the next ten years. @funbus, will you tell us more about the craft you saw? I've been scanning the net, lots of fakes!
  5. Yes Jeepers, does she know how to hug! Having said that above! You know how some people are just natural stars, they light up when a camera is on them. That's how it effects me; when Jim/Kaley are on set together, it's like all the other characters become 2 D blurs. Is there a cure?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NIfHOoPUmM
  6. I think what I'm getting from some of above posts is that ; this whole 'which couple do you support?' idiocy, is just a fabrication of CBS to drum up interest in the show! It is better to just enjoy the whole, have personal preferences, while being able to hold all possibilities, simultaneously. One day a thought device will allow changes in narrative direction. Geek help us!!!!
  7. Jackson Pollack livehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUgg41Xt5Yw
  8. Possible cross over!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ew-_XIN-d0
  9. gaqo


    I remember not long before the 'financial' idiots speculators sold our future, people used to believe anything was possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BrSVOOK610
  10. Yes I think I'm expecting too much from a sit com format, a cross over with a comic book. Those formats, who shall I complain to? I bet this whole 'dark side' has a long history!
  11. Real fiction!http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrqcwucT3R1qf6qrn.gif
  12. It's funny how now it's obligatory to have a pic as well, double the fun! In that book, he talked about how those who are bullied(at home and outside), bulid up this ball of inexpressible anger, which can lead to them having a hidden dark side. I think we've seen glimpses of this in Sheldon, imagine him moon lighting as some sort of Doc Octopus type! He could direct it at bullies.
  13. I'd like to see all of them break free from caring what their mothers and fathers think about them. They need to set boundaries with their parents. Once free of people controlling him by calling his mother. Sheldon could unleach his 'evil side'; build a device that threatens Pasadena. Or find a nemesis to confront!
  14. Yes they seem to be depicting relationships as cancelling out each other's extremes. Whereas it's obvious that two very different people are more entertaining when they are having a low level power battle. Sometimes colluding to benefit both, sometimes competing. But always trying something, and respecting the other as a worthy adversary.
  15. gaqo


    I did hear that the Bible appeared simultaneously all over the world. I think there is an almost definite chance of life existing elsewhere. But at the time we connect, they are either at an early stage or extinct.
  16. I thought it was a good idea to have specific discussions on specific threads. Mine was set up to discuss the ever changing way we interact online. Yet it's supposed that I set it up to mock the mother hen. They have to close down all the threads by that logic, because it's them who constantly checks my profile for info, and a number of them follow me around. I don't even read their posts!
  17. Straight question; if humans didn't exist, would the idea of a God exist? I think humans are unique. I think usually a species fits into, and is regulated by the ecosystem it lives in. We are not, and that's why I believe we are destined not to be limited to this planet, necessity will drive us outward. I think humans are generally a 'good' species. It's just the news,etc concentrates on about 4% of the behaviour. ' Mankind is halfway between the atoms and the stars', I like that quote. I'm not sure it means much, but maybe we are in a unique position to exploit atomic power, and reach other galaxies.
  18. ranting! funny! While I generally agree, what was so humiliating about The Ramona Encounter? Sheldon was loving it, all his colleagues leering at the undergrads, Howard even trying, but it's Sheldon and his mind that has them stalking him(I already know your address). I love to see Sheldon being treated like a 'rock star', having his feet done, brought food,etc.
  19. Max Ernst yes. I think the Aus tourist board should use Wolf Creek. I saw this sick Belgian film(sick in at least three senses!), they should use that, Calvaire. My plane!!!!
  20. At last(your own thread!)! I heard an interview with Jonathan Sacks, who said that God must have a sense of humour, to put up with all our antics!
  21. I hope you're chess players, you'll know where the end game goes. It's interesting that once one starts to expose what's hidden under the surface!!!!
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